A Conversation with Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha on Change, Growth, and Possibilities

Dr. Ashok J. Bharucha was born in India but raised in the USA for most of his childhood. He graduated with a B.A. in chemistry and German, Cum Laude, with departmental honors in German from Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. He also completed his M.A. in English from the Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury College. After completing his residency in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and fellowship in geriatric psychiatry at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Dr. Bharucha has practiced adult and geriatric psychiatry for nearly thirty years in academic and private settings. He has been the recipient of multiple teaching awards and nominations, has been involved in research funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute on Aging, amongst others, and has been listed amongst the Best Doctors in America and Top Doctors in America. He currently operates a private practice, Transformations: Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, PC.

  1. Where did the idea for Transformations come from?

I wanted to choose a name for my practice that reflected progressive change, growth, and possibilities. Moreover, a title with a spiritual undertone rang true for what I hope to bring to the table. Thus, Transformations: Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry, PC.

  1. What does your typical day look like, and how do you make it productive?

I start work typically around 8 am. A great freedom of private practice is that I am able to flexibly schedule appointment durations based on each individual’s needs at that particular time. This is a rarity in organized medicine, where physicians are on relatively tightly controlled schedules. I spend anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes on a new intake and 30 to 60 minutes on a follow-up visit, but I always take as much time as I need with each patient and make sure not to box them into my time constraints. I determine, at each visit, how much time we might need for the next appointment, so I can schedule accordingly. My day usually ends around 6 pm.

With private practice, I focus most of my work time on clinical matters, but occasionally, trainees from various clinical disciplines reach out to me for shadowing experiences, and I present in community settings whenever I receive a request to speak about topics relevant to my expertise.

  1. How do you bring ideas to life?

In my line of work, bringing ideas to life translates into a keen understanding of the patient’s problems—biological, psychological, and social—and collaborating with the patient to understand their hopes and dreams and the obstacles they encounter. It is through this collaborative dialogue and development of mutual trust and understanding that opportunities for growth and healing present themselves. Not uncommonly, this process also requires the inclusion of significant others and families. Bringing ideas to life in my line of work means a great deal of reflection and internal processing of the material presented by the patient and incorporating that into treatment at appropriate moments.

  1. What’s one trend that excites you?

The recognition by the medical community that holistic approaches have a major role to play in comprehensive treatment, not merely as adjunctive therapies or desperate measures, but as an integral part of care, is a truly exciting trend—intense research efforts directed towards identifying novel molecular targets for various forms of psychopathology. For example, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy will expand our treatment arsenal.

  1. What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

Discipline and persistence are key. As in any endeavor, there are likely to be setbacks and unforeseen challenges, but the ability to learn and adapt is vital to success as an entrepreneur.

  1. What advice would you give your younger self?

When I entered medicine, the business end of the enterprise was largely invisible to trainees. Over the last thirty years, however, business management skills have become nearly as important as academic and clinical medical skills. I wish I had pursued some training in business management earlier in my career to better understand that side of it.

  1. Tell us something that’s true that almost nobody agrees with you on?

I think most of my colleagues in the field would challenge or outright refute my view that psychiatry is still a relatively “soft” science in its infancy and that the idea of “evidence-based medicine” is still a bit premature for our line of work. I think there are many psychiatrists who would be very defensive about that. For hundreds of years, psychiatrists have wanted to be taken seriously as doctors and scientists, but I think that we often oversell how much we know about the mind and how little that is compared to what we need to know. That’s not to say that we haven’t come a long way in understanding some of the basic neurobiological mechanisms in mental illness, but it is to say that we have a very long way before we get to a point where we can pin down specific diseases with specific underlying biological mechanisms. Considerable research efforts need to be expanded to further our understanding of the neurobiological, psychosocial, and genetic underpinnings of mental illness.

  1. As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do?

I pay very close attention to feedback regarding my clients’ experience with me and my practice. I openly discuss any negative feedback that my clients may have conveyed in post-visit surveys and such. Client input is critical to refining one’s practice regardless of the line of service.

