Blu3ch3w is a Rising Hip-Hop Artist Aspiring to Touch Millions of Lives

American hip-hop artist Blu3ch3w is working hard to establish himself as a respectable rapper in the highly competitive music industry, not for the money nor fame but for the opportunity to impact millions of lives through his music. The New York-based rapper is known for his versatility, and it readily reflects on the kind of upbeat music he produces for hip-hop fans across the country. Music fans who have heard of his songs can never get enough of his catchy melodies and relevant themes. 

Blu3ch3w is considered by many hip-hop enthusiasts as an artist with a great deal of potential, someone who has the makings of becoming famous for his artistry and stand-out personality. His music has been played in several radio programs, including Hot 97, Power 105.1, and satellite radio plays such as SiriusXM and Shade45. 

“I feel like my ability to actually really rap is like a Don Q or Dave East kind of rapper with the punchlines and metaphors, but what I feel separates me from a lot of those rappers and makes me very unique is my ability to that rap thing plus I can mix it up with catchy choruses and melodies with great topics,” Blu3ch3w reveals. “I feel like that’s what separates me from a lot of other pure rappers,” he finishes.

Just like all other new music artists in the industry, Blu3ch3w aspires to be popular one day and build a long-term career in music. By creating relatable and impactful songs, he believes it is the perfect platform to reach out to the lost, the struggling, and those who suffer in silence. His songs include Dat Boy Dripping, Boy to Hell, Pain, Big Body Foreign, and Just Cut the Check for Me

Blu3ch3w gets inspiration from other rappers who have successfully made a name for themselves despite having come from the projects. He is greatly influenced by the life stories of Jay-Z and Dame Dash. The two are now reaping the fruits of their hard work in the past, and one of the ingredients that brought them to where they are is not giving up even when the times get tough. 

Though he is only starting out, Blu3ch3w has high hopes for his time in the music industry. He is setting his eyes on one day being awarded a Grammy for his phenomenal contributions to promoting and upholding the musical standards of hip-hop as a popular genre. Money and fame will come and go, but Blu3ch3w is determined to leave a meaningful legacy to hip-hop fans all over the world. 

In the coming years, he also sees himself giving back to people and his community by actively supporting advocacies that promote respect, equality, and safety for everyone. Through his music, he will not stop creating awareness for day-to-day concerns that need enlightening so that people may live in unity and love for one another. 

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Karine Sho-Time Thornton Establishes Himself as a Massive Force in the Music and Film Industry

The American entertainment industry is home to the most talented people. Karine Sho-Time Thornton belongs to this elite industry where he thrives in creating music, films, and any form of artistic expression. Coming straight out of the Bronx, the home of hip-hop music, where most of the tradition and culture was born, Sho-Time has been immersed in an environment of arts and entertainment.

Karine Sho-Time Thornton always had a passion for art. He even went to the high school of art and design, studying architecture and animation. Eventually, he discovered that he had a passion for creating music and captivating massive audiences with his art. His early recordings were produced by Tron on the Beat, allowing him to gain a lot of traction and amass a legion of fans.

In the process of establishing his brand and honing his craft, Karine Sho-Time Thornton added media and film to his resume. He’s had the opportunity to create videos with today’s up-and-coming mainstream artists. In 2010, he established Sho-Time TV, which is a media and entertainment company that has worked with companies such as Def Jam, Sony, Universal Recording, and many more. 

Nowadays, Karine Sho-Time Thornton has become a massively credible verifiable source when it comes to media such as the music and film industry. In 2015, he established the Sho-Time Battle Rap League, creating an epic roster of battle rap EMCEE’s from all around the world to compete in one of many of the respected Battle Rap Leagues. 

He is a major cornerstone of the battle rap culture and is known for celebrity media as he continues to create his own brand of music. Most people doubted him when he was starting out, but it is clear to see that Karine Sho-Time Thornton is a businessman with talent that speaks for itself. His reputation precedes him, as he has been featured in several radio shows from all over the United States. 

He also played the lead role in PPRESSED, a Battle Rap Film by Vera Edwards and Street Line in 2016. Sho-Time has also appeared in Rodent the Urban Soap Opera, Perate, Chicken Waiting 4 Mr. Wright, and A Teenage Story. Sho-Time has played major roles in Street Line films, to which he also worked as a casting director.

