Toronto Welcomes Its Hottest and Latest Restaurant and Bar, The Hartly

Now that the pandemic restrictions are no longer as difficult as in 2020, new businesses are taking this opportunity to introduce something emerging to people who are looking for new experiences. Exciting times are ahead of Toronto as it welcomes its latest and hottest restaurant and bar, The Hartly. Awe-inspiring Japanese and Latin-inspired cuisine, great music, a fabulous vibe, and a cozy ambiance await all its customers who want to experience its originality. 

The Hartly boasts of its executive chef, Daniel Ken, who has a long list of impressive work experience, which mostly started out in Brazil. Before moving to Canada to be an executive chef at Blowfish restaurant, he worked in Vila Pariko, Fish, Koi, Nira Sushi, and Kame Kami. Apart from Brazil and Canada, Daniel has also worked in Germany and Japan, the latter further enhancing his skills in Japanese cuisine. His unique ability and techniques in creating Japanese and Latin fusions are something that he will showcase at The Hartly. His impressive and mouth-watering menu includes eccentric cocktails and food that will suit the eclectic vibe of the restaurant and bar. 

From the oysters to the shrimp cocktail, avocado truffle, salmon tartare, baked crab, prime beef tataki, short ribs, Momotaro Rigatoni, and Branzino, everything that Daniel creates is a symphony of tastes in the mouth. 

“We revamped the space with Chef Daniel Ken, who was previously with Blowfish and Lavelle. The downstairs is all we’ve opened up so far; it features a restaurant/lounge with a variety of theatre and burlesque shows. We’ve built out a stage, changed fixtures, and added a 25-person communal table that doubles as a runway for entertainment. We’ve redesigned the whole space with a new footprint and functionality,” revealed Josh Herman, one of the owners.

The distinct restaurant and bar will not only be an avenue for a special kind of dining experience, it will also be a venue for various performances that its patrons will find very entertaining. Being able to combine a high-quality dining experience with the relaxing and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant makes The Hartly the perfect destination for couples, business executives, great friends, and even those looking for new connections. 

As early as now, the management already envisions bringing The Hartly to different locations in and outside of Toronto. Its owners, Reza Abedi, Sam Reznick, and Josh Hemran, are confident that it will attract the right kind of customers that will eventually patronize its products and services. And bringing its extraordinary dining experience to other places for others to get a taste of is simply a natural course of action for a restaurant that has so much potential. 

With the pandemic restrictions relaxing and businesses starting to go back to the way things were pre-pandemic, the management has high hopes that The Hartly will be a welcome venue for relaxation, a good time with friends, and exceptional food. As the restaurant commits itself to give its clients an extraordinary experience in each visit, it can be expected to generate loyal patrons sooner than expected. 

Learn more about The Hartly by visiting its website. Follow its Facebook and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.