Blu3ch3w is a Rising Hip-Hop Artist Aspiring to Touch Millions of Lives

American hip-hop artist Blu3ch3w is working hard to establish himself as a respectable rapper in the highly competitive music industry, not for the money nor fame but for the opportunity to impact millions of lives through his music. The New York-based rapper is known for his versatility, and it readily reflects on the kind of upbeat music he produces for hip-hop fans across the country. Music fans who have heard of his songs can never get enough of his catchy melodies and relevant themes. 

Blu3ch3w is considered by many hip-hop enthusiasts as an artist with a great deal of potential, someone who has the makings of becoming famous for his artistry and stand-out personality. His music has been played in several radio programs, including Hot 97, Power 105.1, and satellite radio plays such as SiriusXM and Shade45. 

“I feel like my ability to actually really rap is like a Don Q or Dave East kind of rapper with the punchlines and metaphors, but what I feel separates me from a lot of those rappers and makes me very unique is my ability to that rap thing plus I can mix it up with catchy choruses and melodies with great topics,” Blu3ch3w reveals. “I feel like that’s what separates me from a lot of other pure rappers,” he finishes.

Just like all other new music artists in the industry, Blu3ch3w aspires to be popular one day and build a long-term career in music. By creating relatable and impactful songs, he believes it is the perfect platform to reach out to the lost, the struggling, and those who suffer in silence. His songs include Dat Boy Dripping, Boy to Hell, Pain, Big Body Foreign, and Just Cut the Check for Me

Blu3ch3w gets inspiration from other rappers who have successfully made a name for themselves despite having come from the projects. He is greatly influenced by the life stories of Jay-Z and Dame Dash. The two are now reaping the fruits of their hard work in the past, and one of the ingredients that brought them to where they are is not giving up even when the times get tough. 

Though he is only starting out, Blu3ch3w has high hopes for his time in the music industry. He is setting his eyes on one day being awarded a Grammy for his phenomenal contributions to promoting and upholding the musical standards of hip-hop as a popular genre. Money and fame will come and go, but Blu3ch3w is determined to leave a meaningful legacy to hip-hop fans all over the world. 

In the coming years, he also sees himself giving back to people and his community by actively supporting advocacies that promote respect, equality, and safety for everyone. Through his music, he will not stop creating awareness for day-to-day concerns that need enlightening so that people may live in unity and love for one another. 

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