The renowned entertainment magnate has been involved in the casting process for most of the films, including PPRESSED 2, which is currently in the works. The man is nonstop, and Karine Sho-Time Thornton has no plans of slowing down. He’s been consistently releasing content on and has been active all over social media, no matter the platform.

Furthermore, Sho-Time has two new singles coming up, namely “Change Up” and “Fan KLUB,” featuring Stack Daniels. He’s just getting started, as he has more music on the way with Hitta Castro and International Nova. He also has yet another event coming this May 29th called “Recovery,” which is a Sho-Time battle rap league event that is definitely going to be epic.

To know more about Karine Sho-Time Thornton, make sure to check out his official website.

Scoodah Blazz on Her Music Career and Clothing Brand, Dream Stalkin

Among the hallmarks of today’s most successful brand owners are their authenticity, genuineness, and passion. As a matter of fact, these individuals carry with them a sense of originality that allows them to blossom into the visionaries they long to be. In the case of Scoodah Blazz, a rapper and a vocalist, it is shown that creativity is a vast tract of endless possibilities and overflowing opportunities.

For quite some time, Scoodah Blazz has been gracing the music realm with her magnetic voice and technical skills. Today, this luminary is ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship with her emerging clothing line, Dream Stalkin. She wants to prove that anyone can dream big and can fulfill their ambitions as long as they set their hearts and minds into their creative pursuits and endeavors. 

Widely acknowledged for her unparalleled vision and unyielding drive, Scoodah Blazz decided to step up her game and incorporate her prowess into her clothing line, Dream Stalkin. More than just a musician, this multifaceted figure intends to establish her brand in the entrepreneurial realm and show the world what her dreams are made of. 

Whitney Arrasmith, more prominently known as Scoodah Blazz, is a rapper and vocalist who also happens to play the drums and piano. As someone who has always been musically gifted, she picked up drumming at the age of five and wrote her first poem when she was only eight. She then started taking her craft more seriously and took off around 2015. Her music is available on all major streaming platforms. 

Being someone on the lookout for expanding her horizons, Scoodah Blazz created a platform that would take her creative vision and innovative flair to greater heights. As a result, she built Dream Stalkin, a clothing line that speaks volumes about her remarkable talent and outstanding work ethic. 

To ensure the uniqueness and quality of her pieces, Scoodah Blazz only makes seven sets of each design, color, and pattern. In this way, people wearing her merch brand can walk around feeling good in their Dream Stalkin gear without worrying about having the same outfit as anyone else. 

In an interview, Scoodah Blazz talked about the reason behind the brand name, ‘Dream Stalkin.’ “I’ve always heard of the term or phrase, ‘dream chaser’ and ‘chasing my dreams.’ Chasing something means one is behind it. I did not want that. I wanted to get alongside or even in front of my dreams. In order to do that, I have to stalk my dreams,” she explained. “I am a dream stalker. Through Dream Stalkin, I have come to discover that I am not the only one dream stalking,” she added.

Dream Stalkin provides unique designs that one cannot see anywhere else on the market. Right now, Scoodah Blazz offers jogger sets, t-shirts, hats, letterman jackets, jeans, hoodies, socks, and other types of exclusive and customized orders. By the end of April 2021, her brand’s website will be up and running. But for now, she is taking all pre-orders through her Instagram artist page. 

Learn more about Scoodah Blazz Dream Stalkin here

Is Christian Rapper Radikal Hughes About to Release the Most Controversial Album That Christian Music Has Ever Seen?

As of late, there has been a whirlwind of rumors, debate, and much speculation circulating across numerous blogs that the Christian Music Icon and influencer known to many as Radikal Hughes could possibly be getting ready to make his much-anticipated comeback to the music industry. Rumor has it that Radikal Hughes could soon be getting ready to release the most controversial music of his career, alongside what could also possibly be the most controversial release in Christian Music History.

With 2021 being “the era of the independent artist,” thousands of faith-based musicians have taken their shot at fame by entering into the world of music. However, only a handful of them have ever made the type of cultural impact on this generation like Radikal Hughes. Radikal Hughes is the once in a generational talent that many have come to know personally as Dan Hughes. Radikal Hughes is not solely a prolific Christian Rapper but is also an entertainer, influencer, and humanitarian that has impacted millions of souls throughout the world.

