Selna Kim Making the Most out of Being an Author, Speaker and Social Media Sensation

The business of speaking and making an impact with words was never taken seriously until very recently. Even Selna Kim, who’s currently making a killing, did not get much in terms of encouragement when he made his intentions known to close people that he wanted to be a speaker. While at the university, he once informed an advisor that he wanted to become a speaker, but instead of encouraging him, she told him that he didn’t have the voice and that he needed to be realistic. Selna got discouraged many times over the course of his career, but one thing has remained constant – he was never deterred. Watching Jason Capital, Tony Robbins, Corey Wayne make careers out of impacting people’s lives gave him all the motivation he needed.

His journey into speaking began with writing. Selna himself struggled with holding conversations with people, especially women that he found attractive. So, he sought help and learned everything about holding conversations, attracting people, and human psychology. After learning all these things, he started writing and put everything into a book. Within three months, his book, titled “Waking The Core of Man,” traveled far and wide, and his social media followers climbed to 75,000. The book also made it into the list of “Top 200 Dating Books”, and Selna got more than 10 million views on his videos. He has become an authority figure on dating and relationship topics.

Selna Kim now holds question and answer sessions while availing himself to coach people one-on-one to help them gain clarity on their personal issues and questions. This has given Selna the chance to fulfill one of his life-long dreams of impacting millions of people’s lives by talking to them. “There’s always someone out there struggling in their personal lives, and I wanted to be the light that guides them through that struggle.”

With the skills and tips that Selna Kim teaches, his ideal audience is made up of people trying to win back their exes and those trying to attract the right people into their lives. Many people struggle with their relationships and dating as a whole. Selna Kim helps them with all that. All his life, he has known himself to be a go-getter who never gives up on something he desires until he gets it. This is the same approach he gives his clients for every session he has with them. “If my clients need help, I make sure I find a way to turn their lives into the direction they want,” he says.

Selna Kim’s major presence is on TikTok, which many people never thought would give him the traction he has today. His first video to go viral received over 2.1 million views, “A secret sign that someone is attracted to you,” continues to draw more audience to his page. His most viewed video is “Spot a Liar,” which got 5.6 million views. Selna says many people told him that his tips wouldn’t gain him a credible audience, but he always maintained that all he needed was to reach the right people. He was right. Today, Selna Kim has become a brand that commands attention from TikTok users, with some of his videos making it to this social media platform.

The motivation to build the Selna Kim brand into what it is today was born out of his desire to impact thousands of lives. He was also averse to the 9 to 5 lifestyle and wanted to do things on his terms with his innate abilities. His future goal for the next five years is to speak to thousands of people packed into stadiums. He also plans to book big-time private clients and teach people how to be more influential and successful in their businesses.

Learn more about Selna Kim on his official TikTok page, Instagram page, or website.

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