Rising Artist Lucas Muñoz on Delving Into Multiple Genres to Create His Unique Sound

Some of the most musically gifted people decide to pursue a career in the music industry because of their love for the arts. Others want to seek out fame and fortune. For Lucas Muñoz, he sees a career in music as a platform to connect with more people and reach out to them, letting them know that they are not alone in their struggles.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Lucas Muñoz inherited his passion for music from his father, a professional jazz guitarist. He would follow in his father’s footsteps, learning how to play the guitar at four years old. Lucas would showcase his practice by playing at church with his father. He would continue his early development throughout high school and middle school.

In 2010, he would move to Florida at the age of fourteen and invest more heavily in music. Lucas took inspiration from some of the greatest guitarists like Slash, Eric Johnson, Gary Moore, and Joe Bonamassa. With a growing love for music, he would join his father and play a combination of jazz, Latin, blues, and fusion, sharing the stage around the local scenes of Central Florida. At eighteen, Lucas Muñoz attended Warner University, delving into the performing arts and playing guitar for its chapel band and jazz ensemble. Both would open the doors to his touring experience as he played around the country that summer. 

After graduating in 2018, Lucas started to delve deeper into jazz. Studying the genre and performing in South Florida, he would hone his singing, songwriting, and guitar skills. The years that followed would see him experiment with different styles across all genres. Lucas shares how he is unafraid to go beyond his comfort zones. “One of the pitfalls of a musician is being confined to a particular genre and not experimenting with other music styles,” he explained.

Last year, Lucas Muñoz released his debut EP titled ‘Mutasis” on digital stores and streaming services. The EP is a testament to his influences while delving into the music he enjoys listening to today. 

As an artist, Lucas dedicates his brand to the authenticity of songwriting and playing while striving for creativity and innovation. He wants to maintain the raw emotions and experience in each song he writes and records. The artists’ work is a translation of his life experiences, sharing how he struggled with depression, anxiety, and loneliness. Listeners encountering his works discover healing, solace, comfort, escape, and enjoyment.

“I want to make sure that everyone in the audience feels accepted for who they are and feel free to express themselves however they want,” shares Lucas, “I always try and pay my respects to the great musicians and artists of the past while moving on with the times in intellectual innovation.”

Although most people would imagine someone of Lucas’s caliber to strive for a place in the music industry, his only aspiration is to continue writing, recording, and performing in front of people. More than establishing his celebrity status, Lucas Muñoz wants to continue making an impact on people’s lives. Additionally, he is looking forward to working with others in the industry who share his aspirations.

Learn more about Lucas Muñoz by visiting his official website. You can also find him posting updates on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

AstronautBoyz Inc. Is Poised to Help Aspiring Music Artists Make It in the Music Industry

Building a successful music career nowadays almost always necessitates connecting with the right artist management company that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Aspiring artists are often plagued by the intricacies of penetrating the music industry, especially if they are not backed up by a big music label or well-known producer. AstronautBoyz Inc. is offering to change the plight of many gifted hip-hop artists today through its artist management services, artist promotions, studio sessions, and audio engineering offerings, to mention a few. 

When it comes to artist management, founder Adrian Howard and his business partner BWillz are committed to guiding their clients towards stardom without losing their values and humility. They take care of their artists like they are part of their own family. At the end of the day, keeping their working relationships genuine and founded on trust are two things they value the most in an industry that does not guarantee lasting friendships. Protecting the interests and creative freedom of their clients is also one of their top priorities. Nowadays, it is so easy for artists to lose their authentic music identity in the industry once big music labels take over their careers. For AstronautBoyz, managing their artists is a form of collaboration. 

Artists working with AstronautBoyz have been featured in various publications, including Artist Weekly, N.Y. Weekly, This is 50, Entertainment Monthly News, L.A. Wire, Thizzler on the Roof, Street Money Radio, Raptology, All Rap News, Navona Records, Spice on the Beats, EPN, DWA e-blasts, and RapCastle, among others.

The two are especially drawn towards helping out underprivileged artists from underserved communities who have the talent of creating potential hits. Their company is also all about doing promising collaborations with local artists and showing music lovers across the country and the world that hip-hop is very much alive.

When Adrian founded AstronautBoyz in 2015, he was prepared to do whatever it takes to advance his cause. Oftentimes, he would donate a huge part of the company’s revenues from selling merchandise and records to local charities that actively help impoverished communities. Adrian believes that his company’s success is also partly dependent on his ability to be generous to those who have less in life. 

Guided by its slogan We Stay on the Moon, the company promises a rare experience for its artists when it comes to promotions. Its slogan simply means that its founder does not throw in the towel that easily when he sets his mind to doing something. And when he commits to do something, he really makes it happen. Adrian does not only intend to shoot for the moon. He also intends to land on it. 