  1. What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business? Please explain how.

Although my website has been helpful in growing my business, my outreach to local psychologists, counselors, primary care physicians, and other members of the community has been indispensable. I punctually share my visit notes (with the client’s written consent) with all referring clinicians. For me, this has opened up dialogues with my colleagues that establish trust and generate further referrals. Much of my business growth is directly attributable to positive recommendations my clients make to their families and friends. I believe a warm, collaborative relationship where the client feels heard has been vital to this. I think that’s also where allowing the client to collaborate with you in treatment, rather than directing the treatment, has been a good business strategy as well. Your clients will be your best advocates as you’re growing your practice.

  1. What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it?

I really had very little understanding of the business side of medicine when I entered private practice. I invested a great deal of time familiarizing myself with coding and billing practices and reaching out to more established practices when I was in doubt. It’s quite easy for physicians to overlook the business side of their lives because their desire in entering the field of medicine was to treat, and if possible, heal patients, not manage their billing accounts.

I think the mechanics of how one sets up a private practice, how one incorporates a private practice into the state and federal bureaucracy, obtaining a tax ID, and so forth, was a big part of it. Then developing various documents for the practice, including the release of information forms, HIPAA privacy consent, treatment consent forms, all of that was new to me. Fortunately, I had an attorney with a background in healthcare law who had copies of things he had developed over the years that I was able to use as models. All of the business aspects of starting a practice were very new to me because that’s not the type of thing that is typically taught in a psychiatry residency. So, unless you stay in academia in some sort of employed position where all of this is taken care of for you, you have to learn all of this for yourself.

  1. What is one business idea that you’re willing to give away to our readers? (this should be an actual idea for a business, not business advice)

With the booming demographics of the aging population, one business idea which I wish I had the time to pursue with someone with investment capital would be to develop assisted-living facilities that meet the needs of different ethnic communities in the US, particularly those that have not fully assimilated into US culture and society. For example, there are now some very successful care facilities for individuals from India. In addition to healthcare, these facilities provide ethnic meals, which these individuals are accustomed to, and socialization with others from the same cultural, linguistic, and spiritual/religious backgrounds. Currently, the long-term care market offers very little that is essential for the well-being of ethnic minorities.

  1. What is the best $100 you recently spent? What and why? (personal or professional)

I recently spent $100 signing up for an online payment portal that my clients can use to make payments for their visit copays and related expenses. This has hugely reduced the amount of time I was investing in sending billing statements and getting paid for services rendered.

  1. What is one piece of software or a web service that helps you be productive? How do you use it?

I use the Kareo electronic health record software, which is user-friendly, intuitive, and allows me to document clinical notes as well as generate billing statements that are electronically forwarded to insurance companies.

  1. What is the one book that you recommend our community should read and why?

Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari is a highly sophisticated account of depression that takes into account the often overlooked psychosocial and developmental factors in favor of neurobiological disease models.

  1. What is your favorite quote?

“I must be the change I wish to see in the world.” 

I try to be very self-sufficient, and I take charge of anything that is within my hands to do. I don’t wait for other people to do things for me. I will delegate responsibility when it is important to do so, but when I can take care of something myself, I tend to do it.

Key Learnings

  • Discipline and persistence are key.
  • Continually learn and adapt.
  • Pay keen attention to client feedback; resolve impasses proactively.
  • Never become settled in your ways; challenge your assumptions regularly.
  • When all else fails, be more human, not less.

Craig Fuller Discusses How Self-Improvement Leads to New Professional Opportunities

Craig Fuller is a firm believer in helping others grow, both professionally and personally. Throughout his twenty-five years in the banking industry, he created courses and trained employees in new accounts and sales effectiveness. Recognizing that the success of his employees meant his own success, Craig worked his way up in the industry to be recognized multiple times as a top-performing branch.

