Jacob Fletcher-Johnson Takes Life One Dance at a Time

There is one life goal everyone has in common, but not everybody is able to fulfill it. That is being able to make a living out of your biggest passion. Most people spend their entire lives trying to figure out what is that one thing that makes them the happiest. Others have no idea how to turn their hobbies and interests into an income. But there are a few lucky ones who are smart and talented enough to figure out how to make their lives everything they had always dreamed of. Jacob Fletcher-Johnson is the perfect example of this as he takes life one dance at a time.


When he was four years old, Fletcher-Johnson discovered his passion for dancing while vacationing in Cyprus with his family. “I was on holiday in Cyprus with my family, and I remember the stage in the hotel we were staying in was empty as the acts were preparing to perform.” As they waited for the performers to take their place, young Jacob took to the stage and started dancing to the background music. The audience cheered him on, and his dancing career began.


Eight years later, he began posting his content on social media. Little did he know the four-year-old boy dancing in Cyprus would gather over 300K followers between TikTok and Instagram. People from all over the world decided to press “follow” in order to stay up to date with his new dancing trends, challenges, and choreographies. Luckily for them, Fletcher-Johnson posts different videos and images daily.


At his very young age, this dancing influencer has reached several milestones. He went viral when creating the Spaz Challenge. He has performed at the O2 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, with other well-known artists such as Headie One and Loski. He has collaborated with his heroes Ayo & Teo on several videos, including Fortnite gaming videos. And he landed a great partnership with Flipz Pretzels, winning a competition to become Flipz UK’s content creator. What can’t this talented young man do?


But what makes Jacob Fletcher-Johnson stand out from other influencers whose accounts also revolve around dancing? His commitment to doing everything with love and the audience in mind. This helps him stay motivated and focused on his goals, which is why he involves his followers in decisions regarding production and gives them behind-the-scenes content. “Having an audience that feels connected to you is an integral part of success within social media.”


Fletcher-Johnson’s media presence makes him a great role model for younger kids and keeps parents happy when they find out their children follow him. He showcases a very healthy lifestyle in which dancing is the most important thing. Therefore, young children can see him creating dances, collaborating with great brands, meeting his idols, and having a career, knowing they can work hard to achieve the same success with their passions and interests.


Although making an income out of your passion is not always possible, it is achievable if you work hard and follow your dreams. Dancing influencer Jacob Fletcher-Johnson is the perfect example. He found out what his biggest passion was at the age of four, began working towards that when he was 12 years old, and today he has become one of the top TikTok and Instagram dancers. He is definitely someone to keep an eye on.

Samuel Benn is a Rising Actor and Social Media Influencer on a Mission to Give Unforgettable Entertainment

Over the past few years, a lot of people have set out to position themselves as social media influencers, but very few have succeeded in generating a solid number of followers. When actor and promising social media influencer Samuel Benn started out in 2018, he was a man on a mission who was determined to give exceptional comedic content to draw people to his online persona and provide the kind of entertainment that will keep them coming back for more. After some time, his hard work paid off with over 22k followers on Instagram alone. 

Back in 2018, he only had 1,340 consistent viewers. This year, he has managed to elevate his regular content enough to attract 24k consistent viewers on any given day. This feat is not without any challenges and self-sacrifice along the way. Just like all other ventures, developing his social media following proved to be a demanding task. Samuel Benn, however, is not one who easily backs down from a good challenge. Armed with his videography skills and impeccable acting, he dove right into one of the most exciting journeys in his life.

As acting is his greatest passion, Benn puts a lot of effort into creating his hilarious content to give his followers a taste of his authenticity and natural gift. He believes that putting a smile on people’s faces is a must nowadays as the world continues to brave the current medical crisis. He invests heavily in his acting and videography classes to add value to his work and elevate his skills. Benn has spent many years honing his acting skills and learning from the best. As a professional actor and videographer, he believes that continuous learning is a must in order to stay on top of his game. 

“I feel as though my work is unique in different ways,” Samuel Benn explains. “One of those ways is I am very passionate about my acting. Some might say my acting is pure and genuine. I know that the way how I act represents me as who I am truly. That’s what I think is unique about my characteristics,” he adds. 