Radikal Hughes released his last album called Radikal Nation near the end of 2015, and shortly after the release, Hughes took a much-needed, but unexpected five-year sabbatical. Hughes stated that his sabbatical was to better focus on personal matters such as healing from his mother’s tragic death and to also have the opportunity to pursue some personal interests and passions outside of music. “I didn’t want to be that guy that fakes it or ministers out of pain because in that season, I was struggling on many different levels. I did what I needed to do by stepping away from the public spotlight so that I could focus on my own personal healing, as I had just experienced the most tragic season of my life,” said Hughes. 

We should note that prior to Radikal Hughes taking his lengthy sabbatical, Radikal Nation was considered by many industry insiders as one of the most memorable albums ever released in Christian Music due to the body of work the album possessed.  Radikal Nation was inundated with high-profile collaborations such as two-time Grammy-nominated duo GRITS, Grammy-nominated recording artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and many other notable artists like Christon Gray, Dee-1, Seckond Chaynce, Bizzle, Sevin, Rey King and Datin.  

However, due to the rappers silent years and lengthy sabbatical, many have understandably wondered if Radikal Hughes music career had come to an abrupt end. After witnessing the profound impact that his album was having on the lives of his listeners worldwide, Hughes wisely turned his attention to find ways where he could better connect with his fans in a more organic way and create a space where true relationships could develop. Hughes wasted no time and started engaging with his fans in a transparent way by streaming live on apps such as Facebook and Periscope to speak life into his listeners’ lives. These live streams created phenomenal engagement between the fans and the artist, which organically developed into an online global community of believers which is now famously known as Radikal Nation.

With the massive impact that this Radikal Nation Movement has made throughout the world, many have speculated that now could possibly be the perfect time for Radikal Hughes to shake off the dust and release what would surely be his most decorated album of his career yet. With a wealth of life experience under his belt and a pocket full of perspectives, some closely connected to the rapper have already hinted that another album may certainly already be in the works and could realistically be released as early as the early part of 2022.  

This time around, it has been rumored that Hughes may elect to not collaborate with American artists but instead choose to work with some of the best international talent to further diversify his sound and further increase his listener’s reach. The rumored album has also been said to tackle many controversial and political issues from a Christian perspective that currently face both the church and America today, with key issues ranging from cancel culture, economic equality, free speech, social justice, gender identity, religious liberty, and so much more.  

What makes these rumors seem true was when Radikal Hughes was asked a direct question by a fan in a recent live stream, asking if he would ever release another album, Hughes smirked and responded by saying, “If I feel that returning to music helps me make a bigger impact on society then I’ll do it. What I don’t want to do is just make music to make music. What I can tell you is that this world is a mess, the church is a mess, and the real global pandemic that we are facing as humanity isn’t just a Covid-19 virus, but it’s way more than that. It’s a complete identity crisis of humanity. If I do come back and make this third album, which I may possibly do, because I do feel like I have one more album inside of me, then I can promise you that it will be the most controversial album Christian Music has ever heard and I’m okay with that.” 

If these rumors prove to be true, that Hughes does intend to grace us with his return back to the music arena, Radikal Hughes, at the age of 35, would still undoubtedly be in his prime to deliver what could possibly be the most culture-shifting album of his career. Returning to the music scene to release his third international release would unequivocally be met with high expectations, much anticipation, and of course, no lack of controversy. 

Learn more about Radikal Hughes on his official website. Be sure to stream his music on Spotify or Apple Music. Be sure to connect with Radikal Hughes on social media and follow him on Instagram and YouTube.


The Sky’s The Limit for Rising Musician SCY Who Recently Released His Single “The Sky is Falling” Under Real-Life Music LLC

These days, various new musical talents have been cropping up. The musical landscape has become overly saturated to the point that listeners are having a hard time choosing between various artists. It takes the right music company for an up-and-coming musical artist to help elevate their game and achieve success in an industry where talent comes by the dozen. Fortunately, Real-Life Music LLC is here to make thriving musical artists’ dreams come true.

Real-Life Music LLC is a thriving music company founded on the basic premise of “quality over quantity.” In an industry where quantity seems to have become the norm, the esteemed music company challenges that notion by only supporting artists who belong to the cream of the crop. 

The thriving music company gives their artists the confidence they need to navigate their music careers towards greatness. One such artist gaining popularity under Real-Life Music LLC is none other than SCY, a rising singer, songwriter, and producer.

