Mehran Rowshan Shaping Thousands of Youth through Sports

Football remains one of the world’s most popular sports. Beyond the forty-five minutes, grass-laden fields, and lightweight weather ball, the game is a symbol of camaraderie, hope, perseverance, and hard work that is helping many peopleyoung and oldfind a renewed spark of life amid today’s challenges. Leading the charge in the City of Gold, also known as Dubai, is Mehran Rowshan, who excellently personifies impact and change in people’s lives through football. 

It’s easy to see that founder, pioneer, and football coach Mehran Rowshan does more than teach young people football from the onset. More than anything, the sport is a medium for him to positively impact people’s lives by sharing his unmatched passion for football and the many character-building and work-ethic-forming regimens and training programs. 

Mehran is the founder of Alliance Football Club, one of the elite institutions that pave the way for football coaching and training among young enthusiasts and amateur players. But more than teaching kids how to kick a ball, Mehran and his team train students how to face life’s trials with a competitive spirit that doesn’t easily get quenched. 

A fighter in every sense, Mehran Rowshan has the fire of a competitor. The football coach took the time to sharpen and retool when everything else came to a pause, building and revamping his methods to take on a more scientific approach. Today, even as the world opens up post-coronavirus, the coach has introduced a more refined version of Alliance Football that looks to exponentially grow its efforts to train the next batch of elite football players. 

Football surrounded every aspect of Mehran Rowshan’s life as he grew up. He belongs to a family of influential football players and professional sportsmen, prompting him to take the same life course. However, an injury would cut all chances at a career-level journey into football halls of fame. So Mehran, refusing to shut down the aspiration of a legacy in the game he loves, would turn to a coach. 

Since then, the football coach has become one of the best in the field, creating over 300 drills and programs that have helped form the gameplay and strategy of thousands of football players in Dubai, the Middle East, and beyond. Mehran does more than condition players physically. He also takes a calculated approach to the game by inserting aspects like brain training, mindset conditioning, and strategic thinking to help football players build their on-field IQ.

Consequently, Mehran Rowshan has molded over ten thousand of the most elite players that student-level football has ever seen. With his decades of experience and many certifications and licenses under his belt, he’s more than qualified to train some of the best clubs and teams from all over the world. Despite being extremely competitive, Mehran still holds a calm and considerate demeanor, which sharpens the player in a unique and almost zen-like way.

More than being a terrific coach, Mehran is an active advocate for youth development and sees his work as crucial to helping students develop necessary life skills to help them through some of the biggest hurdles in life. He’s also a man of excellent business acumen and high integrity, always doing things that will benefit his students, the community, and any circle of influence he commands. 

Learn more about Mehran Rowshan and Alliance Football Club by visiting their website and Instagram profile.

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