As a rising professional actor, Benn lends his talents to short films or skits. He enjoys collaborating with some of the entertainment industry’s up-and-coming names to come up with life-changing content that will create a lasting impact on viewers. When he is not working on an acting project, he does family photoshoots, video shoots, and other types of production. 


As a social media influencer, Samuel Benn looks forward to working with various brands, from activewear to lifestyle companies, real estate, travel companies, and food brands. The 20-year-old is open to exploring different possibilities with thriving companies in the business industry today and become instrumental in helping them meet their goals. He is confident that he has what it takes to help brands make a lasting connection with their target audience. 

Looking ahead, Benn is more than excited to be working alongside big names in the film industry and promising brands who wish to expand their reach. He envisions a future that is filled with productivity, one that will lead to his success. 

Learn more about Samuel Benn by following him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram


Samuel Benn Dominates the Influencing Industry With His Acting Chops and Hilarious Comedic Content

The advent of social media has given a massive rise to social media celebrities that we dub as influencers today. Influencers are people that have garnered online followings by creating entertaining content for their massive audiences. One such promising talent goes by the name of Samuel Benn, who started his social media journey in 2018. From then on, he has massively grown his influence, gaining a lot of traction on Instagram with over 22,000 followers at the time.

Samuel Benn always knew that he was on a mission to entertain his audience through exceptional comedic content. As an actor himself, he had all the talent when he was starting out, but he barely scratched the surface when it came to attracting an audience. When he first started out in 2018, he had a semi-decent 1,340 consistent viewers, but he knew that wasn’t enough.

He eventually found his groove and crafted his online persona to attract a lot of attention. He created the kind of entertainment that fans would keep coming back for more, and this year alone, he has managed to successfully elevate his content enough to attract 24,000 consistent viewers on any given day.

The renowned social media influencer thoroughly admits that there have been a lot of ups and downs in his influencing journey. Samuel Benn expressed that just like all other ventures, developing a social media following took a lot of hard work and dedication. However, his passion for his craft allowed him to push the boundaries of content creation. Equipped with his skills for videography and impeccable acting, he dove headfirst into the influencer industry and never looked back.

As a passionate actor, Samuel Benn puts his best foot forward when it comes to creating laugh-out-loud content. His natural comedic talents have allowed him to express his gift to his plethora of followers. Samuel firmly believes that putting a smile on people’s faces is a must, especially in these dark times where the global pandemic runs rampant.

“I feel as though my work is unique in different ways,” says Samuel. “One of those ways is I am very passionate about my acting. Some might say my acting is pure and genuine. I know that the way how I act represents me as who I am truly. That’s what I think is unique about my characteristics,” he adds. 

Apart from his social media influencing, Samuel Benn also lends his acting talents to short films and skits. He thoroughly enjoys collaborating with some of the entertainment industry’s up-and-coming talent. Samuel and his co-conspirators come up with life-changing content that hopes to elicit a positive change for their audience. 

While Samuel Benn isn’t working on an acting project, he also does family photoshoots, video shoots, and other types of production. In the near future, he envisions himself working alongside the biggest names within the film industry and massive brands who wish to collaborate with a thriving influencer. With the way things are going now, it’s clear to see that Samuel is on his way to the top, and it’s only a matter of time before he gets there.

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Award-Winning Influencer “zizotravel” Walks Followers Inside Chicago’s Finest Restaurants

The past year has not been the best of the century. With the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, the enforced global lockdown, and the onslaught of a never-ending landslide of bad news, 2020 has been far from ideal. 

So, to take a break from the distressing reality, most individuals have turned to social media – a platform where the famous influencer “zizotravel” features a satisfying peek into the outside world and, lately, Chicago’s finest restaurants.

Born as Yazan Al Koudsi, zizotravel is one of Instagram’s most prominent names today. Although recognized as a reputable brand in the industry and hosting a staggering following, the lauded digital creator did not set out to become an internet superstar. 

A graduate of business administration with a major in Marketing from Syria, the Instagram personality had always carried a head for business. However, his enterprising ways and interests led him to a different path when he decided to indulge in traveling pursuits after his academic career. For the next five years, zizotravel worked as a flight attendant in one of Dubai’s prestigious companies – Flydubai Airlines. 

