Scoodah Blazz on Her Music Career and Clothing Brand, Dream Stalkin

Among the hallmarks of today’s most successful brand owners are their authenticity, genuineness, and passion. As a matter of fact, these individuals carry with them a sense of originality that allows them to blossom into the visionaries they long to be. In the case of Scoodah Blazz, a rapper and a vocalist, it is shown that creativity is a vast tract of endless possibilities and overflowing opportunities.

For quite some time, Scoodah Blazz has been gracing the music realm with her magnetic voice and technical skills. Today, this luminary is ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship with her emerging clothing line, Dream Stalkin. She wants to prove that anyone can dream big and can fulfill their ambitions as long as they set their hearts and minds into their creative pursuits and endeavors. 

Widely acknowledged for her unparalleled vision and unyielding drive, Scoodah Blazz decided to step up her game and incorporate her prowess into her clothing line, Dream Stalkin. More than just a musician, this multifaceted figure intends to establish her brand in the entrepreneurial realm and show the world what her dreams are made of. 

Whitney Arrasmith, more prominently known as Scoodah Blazz, is a rapper and vocalist who also happens to play the drums and piano. As someone who has always been musically gifted, she picked up drumming at the age of five and wrote her first poem when she was only eight. She then started taking her craft more seriously and took off around 2015. Her music is available on all major streaming platforms. 

Being someone on the lookout for expanding her horizons, Scoodah Blazz created a platform that would take her creative vision and innovative flair to greater heights. As a result, she built Dream Stalkin, a clothing line that speaks volumes about her remarkable talent and outstanding work ethic. 

To ensure the uniqueness and quality of her pieces, Scoodah Blazz only makes seven sets of each design, color, and pattern. In this way, people wearing her merch brand can walk around feeling good in their Dream Stalkin gear without worrying about having the same outfit as anyone else. 

In an interview, Scoodah Blazz talked about the reason behind the brand name, ‘Dream Stalkin.’ “I’ve always heard of the term or phrase, ‘dream chaser’ and ‘chasing my dreams.’ Chasing something means one is behind it. I did not want that. I wanted to get alongside or even in front of my dreams. In order to do that, I have to stalk my dreams,” she explained. “I am a dream stalker. Through Dream Stalkin, I have come to discover that I am not the only one dream stalking,” she added.

Dream Stalkin provides unique designs that one cannot see anywhere else on the market. Right now, Scoodah Blazz offers jogger sets, t-shirts, hats, letterman jackets, jeans, hoodies, socks, and other types of exclusive and customized orders. By the end of April 2021, her brand’s website will be up and running. But for now, she is taking all pre-orders through her Instagram artist page. 

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