DJ Chris Angel Overcomes Anxiety and Adversity to Launch a Thriving Music Career

Following a torrid childhood where he was forced to grow up and take responsibility at a young age, Christian Younan, popularly known by his stage name DJ Chris Angel, has had to fight even bigger battles as an adult. First he had to fight battles as a combatant officer in the United States military, then came his battle to regain his confidence and composure. Now, most notable of his fights, he is pursuing a musical career in the competitive and money-driven music industry.

DJ Chris Angel is an up-and-coming disc jockey, songwriter, performer, and entertainer whose life journey has always revolved around music and entertainment. First, as a young child, DJ Chris took particular interest in sports and then music; and all through his teenage years, everything he had to do, every risk he took revolved around music and how to launch and sustain a successful music career.                               

According to DJ Chris, growing up was tough, and he was forced to be an adult at a young age. At 14, he started his first job of watering plants for a coffee shop, and by the time he was 16, he was juggling two jobs at a fast food joint and a CD store while attending high school. Although while all this was on, his love for music never went away and by the time he joined the military, that was a real break that changed his financial status and ushered in an emotional state that he battled for a long time. 

However, by the time he left the military primarily to pursue his music career, he was suffering from a type of anxiety that denied him the courage to stand before a large crowd, or any crowd for that matter. It nearly put his music career in jeopardy, so he had to stay away from negative people who didn’t see his dream as important. In that way, he was able to align himself with positivity, and today he is on top of his game and slowly making his way to the summit of the music industry. 

On his motivation following the release of his single, “Tokyo,” SJ Chris said, “Honestly, the fans do [motivate me]. The fact that they constantly want to hear new tracks inspires me to create more, even going as far as making a track based on one of my fans’ names.” 

For a kid who was denied having a normal childhood because of the financial situation he was born into, DJ Chris Angel is not only pushing a successful music career or trying to make his mark in the industry, he is also teaching simple life tips to young people who are at crossroads and lost with regards to the next step to take. According to DJ Chris, investing in the right set of people within the family goes a long way to create a sense of security instead of spending a lifetime trying to please strangers. 

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