The position allowed him to travel to more than a whopping 75 countries and acquire a taste for good food and filmography. He would document his travels as much as he can and began organically gaining a following. His big hit, however, would arrive in 2017.

That year, zizotravel took out his camera and shot an award-winning coverage that earned him a distinction from Dubai. His work featured the most luxurious places for iftar in the city during the holy month of Ramadan. After receiving Dubai’s 2017 award for “best food coverage,” zizotravel started taking the elevator up.

While reaching unprecedented heights, the top influencer began to receive attention worldwide. While producing inspiring and entertaining content for his growing audience, zizotravel moved to Chicago and became a real estate agent. 

Connecting individuals to their dream houses proved uplifting for the talented creative and inspired him to generate tickling skits on his TikTok. He received over 200 million views on the platform and was viral over 50 times in less than a year. The boost allowed zizotravel to explore other topics and increased his Instagram following to an awe-inducing 161,000 followers. 

With his rapid growth, zizotravel knew he had to introduce new content that would cater to a diverse audience and keep them company under the stressful pandemic. Fortunately, he never runs out of ideas.

“I always do new ideas and coverages no one did before in Chicago City,” he shares. “My love to spread the happy lifestyle and discover the new restaurants made me want to share it with people so they can benefit from my experience.”

Zizotravel became the authority on hidden culinary gems in Chicago. Jumping on a train of thought, he decided to try out and discover restaurants in the city while filming it for the crowd on Instagram. It was an instant hit. The ongoing features of the best food nearby allowed his fans to discover Chicago through its food and list down the next place to dine in.

Talking about his expanding reach and how he connects with them amid the pandemic, zizotravel says, “I’m super active on social media on my Instagram and TikTok to give people the best experience they deserve.”

Half a decade from now, he intends to keep delivering on his brand of excellence and stay in touch with his fans. By then, the leading internet personality hopes to be a full-time influencer who inspires individuals to become more happy and healthy and a successful real estate agent who only hands over the key to his clients’ dream house. 

Learn about the best dining places in the area. Follow zizotravel on Instagram for tips about restaurants, food, healthy lifestyles, and travel. 

Glamorous Taye Channels Her Love for Luxury into a Money-Making Venture

In today’s world, anything can be turned into a business venture guaranteed to make thousands and millions of dollars. For Shuntae Price, also known as Glamorous Taye on social media, luxury and fashion are two things she loves the most, and everything she does revolves around them. Shuntae’s bubbly and lively personality has helped her settle comfortably into the social lifestyle and has ultimately helped build her reputation as a luxury fashion and beauty influencer. At 29, Shuntae has worked with some notable people in the fashion industry and has been able to gain some traction for her Glamorous Taye brand.

Her dream of working in fashion has existed for many years since she was a little girl. She was drawn to fashion and was known as the fashionable one in her family. There was a time her father took her to buy school shoes, and Shuntae ended up choosing heels because those were the kind of things she loves. Now it’s a dream come true for her to find herself in a spot where she influences people’s fashion and beauty choices. Her love for sparkling, glittering items gave her the idea that she loved the glamorous life, which has played a huge role in shaping her brand today.

Shuntae Price has gone through tough times in the process of building the Glamorous Taye brand. Even though being an influencer is not exactly the career choice everyone envisaged for her, she chose the career for herself and has never looked back. She’s a staunch believer in doing what makes her happy, and she encourages others to do the same. “I just say be yourself, do what makes you feel comfortable, do what makes you feel happy. No one can make you feel happy like yourself. Be authentic to yourself, always love yourself, be true to yourself, and never give up on anything you feel you deserve. People out here tend to make other people feel bad about the things they decided to do or wear. Don’t give anyone the chance to make you feel bad about anything you choose to do with your life or wear,” she says.

