Never Go Broke Promotes Financial Literacy Education Among the Youth Through Creative Means

Like all types of learning, financial education is important in building skills that are necessary for establishing a success-enabling mindset. However, most people and institutions fail to realize that financial literacy is a step-by-step process that should begin at an early age and continue throughout a person’s life to retirement. Instilling such a remarkable ability is especially significant as this does not only have a vast potential to attract victories in the future but also has the capacity to equip individuals in facing financial adversities throughout life. Never Go Broke, an innovative company that focuses on philanthropic pursuits, steps in to expose the significance of financial literacy and education.

Never Go Broke is a financial literacy educational institution built to transcend limits and defy odds. It seeks to develop financial literacy among young minds while allowing them to acknowledge the value of financial education throughout their lives. Its diligent efforts have captured massive attention across several industries and communities that it has earned countless praises from people all over the world. Along with its brilliant founder, Tae Lee, Never Go Broke aims to transform the world through the power of learning.

Having observed the lack of financial literacy among the youth, Never Go Broke establishes itself to become a vessel of transformation across the world. Utilizing a brilliant and well-constructed strategy, this educational powerhouse educates young minds through engaging and compelling content. Not only does Never Go Broke aim to propel children and young adults towards becoming financially literate, but it also seeks to transform communities and industries to put more significant weight on such a valuable skill. For this reason, it has built a change-making device designed to bridge the gap in financial education through a literacy game called “Game of Fortune: Win in Wealth or Lose in Debt.”

“Game of Fortune: Win in Wealth or Lose in Debt” is revolutionary. The game will also be a board game online game designed to simplify the intricacies of financial literacy and effectively educate the youth on its fundamentals. This groundbreaking and interactive game was created to teach the twists and turns of wealth management, from savings and credit to profit growth and investment, to children aged ten years old and above. By using creative and meaningful cards, young players play in entirely real-life scenarios to gain insight into the ropes behind financial management.

Although Never Go Broke is a remarkable company in itself, it would not have reached promising milestones had it not been for its brilliant and passionate founder, Tae Lee. Notoriously dubbed as the “Money Maximizer” in the realms of business and finance, this international best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer has made a mark with her unparalleled talents and expertise in the field. Today, she holds diverse streams of income across several industries, ranging from tax and real estate to finance and insurance.

At the heart of Never Go Broke is its desire to serve as a catapulting device for those young aspirants who wish to get ahead in many fields. Through its fun and creative financial literacy programs, it hopes to attract more children and young adults to learn the ropes in wealth management and understand its unrelenting power to propel people towards the summits of their chosen trade.

To know more about Never Go Broke, you may visit its website.

AI and Gamification: How Lensa is Building the Future of Recruitment

Hunting for a job has become more frustrating for job seekers in the post-pandemic world where the number of jobs is low but the number of people applying for those jobs is quite high.

Recruiters receive countless CVs for a single position. On average, a single corporate job opening receives 250 applications, out of which 4-6 gets interviewed and only 1 receives the job offer. Usually, recruiters spend around 6 seconds scanning a single CV. It takes 6 seconds for them to decide if a CV moves forward for the next round.

This task of screening and shortlisting candidates for the next round is tedious and time-consuming, which is why many firms have started deploying AI algorithms and hiring bots for the same.

AI for recruitment, a part of HR technology, is a work-in-progress being built to make the lives of recruiters easier and efficient. It is paving new ways to hire and recruiters are going to rely on its ability to enhance the entire recruitment process.

A tech recruitment company named Lensa is leading the way with their innovative AI-enabled and gamified solutions like Lensa Workstyle Game. This game matches the job seeker with the right job by assessing their skill set, resume, soft skills, behavioral traits, and problem-solving styles.

Emerging Role of AI in Recruitment Process

Recruitment has many menial, tedious, and time-consuming processes which can be easily automated with the application of Artificial Intelligence. This new technology can streamline or even automate the high-volume and repetitive tasks enabling recruiters to focus on the important parts of the recruitment and hiring processes.

For example, a software that utilizes the power of machine learning to run sentiment analysis of the job descriptions to identify any biased language.

Companies that are using different aspects of AI like Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning in their hiring process are out flaunting their advanced approach to hiring. This helps them attract better talent as they are considered technologically advanced, and it’s not wrong for job seekers to assume that such companies have better opportunities.

The companies using AI for recruitment and hiring are hoping to use algorithms to discover hidden patterns in their employment data. While such an approach to understanding data can improve the efficiency of their recruitment process, it can also reveal gender or racial biases.

Still, the AI in recruitment is in its early stages, we are yet to its true and full potential to make the lives of recruiters and hiring managers a tad bit easier.