Born in Oakland, California, Craig’s family moved to Florida when he was two. After graduating high school, he joined the army and worked on the patriot missile system used in Desert Storm. He began college courses while still in the service, eventually moving to full-time after his honorable discharge. With degrees in Business Management and Economics, Craig entered the workforce as a teller and worked his way up to Branch Manager. 

As the pandemic began, Craig’s position allowed him to see a growing need for logistics help in the local area for several business customers. Seizing the opportunity to provide these necessities, he opened Rescue Me, LLC, a company that can locate hard-to-find materials and deliver them directly to work sites. As a self-motivated individual, Craig is also searching for new and exciting opportunities in his area. 

Tell us a little about your industry and why you chose to create Rescue Me, LLC?

Many of the business customers I’ve had over the last several years have had issues with hiring as COVID ran its course. Many downsized staffing in anticipation of less business. This was a short-term solution, but they weren’t expecting business to pick back up as fast as it did. As we opened back up, there was a shortage of both workers and supplies. Right now, paint is in short supply everywhere. If one of my clients needs several gallons, we will find it and bring it to the site for them. 

What do you love most about the industries you are involved in?

This is my first taste of entrepreneurship. I haven’t had a particular interest in construction, being in the banking industry; however, when I saw the need, I knew I could use the opportunity. I had built connections throughout my career that I could use to fill the need. I’ve definitely had to research more to find which suppliers can get what materials are needed, but it has all been a learning experience and an opportunity for growth.

What does your typical day consist of?

It’s a combination of driving around to locations to pick up what is needed and get to job sites. I spend a lot of time on the phone, getting new requests. We are still fairly new, so getting our name out there for contractors to reach us is also a focus. I have learned the best marketing is still word of mouth. I always ask my clients what else I can do for them. As I learn more about what they need and deliver it, they know they can count on me. Other contractors that are having the same problems then find out what I do and will contact me. 

What keeps you motivated?

The opportunity keeps me motivated. There is such a big need out there right now. Contractors need to keep their skilled workers on-site and construction moving forward on time. Having someone that can do the lower level logistics, like getting that paint to the site, saves them time and resources. There is a level of gratitude I am seeing as we deliver those needs that really motivates me. It’s actually been a fun experience. I’ve been outside more during the day, which is new, and I find it really enjoyable. 

How do you motivate others?

You find out what their goals are, and you help them achieve those. Their success means my success. Both in the banking industry and now with my company, it’s the same. When my focus had been on training new employees, one of the first things I would do was ask each person what their goals were. Once someone realizes that they are valued and that you do want them to find their version of success, they will work harder for you and the company. 

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I do a lot of reading. The most recent I’ve read is Grit by Angela Duckworth. It explains that your talent is not an indicator of how successful you can be. It is about taking that talent and combining it with passion and perseverance. You can accomplish a lot when you need to or when you want to. 

What is one piece of advice you would give someone starting in your industry?

You should learn to be comfortable feeling uncomfortable. Recognizing and actively working on areas in your life that could use improvement is such an important part of finding your success. If you feel really passionately about something, go for it. 

How do you maintain a solid work-life balance? 

By knowing what is really important in life. I have two great kids and a wonderful wife. I have always tried to leave work there and really be present with my family when I get home. It’s something I found so important, and I am grateful that I have been able to maintain that habit. 

What traits do you possess that make you a successful leader?

I think empathy is the best trait I have as a leader. Everyone has a story or has overcome something in their life. There was a diverse team in my bank, and I valued and appreciated all the differences they brought to the table. 

Who has been a role model to you and why?

I have been fortunate to know many strong and supportive people throughout my life. I don’t know that I have a specific role model, but I do appreciate everyone that has encouraged and helped me be successful. I am grateful for my wife and my family.

Also, my father is who I think of when I need strength. He had a good handle on work-life balance and was always there for me growing up. I like to believe that I am as good a man as he was.

What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome? 

The loss of my father and older brother in the course of a year. It was like the world was pulled out from under me. I take one day at a time and move forward each day. I have been pulled closer to my mother since it is just her and I left our family. It gets lonely sometimes.