Glamorous Taye is built on authenticity, and Shuntae wants her brand to project that value on her audience. She does not pay attention to those who disrespect her choices or preferences. Instead, she focuses on those who support her, and she gives them the best she has to offer in return. Shuntae believes her brand cannot be replicated, and she does not have anyone she considers as a competition. Her strength lies in her unique journey, and she is always willing to share her struggles and stories with her audience. Her goal is to work with as many luxury brands and celebrities as possible. Shuntae hopes to see Glamorous Taye on the list of top fashion and beauty influencers in the United States. She’s well on the path to making that happen and is ready to give all it takes.

Learn more about Glamorous Taye on her official Instagram and TikTok pages.

Selna Kim Making the Most out of Being an Author, Speaker and Social Media Sensation

The business of speaking and making an impact with words was never taken seriously until very recently. Even Selna Kim, who’s currently making a killing, did not get much in terms of encouragement when he made his intentions known to close people that he wanted to be a speaker. While at the university, he once informed an advisor that he wanted to become a speaker, but instead of encouraging him, she told him that he didn’t have the voice and that he needed to be realistic. Selna got discouraged many times over the course of his career, but one thing has remained constant – he was never deterred. Watching Jason Capital, Tony Robbins, Corey Wayne make careers out of impacting people’s lives gave him all the motivation he needed.

His journey into speaking began with writing. Selna himself struggled with holding conversations with people, especially women that he found attractive. So, he sought help and learned everything about holding conversations, attracting people, and human psychology. After learning all these things, he started writing and put everything into a book. Within three months, his book, titled “Waking The Core of Man,” traveled far and wide, and his social media followers climbed to 75,000. The book also made it into the list of “Top 200 Dating Books”, and Selna got more than 10 million views on his videos. He has become an authority figure on dating and relationship topics.

Selna Kim now holds question and answer sessions while availing himself to coach people one-on-one to help them gain clarity on their personal issues and questions. This has given Selna the chance to fulfill one of his life-long dreams of impacting millions of people’s lives by talking to them. “There’s always someone out there struggling in their personal lives, and I wanted to be the light that guides them through that struggle.”

With the skills and tips that Selna Kim teaches, his ideal audience is made up of people trying to win back their exes and those trying to attract the right people into their lives. Many people struggle with their relationships and dating as a whole. Selna Kim helps them with all that. All his life, he has known himself to be a go-getter who never gives up on something he desires until he gets it. This is the same approach he gives his clients for every session he has with them. “If my clients need help, I make sure I find a way to turn their lives into the direction they want,” he says.

Selna Kim’s major presence is on TikTok, which many people never thought would give him the traction he has today. His first video to go viral received over 2.1 million views, “A secret sign that someone is attracted to you,” continues to draw more audience to his page. His most viewed video is “Spot a Liar,” which got 5.6 million views. Selna says many people told him that his tips wouldn’t gain him a credible audience, but he always maintained that all he needed was to reach the right people. He was right. Today, Selna Kim has become a brand that commands attention from TikTok users, with some of his videos making it to this social media platform.

The motivation to build the Selna Kim brand into what it is today was born out of his desire to impact thousands of lives. He was also averse to the 9 to 5 lifestyle and wanted to do things on his terms with his innate abilities. His future goal for the next five years is to speak to thousands of people packed into stadiums. He also plans to book big-time private clients and teach people how to be more influential and successful in their businesses.

Learn more about Selna Kim on his official TikTok page, Instagram page, or website.

Social Media Influencer Nicole Evertsen Shares What It’s Like as a Brazilian in the United States

When the mobile app Instagram was first launched in 2010, it opened the doors to many new opportunities for everyone. Visual artists and photographers found a platform to showcase their works while businesses could advertise and inform people about their service. Instagram also became one of the earliest platforms that brought about influencers. Today, there are thousands of influencers worldwide, and among them is Nicole Evertsen.

Nicole Rabello Evertsen is an influencer who lives in the state of Utah. However, unlike other influencers, Nicole has the unique story of being born and raised in Brazil. She would later move to America at sixteen as a foreign exchange student. In the one year Nicole was studying abroad, she fell in love with the country and decided to come back one day.

After her studies, Nicole returned to Brazil and served a Latter-day Saints mission in the Sao Paulo East mission. Once her service was finished, Nicole would return to the United States. This time, she brought her mother and younger sister. Upon her return, Nicole and her family would move around and take residence in Connecticut, Ohio, Utah, California, Kansas, and New Jersey.