Keeping all the aspirations for the future aside, in the current landscape, Lensa is using the results of tests and games to identify the best candidate for the jobs. It is making the application process fun for candidates and the recruitment process for recruiters effective and less time-consuming at the same time.

Let’s explore what and how Lensa has enhanced the entire recruitment process.

Lensa Leading the Way with AI and Gamification

Lensa’s workstyle game has been creating by using tech gamification and artificial intelligence. Their game is challenging the old and outdated ways of hiring and making new ways for businesses to assess and hire candidates.

Lensa started out with a traditional job search online platform, and now they have been revolutionizing the hiring process by incorporating AI frameworks to predict an applicant’s career path. They are also empowering job seekers by giving them tools to get a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

Their workstyle game works like a self-assessment tool that is powered by predictive analytics and provides job seekers with a detailed report of their behavior traits, motivators, and problem-solving skills.

Here’s how their workstyle game works:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Navigate to the top right-hand corner, click on their hamburger menu, and select Workstyle Game from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be redirected to their workstyle game page.

Play our game to reveal your soft skills!

Once the job seeker clicks on the play now, they are redirected to their game. The game takes about 8 minutes to play, and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, in the end, you will have your complete assessment. Their assessment is based on how you play, how often you use your mouse, whether you start over, abandon, or stick to a method or adapt as you go.

They take about 400 different measurements every second and once you are done; you are assigned a behavioral archetype along with a list of your key behavioral strengths, problem-solving style, ideal workplace, and other famous people like you.

Such a detailed assessment boosts job seekers’ confidence and also provides them with a proper understanding of their true potential.

For companies, Lensa increases the likelihood of hiring the right candidate for the job – a candidate who will have the right soft skills and will seamlessly integrate into the company’s culture.

The future of hiring and recruitment is digitally driven. And this tech recruitment company, Lensa, is acknowledging and recognizing the true potential of the match – AI and recruitment. Not only that, but they also seem to pave the way for other recruitment firms to leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence. Lensa is truly leading the way in AI in recruitment.

For the closing note, let’s explore the positive influence of AI on recruitment.

Positive Influence of AI on Recruitment

– AI standardizes the job matching by considering several attributes like years of experience, skills, knowledge, etc. This drastically improves the quality of hires.
– Using AI-driven chatbots to answer candidate’s questions, scheduling interviews, sending invites to all the stakeholders, and more can save a lot of recruiters’ time.
– Since the AI chatbots are available 24/7, they improve the candidate’s overall experience with your company.
– The application of AI to automate mundane and repetitive tasks frees up recruiters’ time and thereby enabling them to work on strategic hiring proactively. Moreover, recruiters also get to spend more in-person time with their candidates, allowing them to forge better relationships and determine the cultural fit.

“If recruiters and companies can learn to pair themselves with a specific AI, they can train it to understand a particular corporate mission and culture—so that recruiters feel like they leverage these chatbots and other similar technology as extensions of their teams, not as replacements for them.” – Dan Finnigan, CEO of Jobvite

The Voice InstaBlind Competition Winner Jackie Paladino Shares Journey and Plans for 2021

With her uniquely soulful voice and bold lyricism, Jackie Paladino quickly rises as a crucial contributor to the modern music scene. While she is best known for winning The Voice’s InstaBlind Competition, the singer-songwriter makes it clear that she is merely at the dawn of her career. In 2021, Jackie aims to pave an even bigger wave, aspiring to serve as a voice for the voiceless; bringing their stories of insurmountable pain, prejudice, and heart-wrenching experiences to light. 

Dividing her time between New York City and Los Angeles, the New York City native marks her territory in the music industry while working with some of today’s biggest stars. She has collaborated with Grammy award-winning producers who are behind the music of artists such as Kehlani, H.E.R., Sia, Christina Aguilera, Jessie J, and more. Furthermore, Jackie has toured the country, performing as support for renowned talent like Mandy Harvey of America’s Got Talent.

Her notable performances have built a buzz, landing her features in various platforms—Buzzfeed, Paste, Impose, NYU Q Magazine, Ethnocloud, Broadway World, and Theater Mania, among others. A snippet from Buzzfeed’s feature reads, “The songstress skillfully crafts each piece with an intricate storyline, dives deep, and shares her personal experiences with the world, to let people know they are not alone.” A long-time hip-hop fan, Ms. Paladino was also the featured singer on GFTD’s Soothe the Soul via Tommy Boy Records. But Jackie’s influence is not limited within the United States alone. Her song, “Can You Tell Me What Love Is?” received radio airplay all the way in South Africa.

