How Karrell Maurice Rogers Beat the Odds to Achieve Success in His Career

The current success of music artist Karrell Maurice Rogers speaks volumes of his resilience, hard work, and unique determination. Most music fans think that the popular artist has always had it easy in life. Unknown to many, he battled against numerous adversities, from his health condition to his run in with the law and abject poverty when he was a lot younger. Through it all, he has shown that there is no amount of obstacles that can get in the way of someone who is destined to achieve great things in life. Finding the courage and the tenacity to withstand life’s greatest storms simply shows he is made of a different core and is, indeed, bound to do great things.

Karrell Maurice Rogers’ early life started out unconventionally. He was born on August 15, 1989, two weeks earlier than expected due to a necessary emergency caesarian section. His umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, and it was considered a miracle that he even survived. Some years later, it was discovered that he has type two grand mal seizures and was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and diabetes. 

In 2003, an unfortunate event happened to him and his godbrother as they were wrongly accused of first- and second-degree armed robbery. For the 13-year-old Karrell Maurice Rogers, it was a very traumatic experience as he was forced to stay in the house of corrections in Philadelphia, PA, not having the means to pay the $100,000 bail. 

Despite the sad turn of events in his life, not to mention that he also experienced discrimination left and right for being African-American, he never gave up on his dream to become a music artist. With every inch of his being, he held on to the idea of one day creating the kind of music he loves and sharing it with the rest of the world. He was eventually released on parole and probation for good behavior, and he did not waste any time where it concerned pursuing his music career. He was fortunately offered to sign under Bentley Records. His disability, however, prevented him from closing that promising deal. 

Still, Karrell Maurice Rogers pressed on and pursued a normal life despite his physical disabilities. Now, he has a son who was born with autism, and at nine years old, his son is his source of inspiration, most especially when times get tough. Desiring a normal and productive life for him is something that motivates Karrell to get out of bed each day and hustle. He also envisions being able to set up an effective support group for his son, one this will also cater to the needs of other differently-abled children. 

Determined to make things happen, the unstoppable music artist established LowLyfe7Filmz, a platform he designed to help up-and-coming artists make it in the music industry. Creating his own company is the fulfillment of his long-time dream to be a prime mover in the industry. With hard work, unwavering focus, and an overflowing creativity, Karrell has managed to earn the respect of his peers over time. Interestingly, he became a household name earlier than he anticipated. 

His remarkable life story is concrete proof that good things can still come out of bad experiences. In Karrell’s case, it was his greatest adversities that shaped his character and cemented his resolve to become the best version of himself.

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