Nicole Evertsen started her influencer career in 2014 on Instagram when she partnered with different brands and companies. Nicole used her platform to sway her audience towards certain brands, products, or lifestyles like other influencers. With a growing following, more brands started reaching out to her to promote their products. Since then, she has accumulated over 169k followers on the social media platform. Apart from Instagram, Nicole also creates content on YouTube. There she covers various topics and mainly shares her lifestyle and what it’s like as a Brazilian living the dream in America. 

Scrolling through her feed, one can find that many of Nicole’s posts feature her husband, Tyler. The couple got married in 2015 in Salt Lake Temple and carried their reception over to Murray. Together, they share an enthusiasm and passion for exploring and traveling. It was only last year that the couple bought their first house together. 

When the mobile app TikTok started to gain more popularity, Nicole joined in the trend last year. Since November last year, she has been consistently posting about her daily life and adventures with her family and friends. Today, Nicole has nearly 200k followers on her TikTok.

Outside of being a social media influencer, Nicole Evertsen is also a professional wedding photographer. With a reputation as an influencer, she drops tips on how people can improve their photography skills, whether they’re using cameras or their mobile phones. Nicole’s newest venture has her opening two online stores early next year. 

The first store is a collaboration between Nicole and her mother. They will be using the earnings to donate to charities directed towards education. Her second online store will be run herself, which will then donate their proceedings to Bee foundations. More than anything, Nicole Evertsen loves making an impact in this world.

Nicole Evertsen’s works can be found on her Instagram. She also runs a YouTube channel where she posts her blog along with her TikTok.

Chris Fournier on His Journey to Becoming a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer marketing has forever changed the way people interact with brands today. Tapping into influencers is one of the most effective ways to market a brand on social media and digital channels. And riding this wave, Chris Fournier is taking control of his career and life by winning as a successful social media influencer. 

Chris is a twenty-eight-year-old influencer who has been rising the influencer ranks. He hails from Denver, Colorado, but would later move to Orlando, Florida. The young digital personality holds a bachelor of arts degree in restaurant management from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Chris Fournier thrived on a four-year tuition scholarship as a school mascot. This passion has marked the culmination of his life and work for performing in front of audiences. 

The social media influencer’s journey started early on. He discovered his love for performing first at eight when he started getting into music and theater. He would spend most of his life improving his craft as a showman and entertainer. In high school, Chris Fournier started auditioning for theater roles and would get selected for many highly-favored shows. Chris also wants to give credit to his make up artist whom he has worked with.

One of his most notable high school performances was joining the Meistersingers, a choir that would tour all over Central Europe. Chris would also later get accepted into the Colorado Ambassadors of Music and toured seven Western and Central European countries.

Chris Fournier has also worked in the restaurant industry, before, during, and after collegeamounting to fifteen years in the field. This exposure would lead him to gain experience in quick service and casual dining restaurants. He would also hone his ability to hustle, work hard, and dedicate himself to becoming better. 

Yet Chris’s most significant break would come on September 3, 2020, when he got an invitation to start working with Social Globe, an influencer marketing agency that sells active lifestyle products. The company works with over one hundred thousand influencers from all over the globe, and helps market clothing, beauty products, medical products, energy drinks, and many more. The agency has access to influencers like Chris Fournier from forty counties. They also work with artists, celebrities, musicians, bands, business people, and mentors.

Social Globe works with professionals and entertainers in countries like Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, and Japan. The company also has networks in Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Through Social Globe, influencers like Chris Fournier work with brands like Red Bull, H&M, The North Face, UGG, Under Armour, Forever 21, and many other global brands from other industries. The influencer agency offers a 100% guarantee to paid partnerships with Social Globe’s extensive brand network. It also gives brands and influencers access to production studios, content creators, and mentors worldwide. For only $10 a month, VIP influencers get access to commission payouts, brand partnerships, get access to live Zoom meetings/trainings, and sell and win tickets to all-inclusive paid trips worldwide and VIP events.