Jackie Paladino began her creative journey as a child, starting with classical piano at the age of five and expanding to include theatrical acting, singing, and dance in her early teens. Her passion and raw talent led to her admittance at a performing arts high school for music and theatre where she began honing her craft. Her first heartbreak inspired a musical composition shortly after, introducing her to the art of songwriting.

After high school, Jackie Paladino landed a spot at NYU Tisch’s School of the Arts with substantial scholarships. At first glance, it may appear as though the artist’s journey has been without pain and disappointments. But during her first year in university, she became a victim of sexual assault. Rendered powerless by the experience, she developed an eating disorder in an effort to reclaim her sense of control over her own body.

Through all her struggles, music became a permanent refuge, an avenue for expression and liberation while uplifting others. Jackie Paladino possesses wisdom way beyond her years, and she acknowledges that her mature perspective and sense of worldliness is a product of her painful past. Still, the artist managed to make something so beautiful from the darkness she’s been through, turning looming graves into blooming gardens.

Despite her young age, Jackie Paladino never hesitates to tackle vulnerable or controversial topics through her music. She fiercely opens conversations about causes she cares about, such as fighting women’s oppression, the unfair treatment toward minorities, and pertinent issues within the LGBTQ+ community. She shares her powerful story portraying resilience and resolve in the hopes of serving as a source of hope and inspiration for others to do the same. 

It’s about time that a fresh voice takes the reins in the music industry, one that aims to challenge norms and rewrite narratives. With her fusion of sultry R&B vocals and soulful modern soundscapes, Jackie Paladino is indeed one to watch. Stay tuned on future releases and performances via Facebook and Instagram.

Blu3ch3w is a Rising Hip-Hop Artist Aspiring to Touch Millions of Lives

American hip-hop artist Blu3ch3w is working hard to establish himself as a respectable rapper in the highly competitive music industry, not for the money nor fame but for the opportunity to impact millions of lives through his music. The New York-based rapper is known for his versatility, and it readily reflects on the kind of upbeat music he produces for hip-hop fans across the country. Music fans who have heard of his songs can never get enough of his catchy melodies and relevant themes. 

Blu3ch3w is considered by many hip-hop enthusiasts as an artist with a great deal of potential, someone who has the makings of becoming famous for his artistry and stand-out personality. His music has been played in several radio programs, including Hot 97, Power 105.1, and satellite radio plays such as SiriusXM and Shade45. 

“I feel like my ability to actually really rap is like a Don Q or Dave East kind of rapper with the punchlines and metaphors, but what I feel separates me from a lot of those rappers and makes me very unique is my ability to that rap thing plus I can mix it up with catchy choruses and melodies with great topics,” Blu3ch3w reveals. “I feel like that’s what separates me from a lot of other pure rappers,” he finishes.

Just like all other new music artists in the industry, Blu3ch3w aspires to be popular one day and build a long-term career in music. By creating relatable and impactful songs, he believes it is the perfect platform to reach out to the lost, the struggling, and those who suffer in silence. His songs include Dat Boy Dripping, Boy to Hell, Pain, Big Body Foreign, and Just Cut the Check for Me

Blu3ch3w gets inspiration from other rappers who have successfully made a name for themselves despite having come from the projects. He is greatly influenced by the life stories of Jay-Z and Dame Dash. The two are now reaping the fruits of their hard work in the past, and one of the ingredients that brought them to where they are is not giving up even when the times get tough. 

Though he is only starting out, Blu3ch3w has high hopes for his time in the music industry. He is setting his eyes on one day being awarded a Grammy for his phenomenal contributions to promoting and upholding the musical standards of hip-hop as a popular genre. Money and fame will come and go, but Blu3ch3w is determined to leave a meaningful legacy to hip-hop fans all over the world. 

In the coming years, he also sees himself giving back to people and his community by actively supporting advocacies that promote respect, equality, and safety for everyone. Through his music, he will not stop creating awareness for day-to-day concerns that need enlightening so that people may live in unity and love for one another. 

Subscribe to Blu3ch3w’s Spotify to listen to his music. Follow him on Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

How Beth Nydick Helps Clients in Utilizing Media to Create the Opportunity for Success

In this digital age, maintaining a solid online presence is the number one key to success. With many platforms, individuals and businesses can get their brands to reach out to their target market. The only dilemma they face is deciding which to utilize. Beth Ritter Nydick is an individual who has established an illustrious career by helping others expose their business and leave their mark.

Beth Nydick is a name that most people are familiar with internationally. She is a speaker, author, podcast host, and magnetic business mentor who believes in the power of potential to catapult her clients’ business forward. Beth lives by her mantra of “Making Potential Possible,” which has helped her become the prominent figure she is today.

