George Gemeinhardt Discusses How Music Brings Joy to People’s Lives

George Gemeinhardt has succeeded in every field he’s tried, including in music. As the 1972 recipient of the John Phillip Sousa Band Award, he knows a thing or two about performance and how music can improve life. In a world where more children are ignoring the world of music in favor of internet fame, he hopes to inspire at least a few to try out music to see what joy it brings them in life.

George Gemeinhardt on the Importance of Music

George Gemeinhardt has split his life between business and music, though he mostly plays for fun and enjoyment these days. Though some of his business partners don’t understand his love of playing, others get where he is coming from as a person. That’s because music is one of the most positive things in the world and a powerful way to bring people together and manage the challenges that life brings their way.

Multiple studies have shown that listening to and playing music can help with negative emotions by letting people express them adequately and constructively. Rather than feeling anxious or unable to process these negative feelings, music enables you to communicate them positively. Self-expression is critical to happiness in people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest.

Performers, in particular, get these emotional benefits because they are creating music near and dear to their hearts. Even better, the sound of the music itself can bring joy. Studies show that people hearing music they like often feel a euphoria that fights negative emotions and improves their quality of life. Music also bridges cultural and personal gaps, bringing together people who may not have much in common beyond the love of a performer or musical style.

Just as critically, George Gemeinhardt believes music can be a healing, creative art for people who need it the most. For example, his musical skills have helped him manage anxiety, feel better about his life, and create an array of other emotional benefits. Likewise, young children and teens struggling with the stresses of reality may find that music performance provides a beneficial outlet.

Even those children or teens who don’t want to perform may still find that music creates a fascinating creative outlet. For example, some people become music critics and write about their favorite bands and performers. Others prefer just listening to music and letting the soothing tones of their favorite music calm their anxiety, hype them up for the day, or provide other real emotional benefits.

While George Gemeinhardt still believes that performance is the key to real satisfaction in music, listening to and casually enjoying your favorite bands, composers, and performers is still a significant benefit. He strongly suggests seeking outside your comfort zone and finding music you might not have listened to otherwise, such as classical and jazz players, that can soothe your heart and inspire your creativity.

Astronaut Boyz: Adrian Howard Brings Rising Hip-Hop Artists to the Moon With Next Level Success

With the hip-hop scene saturated by thousands of emerging artists left and right every day, standing out from the pool of talented artists has become even more challenging today. Hip-hop creative and aficionado Adrian Howard himself knows the struggle of those trying to be in the musical spotlight. While the path to greater heights is difficult to tread upon, Adrian wants to remind aspiring artists that reaching the top is not impossible. With this in mind, he has made it his mission to bring emerging rap talents to the summits of success through Astronaut Boyz.

Astronaut Boyz Inc. (ABI) is a rising music production and artist management group specializing in promoting, recording, and signing hip-hop, R&B, and pop artists out of Aurora, Colorado. The group has three crucial missions. First, it seeks to celebrate and partner with local artists. Second, it aims to remind listeners that authentic hip-hop is still very much alive in the music industry. Finally, the group serves to promote and sign disadvantaged artists coming from under-served communities. 

Founded by Adrian Howard back in 2015, Astronaut Boyz not only serves as a perfect avenue for rising hip-hop artists to thrive, but it also provides a haven for artists looking for a label to call “home.” Essentially, the label develops authentic and talented artists, helping them foster deeper personal, spiritual, and career growth. “We are a family. We give each artist the individual attention necessary,” says the visionary founder of the label. 

Today, ABI caters to all music genres and strives to bring each musical work to the various parts of the world. The label guarantees feedback within 48 hours, continually keeping the artists updated. Moreover, all music under the label is available on all streaming platforms. Astronaut Boyz also ensures that each artist is given the spotlight they deserve. From media outlets to nationwide magazines, the label sees that each musical talent is featured in various publications for their incredible work in the music community.

Alongside the Astronaut Boyz music label, Adrian Howard aims to spark hope for the youth by showing them that anything is possible. He hopes for the label to motivate emerging artists to chase after their dreams no matter the obstacles that may come their way. On top of this, Adrian also spearheads endeavors geared towards giving less fortunate and novice artists a chance to shine and show their outstanding capabilities. Overall, he seeks to help their voices be heard in the music industry. 

Astronaut Boyz also places heavy emphasis on giving back to the communities. With that in mind, Adrian Howard donates a portion of the proceeds of the record and merchandise to local charities. For Adrian, ABI is on to greater paths. The success the label has achieved today is only one milestone preparing them for a greater tomorrow. 

