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If you are someone who loves watching cool and entertainingly informative videos, we might have found the best option for you. Stephen Ugenti, or Steve, as he is commonly known, is an established social media influencer who has garnered over 200k followers on YouTube. Besides this, he has two TikTok accounts that have over 500k followers. You can find him under the usernames @Steveslife and @learnwithSteve. One of them is very close to one million. He had initially started his career on Snapchat and used to operate themed Snapchat accounts. Comedial was the most popular one among all. He shared funny memes and videos which garnered the attention of many. He even has his own team who are in charge of curating and sourcing memes and viral trends on social media platforms.

So how did it all start? Steve’s brother also used to operate a few large Instagram accounts and he was the one who recommended Steve Ugenti to make a Snapchat account. Steve was majoring in three different subjects at Villanova University at that time. Thus, he decided to take it up as a hobby. However, he was able to transform his fun-filled hobby of running small meme accounts into a primary career that eventually reached heights of success.

Steve was able to go from zero to six million subscribers on Comedial within a span of three years only. Adding onto his list of achievements, he got more than 40 million views on Snapchat spotlight after diving more into personal content. Coming back to his informative videos, Steve generally uploads new videos after every three days. The topics include cool facts about movies, what’s going on behind the scenes and new interesting things to learn.

Stephen Ugenti had started SUM Media around three years ago. They primarily manage large social media accounts and act as a bridge between Influencers and Brands, thus helping them in bagging alluring deals. This typically includes increasing the download count on various games on the App store, e-commerce deals, and so on.

“One of my largest deals was with brainjolt, a company that runs twenty two words and magiquiz and in a two-year span we had brought over 60 million unique clicks to the platform through engaging articles and quizzes through a large Snapchat and Instagram audience,” he further added.

Even though Stephen Ugenti has reached heights of success in such a short span of time, he wishes to progress further. His current goals include reaching one million followers on his TikTok by the end of this year and gaining around 100k subscribers on YouTube every month. We wish him the best of luck in all his future endeavours!

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