SCY is a New Orleans-native who has been creating music under Real-Life Music LLC. The rising star recently released his single entitled “The Sky is Falling,” a song plucked from his upcoming album. The thriving musical artist is extremely passionate about his musical career. He continues to balance his 9-5 job to stay in touch with ordinary people’s daily experiences such as himself.

He firmly believes that keeping in touch with the mundanities of a day job keeps him grounded and authentic, allowing him to create songs that are genuine and relatable.“Music has the power to heal, take you back in time to the greatest times of your life, walk you down the dark path of the pain that comes with life as well,” explains SCY. “It can also take you right into the future and brighten or darken your spirit. Music is very powerful! However, not everyone can do it to that level. It’s like a good gumbo. Everyone can boil some water in a pot, maybe even throw a few shrimp in there. But in New Orleans, where I am originally from, your gumbo has to connect with people’s taste buds to an excellent degree. I feel it’s very similar with Music,” he adds. 

SCY fully understands the power of music, and he also understands that to make it in the industry, he has to set himself apart from the rest. He has aligned himself with Real-Life Music because he knows that the company fully believes in him and the massive potential.

His latest single, “The Sky is Falling,” recounts the tale of a man who appears to have everything on the surface. However, at the end of his usual busy day, he feels as if something is missing. It’s only until he meets a mysterious woman that he seems to fill the gap almost instantly. The song is currently available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Much of SCY’s current project details can be found over at the Real-Life Music LLC website.

SCY has been on the rise as of late, and he attributes much of his success to every one of his lovely fans. He is extremely grateful that his fans can relate to his music as he continues to pour his heart and soul into his songs. The incredibly original musical artist bares all with each project that he works with. Through his music, he can express his pains, joys, loves, sadness, and philosophical moods.

SCY is extremely thankful for the opportunity of getting the chance to be heard. He hopes that his music will resonate with an even bigger audience to spread his message to his adoring fans all across the globe.

To know more about SCY, make sure to check out the Real-Life Music LLC official website.

DJ GQ Emboldens Aspiring Musicians to Achieve Success Amidst Adversities

In any industry, establishing one’s reputation can be a daunting task. While some people may have reached the summits of their chosen fields with the support and resources needed to battle adversities along the way, there are others whose path to success is filled with insurmountable challenges and unforgiving naysayers. One such individual who single-handedly maneuvered his way towards the fulfillment of his dreams is Gary Hardie.

More popularly known as DJ GQ, this inspiring go-getter has been making waves across the realms of music and entertainment. With his exceptional talents and unwavering determination to succeed, DJ GQ has seamlessly climbed the pinnacles of greatness with grace and finesse. His tale of trials and triumphs only proves that anyone can translate their visions into full-throttled actions if people put their hearts into making it happen.

Hailing from the palm-studded beaches of South Florida, this talented personality of Cuban, Chinese, and Jamaican descent has earned countless praises for his stellar approach to music. From creatively combining hit tracks from Billboard’s Top 100 to creating music of his own, DJ GQ captures the hearts of many listeners across the world with his compelling beats and unforgettable melodies. Not only does this emerging artist produce music that garners much traction across the music and entertainment realms, but it also leaves listeners and enthusiasts wanting more.

Throughout his career, DJ GQ’s track record falls nothing short of magnificent. His excellent efforts in developing his craft have led him to collaborate with some notable figures in the entertainment industry, from Akon and DMX to Mr. Vegas. He has also been a DJ to countless music events, such as Kevin Lyttle’s concert tour. Since then, DJ GQ has elevated his position in the music landscape, emerging as the first Top 40 Mixer in Y100.

Proving to be an unstoppable force, DJ GQ recently dropped his first EP entitled “Is It You” last October of 2020. The EP’s versatility and outstanding beats quickly captured the curiosity among listeners and enthusiasts that it rose as number one in iTunes’ Reggae charts in the first two hours since its release. It also ranked number ten in the Billboard Top 100 Reggae charts in the second week from the song’s release date.

Today, this emerging powerhouse continues to cement his reputation in the music industry by playing for specialized mix shows on Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong Radio on SirusXM and for syndicated shows with Hollywood Hamilton. DJ GQ also runs a bar primarily located in Lauderhill, Florida, specializing in serving craft beer.