For more than twenty years, Beth has worked as a media pro, with ten of those years hustling as an online entrepreneur and cocktail expert. With business insight, she has been sought out by other solopreneurs looking to increase their authority. While their ideas have been unique and well-structured, they realized that their businesses were not set up for success and reached out to her for guidance. 

As she ventured into consultation, Beth found herself counseling colleagues about online business. She helped open their eyes to understand and activate their maximum potential. Beth saw a hole in her communities’ businesses’ foundations and knew that she could help them increase their bottom line and guide them to work in collaboration, increasing their visibility and credibility. As a result of working with Beth Nydick, her clients confidently appear on TV & Media with a solid business foundation but without years of disappointment and confusion around publicity.

Beth Nydick has worked in companies like NBC, Warner Brothers, VH1, MTV, and Viacom. She has also appeared on shows like The Tonight Show, The Chew. Working on The MTV Movie, and Music Awards, putting her in a unique position to support her clients’ pursuit of their PR dreams. 

“I know what the media is looking for. Not only in a pitch but in prospective guests’ social media, branded websites, emails, and overall audience experience,” Beth revealed, “It’s great to be on ‘Good Morning America,’ but if your business isn’t ready or you don’t know how to leverage it towards your goals, all the time and energy you put into making that happen is all for a logo.”

Outside of her ventures in the business world, Beth has also co-authored the top-rated cookbook ‘Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist.’ The book’s content consists of recipes that require naturally low-calorie spirits, from fresh juices loaded with vitamins to gentle sweeteners anti-inflammatory spices. Clean Cocktails provides readers with the perfect alternative to drinks typically loaded with refined sugars, artificial flavors, and dyes. A lover of cocktails, Beth has been sharing her passion by taking out all the harsh chemicals and sugars with natural ingredients so people can indulge without compromising their health and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. 

With no end in sight for the global pandemic, more people have flocked to online platforms for their businesses. Beth Nydick has been using her knowledge to help them succeed in their endeavors. She hopes that her influence will reach out to as many lives as possible, making a positive impact for years to come.

Learn more about Beth Nydick by visiting her official website. You can also reach out to her through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.


Donny Musafir, the Young Entrepreneur Promoting Financial Education Among Go-Getters

More than ever, it has become immensely clear that financial education is a concern that is not exclusive to adults. Gaining an in-depth understanding of finances and honing one’s skill at managing money should be considered priorities even by young people. However, the problem lies with the widespread lack of financial literacy. Donny Musafir, an 18-year-old entrepreneur, is one of the countless individuals who was raised in a household that knew little to no basic economic concepts. In recognition of the importance of expanding one’s inventory of knowledge, he has taken on the mission to equip young go-getters with what they need to achieve a future of success. 

Donny Musafir, the self-starter behind the name Prada Piper, is the CEO of NY/LA Millionaire Club, which is a venture launched to guide young people interested in business and finances. “The goal of this club is for those who wish to delve into the commercial space to have a community where they can come together and share their resources,” he shares. At the core of this establishment is an emphasis on how crucial increasing financial IQ is to people’s overall quality of life. 

On top of spearheading the NY/LA Millionaire Club, Donny Musafir has also started making moves online, increasing his visibility and reaching more people by launching a Youtube channel. Through this platform, he does not only allow viewers a glimpse into who he is as a purpose-driven personality but he also provides much-needed insights about money-related subjects. 

The initiatives born out of the strategic vision of Donny Musafir are all under his brand, Prada Piper. Operating under the philosophy that self-empowerment plays a big role in a person’s success, Prada Piper represents fearlessness, authenticity, and self-sufficiency. “I believe less in always letting outside forces be the reason things get done and more in looking within and finding that drive that forces you to get up and achieve what you have always wanted,” adds the emerging powerhouse. 

Donny Musafir first dipped his toes in the entrepreneurial realm when he was sixteen. In the years since then, he has already managed to build a promising venture and snag several career milestones under his belt. The road ahead for this young hustler is undeniably long, but he is set to make the most of every opportunity that comes by to cement his name in the industry. 

As Donny Musafir continues to reach greater heights with every endeavor, he plans to remain by the side of those who wish to begin their journey toward securing financial freedom. By equipping them with the knowledge and linking them to the resources they need, he hopes to enable their successes. 

More than anything else, Donny Musafir hopes to highlight the fact that age is not a prerequisite to success. By dominating the commercial realm, he wishes to set an example for other young aspirants to follow and send across the message that so long as one works hard for their dreams, they will be able to barrel through any barriers.

Learn more about Donny Musafir by visiting his Instagram page and Youtube channel.