What is your biggest accomplishment? 

In life being a good father to my two kids. In a professional sense, I won the literal “ Trip to Hawaii” three times with two different banks. Not too shabby! But it took a good deal of effort from others. My teams have been great. And luck has a hand in it as well. Still, it looks great on a resume!

What is one piece of advice that you have never forgotten?

I had an uncle that once said, At any job you have, look around and find the one thing no one wants to do and become an expert at it. At the Credit Union, it was IRA accounts. I became the IRA go-to guy. Mostly by just reading the fine print disclosure that we had to give everyone when they opened an account! The best day was when my son repeated it back to me about his own job! I was so proud!

Toronto Welcomes Its Hottest and Latest Restaurant and Bar, The Hartly

Now that the pandemic restrictions are no longer as difficult as in 2020, new businesses are taking this opportunity to introduce something emerging to people who are looking for new experiences. Exciting times are ahead of Toronto as it welcomes its latest and hottest restaurant and bar, The Hartly. Awe-inspiring Japanese and Latin-inspired cuisine, great music, a fabulous vibe, and a cozy ambiance await all its customers who want to experience its originality. 

The Hartly boasts of its executive chef, Daniel Ken, who has a long list of impressive work experience, which mostly started out in Brazil. Before moving to Canada to be an executive chef at Blowfish restaurant, he worked in Vila Pariko, Fish, Koi, Nira Sushi, and Kame Kami. Apart from Brazil and Canada, Daniel has also worked in Germany and Japan, the latter further enhancing his skills in Japanese cuisine. His unique ability and techniques in creating Japanese and Latin fusions are something that he will showcase at The Hartly. His impressive and mouth-watering menu includes eccentric cocktails and food that will suit the eclectic vibe of the restaurant and bar. 

From the oysters to the shrimp cocktail, avocado truffle, salmon tartare, baked crab, prime beef tataki, short ribs, Momotaro Rigatoni, and Branzino, everything that Daniel creates is a symphony of tastes in the mouth. 

“We revamped the space with Chef Daniel Ken, who was previously with Blowfish and Lavelle. The downstairs is all we’ve opened up so far; it features a restaurant/lounge with a variety of theatre and burlesque shows. We’ve built out a stage, changed fixtures, and added a 25-person communal table that doubles as a runway for entertainment. We’ve redesigned the whole space with a new footprint and functionality,” revealed Josh Herman, one of the owners.

The distinct restaurant and bar will not only be an avenue for a special kind of dining experience, it will also be a venue for various performances that its patrons will find very entertaining. Being able to combine a high-quality dining experience with the relaxing and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant makes The Hartly the perfect destination for couples, business executives, great friends, and even those looking for new connections. 

As early as now, the management already envisions bringing The Hartly to different locations in and outside of Toronto. Its owners, Reza Abedi, Sam Reznick, and Josh Hemran, are confident that it will attract the right kind of customers that will eventually patronize its products and services. And bringing its extraordinary dining experience to other places for others to get a taste of is simply a natural course of action for a restaurant that has so much potential. 

With the pandemic restrictions relaxing and businesses starting to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic, the management has high hopes that The Hartly will be a welcome venue for relaxation, a good time with friends, and exceptional food. As the restaurant commits itself to give its clients an extraordinary experience in each visit, it can be expected to generate loyal patrons sooner than expected. 

Learn more about The Hartly by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.

Get Your Daily Dose of Entertainment from @Steveslife

If you are someone who loves watching cool and entertainingly informative videos, we might have found the best option for you. Stephen Ugenti, or Steve, as he is commonly known, is an established social media influencer who has garnered over 200k followers on YouTube. Besides this, he has two TikTok accounts that have over 500k followers. You can find him under the usernames @Steveslife and @learnwithSteve. One of them is very close to one million. He had initially started his career on Snapchat and used to operate themed Snapchat accounts. Comedial was the most popular one among all. He shared funny memes and videos which garnered the attention of many. He even has his own team who are in charge of curating and sourcing memes and viral trends on social media platforms.