Since working with Social Globe, Chris has experienced a break as a VIP influencer on various social media platforms. He joins a large pool of talent who work as influencers on a full-time or part-time basis. Looking to the future, Chris Fournier looks to increase his brand awareness and level up his career as a social media influencer.

Aside from working with Social Globe, Chris also recently signed with DAN Talent Group, through his agent Stephanie Beck Williams. DAN Talent Group’s headquarters is in Nashville, Tennessee. The agency is a faith-based talent agency that works with all types of models and actors from around the world, and they also work with different agencies around the world.

Chris Fournier has had a passion for food since a very young age. Whenever he went out to eat with his parents, he would always ask to switch out different ingredients and or create his own dish to make it his own. He loves being able to create new dishes while out and or while being at home. He worked in the food service industry for close to 15 years, and his love and passion for food and the industry comes from his creative side. While traveling to Western and Central Europe during his music tours, he was able to get to try so many different cuisines. In college, he took a cooking class called Global Cuisine at Metropolitan State University of Denver and was able to learn and study many different types of culture cuisines from all around the world.

He was able to learn and cook different cuisines from all over for example from Spain to Germany to South Europe to Africa to Russia to Asia to Australia to South America to the Caribbean/Bahamas and even to the US, where they cooked various recipes with beer. He loves to incorporate beer into his recipes and also pair his recipes with different beers to help bring out different flavors from different types of cuisine. His love for food and his passion for food is unlimited, and anytime he gets a chance to try something new and also watch different cooking shows to learn about anything food related, he does. If there is any time in the future where he is able to travel the world and learn about different types of cuisine and try different types of cuisine, he will.

Chris is also an advocate for charity work as he loves to give clothes and such back to the community and take care of the less fortunate however he can. He is currently a sponsor of a child in Ghana, and because of his generosity, the child is staying healthy. In the future, he would also like to start his own clothing company that would serve as another means for him to carry out his philanthropic efforts.

To learn more about Chris Fournier, check out his account on Instagram. To know more about Social Globe, visit its company website

Author Michael H. Forde Changes Lives With Healthcare and Positivity

The status of current affairs is horrendous, and the future looks bleak. Most of today’s news is about the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects, politics, wildfires, violence, and even the deaths of well-loved celebrities. In these dark days, humanity must work its hardest not to lose hope in the future, and it is in these times that sources of inspiration like Michael H. Forde become crucial to keeping a positive outlook on life.

Michael H. Forde is a social media influencer with a combined following of 309,000 on Facebook and Instagram. Named the fastest-growing positivity social media influencer, he is in the process of realizing his vision of creating a community for people who seek positivity, affirmation, and inspiration. 

Social media has become increasingly dark over the years, and negative words and images that plague social media gradually implant themselves in the minds of its users. Through social media, this influencer inspires people who are striving to better themselves and become successful. While his reach is typically young adults, given that the essence of self-help and the desire to succeed transcends age groups, he invites everyone to take a look at his content as well.

Success Begins From Where You Are! is a self-help book written by Michael H. Forde. He took the time to ensure that its contents can inspire its readers and spur them to act towards achieving their dreams and living fulfilling lives. The self-help book was originally published in December 2017 and rebranded in January 2020, which also happens to be when he decided to dedicate more time to using Instagram and Facebook as platforms where he can expand his reach.

This influencer impacts the lives of people in different ways, and he changes the lives of people both online and offline. Saying that he saves lives does not refer only to the positive effects he has on the outlooks of people, but also that he literally, directly saves lives as a professional in the field of health care.

Michael H. Forde is a public health servant and a doctoral student pursuing a specialization in public health at George Washington University’s Milken Institute of Public Health in Washington, D.C. He has served both local and national communities as a health communications specialist at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health, under the leadership of the director, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Michael graduated high school at age 16, earned his bachelor’s degree at age 19, obtained his master’s degree at age 22, and became a doctoral student at age 25. He is a recipient of the Gates Millennium Scholarship and an ambassador for the National College Resources Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities in education for minorities through scholarships and grants.

Michael H. Forde is building a legacy in leaving a positive impact so that others may live happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. “One’s potential is absolutely limitless”, he says, and he strives to communicate this message in his every endeavor. Learn more about him on his website.