It has connections with various industry labels and has mastered the science behind web advertising. AstronautBoyz also does music distribution worldwide, giving its clients the opportunity to expand their reach in various regions. Its massive platform can have songs available to any music manager, blogger, influencer, DJ, and famous record labels from around the world with guaranteed feedback within 48 hours. While there is no guarantee that their clients will automatically be signed by big labels, they can only promise to give them the appropriate tools and avenues to be heard by the people who matter the most in more than 20 countries. 

Studio sessions at the company’s base office are guaranteed to be a productive experience for clients seeking an affordable way to produce their music. It also offers audio engineering services for an added fee to help artists improve their music further. Adrian and BWillz are best known for their hands-on services. Giving their offerings a personal touch spells the difference between them and their competitors. 

AstronautBoyz is nothing but the best choice that any aspiring music artist can make. Knowing that they are in good hands makes a lot of difference for anyone who has decided to do whatever it takes in order to make it in the industry. 

Find out more about AstronautBoyz Inc. by visiting its website. Follow its Instagram and YouTube channel for updates on its latest projects.

Anna Nyakana: The Chieftess of the Niyah Zuri Tribe

Photo Cred: Ivan Lopez

“Who and What is Niyah Zuri?” you may ask. “It means Beautiful Purpose in Swahili, and I chose that name on purpose and for a purpose,” states Anna Nyakana, the award-winning creator behind the movement. Anna is responsible for the Niyah Zuri children’s book series, most notably the bestselling Niyah Zuri and The Pharaoh’s Throne, which has grown to new heights in popularity as it enters countless school districts across the country. The book series follows a fearless and curly-headed heroine, Niyah Zuri, as she and her best friends the Gonzales Twins time travel to ancient lands to assist other children from history overcome obstacles. It fulfills the need for representation in kids literature while also highlighting history, youth empowerment, and STEM. 

Born in Berlin, Germany in 1986, Nyakana is of Ugandan and German-Moldavian descent. Her family immigrated to the US in the ’90s and she began her journey of self-discovery in a very Black-and-White American society, all the while never letting go of the culture she hailed from. Her passion to bring diversity to the classroom is very much rooted in her own cultural pride and is perfectly captured in her vision statement, “Children should see a reflection of themselves in the books that they read. My mission is to inspire them, one adventure at a time.” 

Photo Cred: Ivan Lopez

Building upon her book series, Anna Nyakana is giving the Niyah Zuri Tribe another source of motivation to literally tap into; the digital world. Anna has created an animated cartoon series titled, Adventures with Niyah Zuri, which she is currently pitching to networks. When asked about her reasons for creating the cartoon she shared, “I seldom identified with a character on the cover of a book and that was the same case when I turned on the TV, even if there were only a handful of channels. Our hue deserves to be represented in the pixels and with the amount of screens in our kid’s hands these days, there’s no reason why they can’t learn about their own glorious history and that of others, all while gaining a new love of literacy through exploration! I vow to do my part to make even a screen an unmistakable tool for a child to discover the worth of their own melanated element.” Nyakana is leaving no stone unturned as she leans on her #NoDaysOff mantra to bridge the gap of representation from books to animation and beyond!

The multi-talented author, motivational speaker, mother of two, and soon-to-be producer will stop at nothing to spread the Niyah Zuri fundamentals of diversity, unity, love, and progression. Her unyielding passion for empowering the youth to “walk in their dreams” instead of chasing them and understanding that “nothing is impossible” has catapulted Anna Nyakana to a global role model all children and adults can aspire to be and learn from. 

Photo Cred: Ivan Lopez

Anna Nyakana has been featured on countless media outlets  and publications including SiriusXM, FOX, FOX Soul, FOX 61, Entercom Radio, NBC, ABC, Sheen Magazine, Medium, PopFuzion TV, and News 12 Connecticut. She recently received inclusion in Connecticut Magazine’s 2021 “40 Under 40” List and graced the February front cover to represent the 2021 Class; this honor following the non-stop recognition of this pioneer including the 2020 “100 Women of Color Award” and Class Valedictorian and proclamations from the Lt. Governor of the State of Connecticut and Connecticut House of Representatives. 

The Chieftess has a very clear and undeniable vision of growing her Tribe, stating, “This is more than a book, this is more than a cartoon, this is a movement! So what are you waiting for to live purposefully in your life? You deserve to reach your fullest potential, let’s go!” 

Visit www.annanyakana.com to order books, download free parent and teacher resources, and keep up with the latest news. You can follow Anna Nyakana on all social media platforms as @Niyah_Zuri.

Selna Kim Making the Most out of Being an Author, Speaker and Social Media Sensation

The business of speaking and making an impact with words was never taken seriously until very recently. Even Selna Kim, who’s currently making a killing, did not get much in terms of encouragement when he made his intentions known to close people that he wanted to be a speaker. While at the university, he once informed an advisor that he wanted to become a speaker, but instead of encouraging him, she told him that he didn’t have the voice and that he needed to be realistic. Selna got discouraged many times over the course of his career, but one thing has remained constant – he was never deterred. Watching Jason Capital, Tony Robbins, Corey Wayne make careers out of impacting people’s lives gave him all the motivation he needed.