So how did it all start? Steve’s brother also used to operate a few large Instagram accounts and he was the one who recommended Steve Ugenti to make a Snapchat account. Steve was majoring in three different subjects at Villanova University at that time. Thus, he decided to take it up as a hobby. However, he was able to transform his fun-filled hobby of running small meme accounts into a primary career that eventually reached heights of success.

Steve was able to go from zero to six million subscribers on Comedial within a span of three years only. Adding onto his list of achievements, he got more than 40 million views on Snapchat spotlight after diving more into personal content. Coming back to his informative videos, Steve generally uploads new videos after every three days. The topics include cool facts about movies, what’s going on behind the scenes and new interesting things to learn.

Stephen Ugenti had started SUM Media around three years ago. They primarily manage large social media accounts and act as a bridge between Influencers and Brands, thus helping them in bagging alluring deals. This typically includes increasing the download count on various games on the App store, e-commerce deals, and so on.

“One of my largest deals was with brainjolt, a company that runs twenty two words and magiquiz and in a two-year span we had brought over 60 million unique clicks to the platform through engaging articles and quizzes through a large Snapchat and Instagram audience,” he further added.

Even though Stephen Ugenti has reached heights of success in such a short span of time, he wishes to progress further. His current goals include reaching one million followers on his TikTok by the end of this year and gaining around 100k subscribers on YouTube every month. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours!

BIZBoost: A Passion-Driven Digital Media Agency That Is Launching Individuals and Businesses to Greater Heights

Telling people to pursue their passion is the easy part. However, the process of translating a vision into reality is an entirely different story. Those who have reached impressive heights can attest to the harsh reality that the road to greatness is rarely smooth. As a matter of fact, a significant number of established authorities and highly accomplished entities have had their fair share of trials and tribulations before gaining the unparalleled ability to climb the pinnacles of greatness. Aspirants anywhere have to contend with a seemingly endless list of challenges, but when these go-getters are armed with perseverance and resilience while pouring hearts into their crafts, everything is within arm’s reach. 

BIZBoost, an emerging household name and a fast-growing platform across the realms of business and marketing, demonstrates how a combination of gilt-edged traits can propel one to greater heights. As it rises through the ranks with a vision, this power player is bound to take the industry by storm.

BIZBoost is a digital media agency that is currently making waves for its future-proof and all-out approach. It serves as an incredible platform where individuals, communities, and organizations connect with their clients while improving their visibility online. On a mission to develop the reputation of a wide variety of brands, this emerging entity pulls out all the stops to deliver success among its clients.

From the get-go, BIZBoost has always been dedicated to launching personalities and entities to greater heights. From crafting an effective social media strategy to leveraging one’s online reputation for growth, this trailblazing agency has pushed beyond the boundaries of advertising and marketing. As a matter of fact, one of its services, BTweeps, is a personalized Twitter companion that allows its clients to manage and grow their audience on the social media website without having to devote much time to the platform. Because of its exceptional tools, coupled with years of experience in the field, this company has grown into one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies across the country, with a team of well-oiled professionals and brilliant strategists taking the reins.

By continuing to defy odds, BIZBoost has transcended the limitations of business and marketing, going beyond the ordinary bounds of a highly competitive arena. This trailblazing enterprise not only focuses on increasing one’s visibility throughout their respective trades but also highlights the significance of creating meaningful connections with their clients around the world. In this way, BIZBoost believes that individuals and businesses can gain patrons in the years to come, enabling them to steadily boost their visibility in the years to come.

Aside from carving success-enabling paths for individuals and businesses worldwide, BIZBoost’s primary goal is to educate, enlighten, and empower its clients, shaping a growth mindset among potential powerhouses. This trailblazing entity focuses on its client’s success, equipping them with the tools necessary to build an empire of their own. 