If there is anything that people can take away from DJ GQ’s journey, it is his unparalleled drive to chase his dreams and climb the summits of success. He serves as a genuine attestation that any aspirant who wishes to make a name for themselves can reach the pinnacles of greatness with passion, precision, and dedication. As he continues to stand at the forefront of his successes, GQ hopes to inspire the next generation of hopefuls never to give up, no matter how difficult it may seem.

To know more about DJ GQ, you may visit his website.

Rising Artist Lucas Muñoz on Delving Into Multiple Genres to Create His Unique Sound

Some of the most musically gifted people decide to pursue a career in the music industry because of their love for the arts. Others want to seek out fame and fortune. For Lucas Muñoz, he sees a career in music as a platform to connect with more people and reach out to them, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lucas Muñoz inherited his passion for music from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. He would follow in his father’s footsteps, learning how to play the guitar at four years old. Lucas would showcase his practice by playing at church with his father. He would continue his early development throughout high school and middle school.

In 2010, he would move to Florida at the age of fourteen and invest more heavily in music. Lucas took inspiration from some of the greatest guitarists like Slash, Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, and Joe Bonamassa. With a growing love for music, he would join his father and play a combination of jazz, Latin, blues, and fusion, sharing the stage around the local scenes of Central Florida. At eighteen, Lucas Muñoz attended Warner University, delving into the performing arts and playing guitar for its chapel band and jazz ensemble. Both would open the doors to his touring experience as he played around the country that summer. 

After graduating in 2018, Lucas started to delve deeper into jazz. Studying the genre and performing in South Florida, he would hone his singing, songwriting, and guitar skills. The years that followed would see him experiment with different styles across all genres. Lucas shares how he is unafraid to go beyond his comfort zones. “One of the pitfalls of a musician is being confined to a particular genre and not experimenting with other music styles,” he explained.

Last year, Lucas Muñoz released his debut EP titled ‘Mutasis” on digital stores and streaming services. The EP is a testament to his influences while delving into the music he enjoys listening to today. 

As an artist, Lucas dedicates his brand to the authenticity of songwriting and playing while striving for creativity and innovation. He wants to maintain the raw emotions and experience in each song he writes and records. The artists’ work is a translation of his life experiences, sharing how he struggled with depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Listeners encountering his works discover healing, solace, comfort, escape, and enjoyment.

“I want to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feel free to express themselves however they want,” shares Lucas, “I always try and pay my respects to the great musicians and artists of the past while moving on with the times in intellectual innovation.”

Although most people would imagine someone of Lucas’s caliber to strive for a place in the music industry, his only aspiration is to continue writing, recording, and performing in front of people. More than establishing his celebrity status, Lucas Muñoz wants to continue making an impact on people’s lives. Additionally, he is looking forward to working with others in the industry who share his aspirations.

Learn more about Lucas Muñoz by visiting his official website. You can also find him posting updates on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

AstronautBoyz Inc. Is Poised to Help Aspiring Music Artists Make It in the Music Industry

Building a successful music career nowadays almost always necessitates connecting with the right artist management company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Aspiring artists are often plagued by the intricacies of penetrating the music industry, especially if they are not backed up by a big music label or well-known producer. AstronautBoyz Inc. is offering to change the plight of many gifted hip-hop artists today through its artist management services, artist promotions, studio sessions, and audio engineering offerings, to mention a few. 

When it comes to artist management, founder Adrian Howard and his business partner BWillz are committed to guiding their clients towards stardom without losing their values and humility. They take care of their artists like they are part of their own family. At the end of the day, keeping their working relationships genuine and founded on trust are two things they value the most in an industry that does not guarantee lasting friendships. Protecting the interests and creative freedom of their clients is also one of their top priorities. Nowadays, it is so easy for artists to lose their authentic music identity in the industry once big music labels take over their careers. For AstronautBoyz, managing their artists is a form of collaboration. 

Artists working with AstronautBoyz have been featured in various publications, including Artist Weekly, N.Y. Weekly, This is 50, Entertainment Monthly News, L.A. Wire, Thizzler on the Roof, Street Money Radio, Raptology, All Rap News, Navona Records, Spice on the Beats, EPN, DWA e-blasts, and RapCastle, among others.

The two are especially drawn towards helping out underprivileged artists from underserved communities who have the talent of creating potential hits. Their company is also all about doing promising collaborations with local artists and showing music lovers across the country and the world that hip-hop is very much alive.

