The Sky’s The Limit for Rising Musician SCY Who Recently Released His Single “The Sky is Falling” Under Real-Life Music LLC

These days, various new musical talents have been cropping up. The musical landscape has become overly saturated to the point that listeners are having a hard time choosing between various artists. It takes the right music company for an up-and-coming musical artist to help elevate their game and achieve success in an industry where talent comes by the dozen. Fortunately, Real-Life Music LLC is here to make thriving musical artists’ dreams come true.

Real-Life Music LLC is a thriving music company founded on the basic premise of “quality over quantity.” In an industry where quantity seems to have become the norm, the esteemed music company challenges that notion by only supporting artists who belong to the cream of the crop. 

The thriving music company gives their artists the confidence they need to navigate their music careers towards greatness. One such artist gaining popularity under Real-Life Music LLC is none other than SCY, a rising singer, songwriter, and producer.

SCY is a New Orleans-native who has been creating music under Real-Life Music LLC. The rising star recently released his single entitled “The Sky is Falling,” a song plucked from his upcoming album. The thriving musical artist is extremely passionate about his musical career. He continues to balance his 9-5 job to stay in touch with ordinary people’s daily experiences such as himself.

He firmly believes that keeping in touch with the mundanities of a day job keeps him grounded and authentic, allowing him to create songs that are genuine and relatable.“Music has the power to heal, take you back in time to the greatest times of your life, walk you down the dark path of the pain that comes with life as well,” explains SCY. “It can also take you right into the future and brighten or darken your spirit. Music is very powerful! However, not everyone can do it to that level. It’s like a good gumbo. Everyone can boil some water in a pot, maybe even throw a few shrimp in there. But in New Orleans, where I am originally from, your gumbo has to connect with people’s taste buds to an excellent degree. I feel it’s very similar with Music,” he adds. 

SCY fully understands the power of music, and he also understands that to make it in the industry, he has to set himself apart from the rest. He has aligned himself with Real-Life Music because he knows that the company fully believes in him and the massive potential.

His latest single, “The Sky is Falling,” recounts the tale of a man who appears to have everything on the surface. However, at the end of his usual busy day, he feels as if something is missing. It’s only until he meets a mysterious woman that he seems to fill the gap almost instantly. The song is currently available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Much of SCY’s current project details can be found over at the Real-Life Music LLC website.

SCY has been on the rise as of late, and he attributes much of his success to every one of his lovely fans. He is extremely grateful that his fans can relate to his music as he continues to pour his heart and soul into his songs. The incredibly original musical artist bares all with each project that he works with. Through his music, he can express his pains, joys, loves, sadness, and philosophical moods.

SCY is extremely thankful for the opportunity of getting the chance to be heard. He hopes that his music will resonate with an even bigger audience to spread his message to his adoring fans all across the globe.

To know more about SCY, make sure to check out the Real-Life Music LLC official website.