With the number of promising milestones that BIZBoost has reached over the years, it reminds its clients to always put passion, determination, and perseverance in their journeys. Having climbed the summits of success with these characteristics, BIZBoost serves as a source of motivation not only for its clients but also for aspirants looking to get ahead in the business world.

To know more about BIZBoost, you may visit its website.


DJ Chris Angel Overcomes Anxiety and Adversity to Launch a Thriving Music Career

Following a torrid childhood where he was forced to grow up and take responsibility at a young age, Christian Younan, popularly known by his stage name DJ Chris Angel, has had to fight even bigger battles as an adult. First he had to fight battles as a combatant officer in the United States military, then came his battle to regain his confidence and composure. Now, most notable of his fights, he is pursuing a musical career in the competitive and money-driven music industry.

DJ Chris Angel is an up-and-coming disc jockey, songwriter, performer, and entertainer whose life journey has always revolved around music and entertainment. First, as a young child, DJ Chris took particular interest in sports and then music; and all through his teenage years, everything he had to do, every risk he took revolved around music and how to launch and sustain a successful music career.                               

According to DJ Chris, growing up was tough, and he was forced to be an adult at a young age. At 14, he started his first job of watering plants for a coffee shop, and by the time he was 16, he was juggling two jobs at a fast food joint and a CD store while attending high school. Although while all this was on, his love for music never went away and by the time he joined the military, that was a real break that changed his financial status and ushered in an emotional state that he battled for a long time. 

However, by the time he left the military primarily to pursue his music career, he was suffering from a type of anxiety that denied him the courage to stand before a large crowd, or any crowd for that matter. It nearly put his music career in jeopardy, so he had to stay away from negative people who didn’t see his dream as important. In that way, he was able to align himself with positivity, and today he is on top of his game and slowly making his way to the summit of the music industry. 

On his motivation following the release of his single, “Tokyo,” SJ Chris said, “Honestly, the fans do [motivate me]. The fact that they constantly want to hear new tracks inspires me to create more, even going as far as making a track based on one of my fans’ names.” 

For a kid who was denied having a normal childhood because of the financial situation he was born into, DJ Chris Angel is not only pushing a successful music career or trying to make his mark in the industry, he is also teaching simple life tips to young people who are at crossroads and lost with regards to the next step to take. According to DJ Chris, investing in the right set of people within the family goes a long way to create a sense of security instead of spending a lifetime trying to please strangers. 

Learn more about DJ Chris Angel or connect with him via Instagram.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. Helps Child Sex Trade Victims Find Their Voices and Regain Freedom

Children involved in the sex trade are increasing in the United States every year. Knowing how pressing the issue is and seeing how the situation just gets worse over time, Gigi Nicole knew that she had to do something to address it. Hence, she founded her organization called Priceless Diamons, Inc. to help children who are victims of the sex trade and increase national awareness on the matter.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. was launched in 2012 and has helped many children find hope and regain their lives after going through what may be the darkest periods of their lives. Statistics reveal that over 200,000 American children are at risk for being traded into the sex industry every year, with the numbers exponentially growing by the minute.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. aims to change the narratives of children who have been victims of the gruesome sex trade and simultaneously raise awareness on the issue across schools, other children’s organizations, and homes across the country. The organization is also proactively involving parents in the campaign to properly educate and protect their children from ever going through anything that would compromise their innocence, confidence, and sense of wholeness.

“We are here to help connect children to resources that will allow them to be children, instead of feeling the need to find ways to feed and clothe themselves,” Gigi Nicole explained. Priceless Diamonds, Inc. strives to take in as many children under its wing. The organization has helped countless homeless individuals and those who are emotionally healing from being a victim of the sex trade.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. was built for anyone who has been hurt, bullied, and abused. The organization aims to become a safe space for people who have been through dark days and give them the support and care they need while healing from their scars. Gigi Nicole and her team want everyone under the organization’s umbrella to make it through their pain, and they want them to know that they don’t have to go through the process alone. 

