AstronautBoyz Inc. Is Poised to Help Aspiring Music Artists Make It in the Music Industry

Building a successful music career nowadays almost always necessitates connecting with the right artist management company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Aspiring artists are often plagued by the intricacies of penetrating the music industry, especially if they are not backed up by a big music label or well-known producer. AstronautBoyz Inc. is offering to change the plight of many gifted hip-hop artists today through its artist management services, artist promotions, studio sessions, and audio engineering offerings, to mention a few. 

When it comes to artist management, founder Adrian Howard and his business partner BWillz are committed to guiding their clients towards stardom without losing their values and humility. They take care of their artists like they are part of their own family. At the end of the day, keeping their working relationships genuine and founded on trust are two things they value the most in an industry that does not guarantee lasting friendships. Protecting the interests and creative freedom of their clients is also one of their top priorities. Nowadays, it is so easy for artists to lose their authentic music identity in the industry once big music labels take over their careers. For AstronautBoyz, managing their artists is a form of collaboration. 

Artists working with AstronautBoyz have been featured in various publications, including Artist Weekly, N.Y. Weekly, This is 50, Entertainment Monthly News, L.A. Wire, Thizzler on the Roof, Street Money Radio, Raptology, All Rap News, Navona Records, Spice on the Beats, EPN, DWA e-blasts, and RapCastle, among others.

The two are especially drawn towards helping out underprivileged artists from underserved communities who have the talent of creating potential hits. Their company is also all about doing promising collaborations with local artists and showing music lovers across the country and the world that hip-hop is very much alive.

When Adrian founded AstronautBoyz in 2015, he was prepared to do whatever it takes to advance his cause. Oftentimes, he would donate a huge part of the company’s revenues from selling merchandise and records to local charities that actively help impoverished communities. Adrian believes that his company’s success is also partly dependent on his ability to be generous to those who have less in life. 

Guided by its slogan We Stay on the Moon, the company promises a rare experience for its artists when it comes to promotions. Its slogan simply means that its founder does not throw in the towel that easily when he sets his mind to doing something. And when he commits to do something, he really makes it happen. Adrian does not only intend to shoot for the moon. He also intends to land on it. 

It has connections with various industry labels and has mastered the science behind web advertising. AstronautBoyz also does music distribution worldwide, giving its clients the opportunity to expand their reach in various regions. Its massive platform can have songs available to any music manager, blogger, influencer, DJ, and famous record labels from around the world with guaranteed feedback within 48 hours. While there is no guarantee that their clients will automatically be signed by big labels, they can only promise to give them the appropriate tools and avenues to be heard by the people who matter the most in more than 20 countries. 

Studio sessions at the company’s base office are guaranteed to be a productive experience for clients seeking an affordable way to produce their music. It also offers audio engineering services for an added fee to help artists improve their music further. Adrian and BWillz are best known for their hands-on services. Giving their offerings a personal touch spells the difference between them and their competitors. 

AstronautBoyz is nothing but the best choice that any aspiring music artist can make. Knowing that they are in good hands makes a lot of difference for anyone who has decided to do whatever it takes in order to make it in the industry. 

Find out more about AstronautBoyz Inc. by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and YouTube channel for updates on its latest projects.

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