When Adrian founded AstronautBoyz in 2015, he was prepared to do whatever it takes to advance his cause. Oftentimes, he would donate a huge part of the company’s revenues from selling merchandise and records to local charities that actively help impoverished communities. Adrian believes that his company’s success is also partly dependent on his ability to be generous to those who have less in life. 

Guided by its slogan We Stay on the Moon, the company promises a rare experience for its artists when it comes to promotions. Its slogan simply means that its founder does not throw in the towel that easily when he sets his mind to doing something. And when he commits to do something, he really makes it happen. Adrian does not only intend to shoot for the moon. He also intends to land on it. 

It has connections with various industry labels and has mastered the science behind web advertising. AstronautBoyz also does music distribution worldwide, giving its clients the opportunity to expand their reach in various regions. Its massive platform can have songs available to any music manager, blogger, influencer, DJ, and famous record labels from around the world with guaranteed feedback within 48 hours. While there is no guarantee that their clients will automatically be signed by big labels, they can only promise to give them the appropriate tools and avenues to be heard by the people who matter the most in more than 20 countries. 

Studio sessions at the company’s base office are guaranteed to be a productive experience for clients seeking an affordable way to produce their music. It also offers audio engineering services for an added fee to help artists improve their music further. Adrian and BWillz are best known for their hands-on services. Giving their offerings a personal touch spells the difference between them and their competitors. 

AstronautBoyz is nothing but the best choice that any aspiring music artist can make. Knowing that they are in good hands makes a lot of difference for anyone who has decided to do whatever it takes in order to make it in the industry. 

Find out more about AstronautBoyz Inc. by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and YouTube channel for updates on its latest projects.

How Karrell Maurice Rogers Beat the Odds to Achieve Success in His Career

The current success of music artist Karrell Maurice Rogers speaks volumes of his resilience, hard work, and unique determination. Most music fans think that the popular artist has always had it easy in life. Unknown to many, he battled against numerous adversities, from his health condition to his run in with the law and abject poverty when he was a lot younger. Through it all, he has shown that there is no amount of obstacles that can get in the way of someone who is destined to achieve great things in life. Finding the courage and the tenacity to withstand life’s greatest storms simply shows he is made of a different core and is, indeed, bound to do great things.

Karrell Maurice Rogers’ early life started out unconventionally. He was born on August 15, 1989, two weeks earlier than expected due to a necessary emergency caesarian section. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and it was considered a miracle that he even survived. Some years later, it was discovered that he has type two grand mal seizures and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and diabetes. 

In 2003, an unfortunate event happened to him and his godbrother as they were wrongly accused of first- and second-degree armed robbery. For the 13-year-old Karrell Maurice Rogers, it was a very traumatic experience as he was forced to stay in the house of corrections in Philadelphia, PA, not having the means to pay the $100,000 bail. 

Despite the sad turn of events in his life, not to mention that he also experienced discrimination left and right for being African-American, he never gave up on his dream to become a music artist. With every inch of his being, he held on to the idea of one day creating the kind of music he loves and sharing it with the rest of the world. He was eventually released on parole and probation for good behavior, and he did not waste any time where it concerned pursuing his music career. He was fortunately offered to sign under Bentley Records. His disability, however, prevented him from closing that promising deal. 

Still, Karrell Maurice Rogers pressed on and pursued a normal life despite his physical disabilities. Now, he has a son who was born with autism, and at nine years old, his son is his source of inspiration, most especially when times get tough. Desiring a normal and productive life for him is something that motivates Karrell to get out of bed each day and hustle. He also envisions being able to set up an effective support group for his son, one this will also cater to the needs of other differently-abled children. 

Determined to make things happen, the unstoppable music artist established LowLyfe7Filmz, a platform he designed to help up-and-coming artists make it in the music industry. Creating his own company is the fulfillment of his long-time dream to be a prime mover in the industry. With hard work, unwavering focus, and an overflowing creativity, Karrell has managed to earn the respect of his peers over time. Interestingly, he became a household name earlier than he anticipated. 

His remarkable life story is concrete proof that good things can still come out of bad experiences. In Karrell’s case, it was his greatest adversities that shaped his character and cemented his resolve to become the best version of himself.

Find out more about Karrell Maurice Rogers by visiting his website.