Gigi Nicole founded Priceless Diamonds, Inc. because she herself has gone through the traumatic experiences her organization is trying to fight against. “I’m not scared to shed light on the ugliness of what the sex trade does to our children in America,” she stressed. Gigi Nicole shared that her childhood is a “cautionary tale,” and she doesn’t want any children to suffer the way she did. 

The founder shared that her father was a hustler, bank robber, and hitman who did not set a good example growing up. From Kentucky, Gigi and her sister were taken by their father to Texas, only to find out that they were going to be abused physically, mentally, and sexually; and they were forced into arranged marriages that would unite organized crime families. During that time, all Gigi Nicole could think of was escaping and building a life, and she did. Although it wasn’t easy to escape her father’s game, Gigi eventually did. She opened a business in the adult entertainment industry, Sydnee Entertainment, provided escort services, and hired exotic dancers. Although her business was successful, Gigi never found happiness in the industry she was in. 

But her problems didn’t end there. She had to go through failed romances, two divorces, the loss of a child, alcohol addiction, and even suicide attempts. Still, Gigi Nicole was determined to break the cycle and build a new life for herself and her son. Determined to lead a fresh start, Gigi broke away from everything that destroyed her and focused on making an impact. Through Priceless Diamonds, she aims to be the voice of the voiceless and highlight narratives to free sex trade victims from their chains.

Learn more about Priceless Diamonds, Inc. on its website.

What Anthony Jerdine Brings to the Investment Industry with Over Three Decades of Experience in Real Estate and Financials

Starting a business can be financially risky when putting all one’s money into the project, but to lower the loss, one can always turn to investment companies for help. But with a plethora of investment companies, it can be difficult to choose which to turn to. Foundation Wealth Trust Group is one of the most recent companies to join the investment industry. Despite its inception only in 2016, the company is boosted by the presence of its co-founder Anthony Jerdine whose experience has been a major factor in the company’s presence in the industry.

Anthony Jerdine boasts over 27 years of experience in the real estate and financial industries, having worked as a senior VP and CFO of a private equity real estate firm. He has been a contribution to the industry, having designed, structured, and launched several private investment funds. Additionally, Jerdine has consulted with some of the greatest minds in institutional investments, project management, construction, permanent financing, and manager selection. His experience, which comprises nearly three decades, has been influential in large, multi-family transactions including structured finance and complex trusts, complex tax structures like 1031 exchanges, and private placement memorandums.

While his hustle has been a contributing factor to his success, Jerdine’s background in Morehead State University has played a role in his career, guiding him to pursue real estate investment, development, and financial services. It was there that he was able to build a successful business. Jerdine would also involve himself in continuing education from the Corporate Finance Institute, completing the certifications of a world-class financial analyst engaged in the application of financial modeling, commercial banking, capital markets, and data analysis with CFI’s online courses and certification. 

Throughout his career, Anthony Jerdine has developed a scientific, process-driven approach to investing. Paired with his breadth of experience and knowledge in wealth management and advanced financial planning, they have contributed to his companies and associated progress towards reaching their financial goals. He has been involved in the development and implementation of investment strategies built for high-net-worth families through one of the world’s leading private money managers, further expanding his business and pushing them to make smart decisions regarding finance. 

“I love my profession and the opportunity it gives me to help so many wonderful people around the globe by making their hard-earned money work intelligently for them,” said Anthony Jerdine, “I really identify with that old saying, ‘The quality of your life is based on the quality of your relationships.’ The relationships I have at home, with my co-workers, and with the associations I serve are what really keeps my motor running.” 

Throughout his career, Jerdine has worked with the global banking elite, entertainers, professional athletes, international business leaders, heads of state, and countless genuinely rechargeable people while sharing in the financial dreams of all his professional associations and private clients to the tune of over $900 million in deal participation.

Anthony Jerdine strives to develop and manage integrated and sustainable international humanitarian infrastructure systems at a first-class level, providing pioneered services to all associates for their success and the necessary support to achieve their corporate vision through shaping the future, developing and adopting technologies, innovations, and premier practices and standards.