Priceless Diamonds, Inc. Helps Child Sex Trade Victims Find Their Voices and Regain Freedom

Children involved in the sex trade are increasing in the United States every year. Knowing how pressing the issue is and seeing how the situation just gets worse over time, Gigi Nicole knew that she had to do something to address it. Hence, she founded her organization called Priceless Diamons, Inc. to help children who are victims of the sex trade and increase national awareness on the matter.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. was launched in 2012 and has helped many children find hope and regain their lives after going through what may be the darkest periods of their lives. Statistics reveal that over 200,000 American children are at risk for being traded into the sex industry every year, with the numbers exponentially growing by the minute.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. aims to change the narratives of children who have been victims of the gruesome sex trade and simultaneously raise awareness on the issue across schools, other children’s organizations, and homes across the country. The organization is also proactively involving parents in the campaign to properly educate and protect their children from ever going through anything that would compromise their innocence, confidence, and sense of wholeness.

“We are here to help connect children to resources that will allow them to be children, instead of feeling the need to find ways to feed and clothe themselves,” Gigi Nicole explained. Priceless Diamonds, Inc. strives to take in as many children under its wing. The organization has helped countless homeless individuals and those who are emotionally healing from being a victim of the sex trade.

Priceless Diamonds, Inc. was built for anyone who has been hurt, bullied, and abused. The organization aims to become a safe space for people who have been through dark days and give them the support and care they need while healing from their scars. Gigi Nicole and her team want everyone under the organization’s umbrella to make it through their pain, and they want them to know that they don’t have to go through the process alone. 

Gigi Nicole founded Priceless Diamonds, Inc. because she herself has gone through the traumatic experiences her organization is trying to fight against. “I’m not scared to shed light on the ugliness of what the sex trade does to our children in America,” she stressed. Gigi Nicole shared that her childhood is a “cautionary tale,” and she doesn’t want any children to suffer the way she did. 

The founder shared that her father was a hustler, bank robber, and hitman who did not set a good example growing up. From Kentucky, Gigi and her sister were taken by their father to Texas, only to find out that they were going to be abused physically, mentally, and sexually; and they were forced into arranged marriages that would unite organized crime families. During that time, all Gigi Nicole could think of was escaping and building a life, and she did. Although it wasn’t easy to escape her father’s game, Gigi eventually did. She opened a business in the adult entertainment industry, Sydnee Entertainment, provided escort services, and hired exotic dancers. Although her business was successful, Gigi never found happiness in the industry she was in. 

But her problems didn’t end there. She had to go through failed romances, two divorces, the loss of a child, alcohol addiction, and even suicide attempts. Still, Gigi Nicole was determined to break the cycle and build a new life for herself and her son. Determined to lead a fresh start, Gigi broke away from everything that destroyed her and focused on making an impact. Through Priceless Diamonds, she aims to be the voice of the voiceless and highlight narratives to free sex trade victims from their chains.

Learn more about Priceless Diamonds, Inc. on its website.

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