His journey into speaking began with writing. Selna himself struggled with holding conversations with people, especially women that he found attractive. So, he sought help and learned everything about holding conversations, attracting people, and human psychology. After learning all these things, he started writing and put everything into a book. Within three months, his book, titled “Waking The Core of Man,” traveled far and wide, and his social media followers climbed to 75,000. The book also made it into the list of “Top 200 Dating Books”, and Selna got more than 10 million views on his videos. He has become an authority figure on dating and relationship topics.

Selna Kim now holds question and answer sessions while availing himself to coach people one-on-one to help them gain clarity on their personal issues and questions. This has given Selna the chance to fulfill one of his life-long dreams of impacting millions of people’s lives by talking to them. “There’s always someone out there struggling in their personal lives, and I wanted to be the light that guides them through that struggle.”

With the skills and tips that Selna Kim teaches, his ideal audience is made up of people trying to win back their exes and those trying to attract the right people into their lives. Many people struggle with their relationships and dating as a whole. Selna Kim helps them with all that. All his life, he has known himself to be a go-getter who never gives up on something he desires until he gets it. This is the same approach he gives his clients for every session he has with them. “If my clients need help, I make sure I find a way to turn their lives into the direction they want,” he says.

Selna Kim’s major presence is on TikTok, which many people never thought would give him the traction he has today. His first video to go viral received over 2.1 million views, “A secret sign that someone is attracted to you,” continues to draw more audience to his page. His most viewed video is “Spot a Liar,” which got 5.6 million views. Selna says many people told him that his tips wouldn’t gain him a credible audience, but he always maintained that all he needed was to reach the right people. He was right. Today, Selna Kim has become a brand that commands attention from TikTok users, with some of his videos making it to this social media platform.

The motivation to build the Selna Kim brand into what it is today was born out of his desire to impact thousands of lives. He was also averse to the 9 to 5 lifestyle and wanted to do things on his terms with his innate abilities. His future goal for the next five years is to speak to thousands of people packed into stadiums. He also plans to book big-time private clients and teach people how to be more influential and successful in their businesses.

Learn more about Selna Kim on his official TikTok page, Instagram page, or website.

Mehran Rowshan Shaping Thousands of Youth through Sports

Football remains one of the world’s most popular sports. Beyond the forty-five minutes, grass-laden fields, and lightweight weather ball, the game is a symbol of camaraderie, hope, perseverance, and hard work that is helping many peopleyoung and oldfind a renewed spark of life amid today’s challenges. Leading the charge in the City of Gold, also known as Dubai, is Mehran Rowshan, who excellently personifies impact and change in people’s lives through football. 

It’s easy to see that founder, pioneer, and football coach Mehran Rowshan does more than teach young people football from the onset. More than anything, the sport is a medium for him to positively impact people’s lives by sharing his unmatched passion for football and the many character-building and work-ethic-forming regimens and training programs. 

Mehran is the founder of Alliance Football Club, one of the elite institutions that pave the way for football coaching and training among young enthusiasts and amateur players. But more than teaching kids how to kick a ball, Mehran and his team train students how to face life’s trials with a competitive spirit that doesn’t easily get quenched. 

A fighter in every sense, Mehran Rowshan has the fire of a competitor. The football coach took the time to sharpen and retool when everything else came to a pause, building and revamping his methods to take on a more scientific approach. Today, even as the world opens up post-coronavirus, the coach has introduced a more refined version of Alliance Football that looks to exponentially grow its efforts to train the next batch of elite football players. 

Football surrounded every aspect of Mehran Rowshan’s life as he grew up. He belongs to a family of influential football players and professional sportsmen, prompting him to take the same life course. However, an injury would cut all chances at a career-level journey into football halls of fame. So Mehran, refusing to shut down the aspiration of a legacy in the game he loves, would turn to a coach. 

Since then, the football coach has become one of the best in the field, creating over 300 drills and programs that have helped form the gameplay and strategy of thousands of football players in Dubai, the Middle East, and beyond. Mehran does more than condition players physically. He also takes a calculated approach to the game by inserting aspects like brain training, mindset conditioning, and strategic thinking to help football players build their on-field IQ.

Consequently, Mehran Rowshan has molded over ten thousand of the most elite players that student-level football has ever seen. With his decades of experience and many certifications and licenses under his belt, he’s more than qualified to train some of the best clubs and teams from all over the world. Despite being extremely competitive, Mehran still holds a calm and considerate demeanor, which sharpens the player in a unique and almost zen-like way.

More than being a terrific coach, Mehran is an active advocate for youth development and sees his work as crucial to helping students develop necessary life skills to help them through some of the biggest hurdles in life. He’s also a man of excellent business acumen and high integrity, always doing things that will benefit his students, the community, and any circle of influence he commands. 

Learn more about Mehran Rowshan and Alliance Football Club by visiting their website and Instagram profile.