To know more about Adrian Howard and Astronaut Boyz Inc., you may visit their official site. You may also check out their proprietary music, merchandise, and more updates from following their official Instagram

SCY Infuses Reality into Music to Make a Difference

Growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, California, sure did a number on SCY as a person and evolving musician. He witnessed all the social vices that any young person could be involved in and saw how much those vices were glorified. He set out to be different and has channeled his career through a different path showing other younger artists that they can do without all the dangers that come with a rough lifestyle.

SCY’s music embodies reality and the things that go on in everyone’s regular lives. “Maybe having a regular 9 to 5 career job has changed my perception, but I go through what the average person goes through daily, and I sing about them,” he says. SCY is not so big on singing about partying, drinking, and other themes that depict life as a place to party. In his words, “Don’t get me wrong, I make standard party songs, but that is not what my life is about. Many people’s lives aren’t about that either. People deal with love, heartbreak, stress, bills, taxes, and a host of other things unrelated to partying. I feel making music that people can relate with should make up my artistry, and I’m happy to do just that.”

The record label that he’s signed to, Real Life Music, is known for taking artists off the streets and focusing on the positive sides of life that eschews the glorification of negative themes in their music such as prostitution, crime, drugs, etc. Real Life Music is all about creating songs that inspire and have substance, and SCY is happy to be affiliated with the brand. SCY’s career has evolved from the kid born in New Orleans into a thriving singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. His latest single, “The Sky is Falling,” is one of the proofs of his unique artistry and talent.

SCY’s style of music was born out of a lack of originality. Many artists in the music industry only worked with existing templates that have been proven to work. Nobody introduced anything new, but SCY was never satisfied with that. He set out to introduce music that can stand the test of time, and so far, he loves the reactions. “Beyond how interesting a song sounds, it’s important for the song to last. We see many songs from the ’60s, and 70’s still enjoying heavy rotation on radio stations. Many new songs cannot last that long but I intend to change things rather than complain about them. That’s how the brand SCY came to life,” he says.

SCY says he has many recorded materials, song ideas, new melodies, and musical arrangements available. He hopes to become one of the most sought-after musicians in the next five years. He’s also learning more about the music business and seeking ways to get to the top in music sales, talent development, and artist influence. He wants his audience to listen to his music and feel better with themselves and gain clarity. SCY is on a mission to make an impact, and he seems off to a great start.

Learn more about SCY on his record label’s official website.


Romeo “Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper” Clanton on Merging Entrepreneurship and Music

Almost every day, new and upcoming artists launch into the music scene to pursue their passion, but very few manage to set a distinctive trend rather than be a follower. Jerome Romeo Clanton, best known as Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper, is the one percent that has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide as he lets his talent and passion guide him on a path to musical greatness.

Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is a recording artist, actor, director, editor, videographer, show-host, and entrepreneur. As a teenager at 12, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper was heavily influenced by his favorite music group, Kriss Kross and Another Bad Creation. Even at such a tender age, his passion for music shone through, and he started writing musical lyrics. His youthful dedication and passion for music paid off as his recently released album, “Talk to Me Nice,” instantly became a listener’s favorite garnering him praise and a loyal fan base.

Now a multi-faceted artist riding the wave to fame, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper had a difficult childhood colored by drugs and rejection. As a talented young boy sent to live with his grandmother, Rome started drawing and was so good that his artwork was displayed in school talent shows. Soon after, he started acting in school plays. Soon, he found his love for rapping and continuously joined talent show hunts to present his skills to the industry.

Years after he has successfully debuted as a musical artist and rapper, Jerome Clanton is now in the space of his own and ready to launch into the music industry from a business aspect while taking his music career to another level. He started a podcast called Entrepreneur Talk. He encouraged a foundation of truth and creativity as A-list artists and entrepreneurs share their stories with others on the platform on the podcast.

Each podcast episode promises a fresh and insightful episode with experienced musicians, entrepreneurs providing insights to upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. If anything, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is proof that entrepreneurship and music are complementary roles. His primary audience is anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur while in the music industry.

When asked the source of his motivation to create his brand, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper shared that his number one fan is his family and two beautiful children. His children remain his most significant motivator for staying true to his passion in the highly competitive and image-driven music industry world.

With a drive and dedication to continually strive towards excellence, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is far ahead of the competition. His continued streak of excellence continues to awe his fans as he expertly juggles everything in the world of entertainment, from being an artist, entrepreneur, director, actor, videographer, and host. On top of his many talents, Jerome Clanton is also an exceptional director and videographer. He spends his free time behind the camera.

 To learn more about Romeo “Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper” Clanton, you may visit his official website. You can also check for updates via Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Hollyboi Sav Emerges as a Hip Hop Phenom

The music and entertainment industry is awash with talent and creativity. It is the perfect home for artists to showcase their uniqueness and talent. Now and again, a star emerges who captures the attention of the industry, becoming one to look out for. This appears to be the path of Hollyboi Sav, who is blazing a trail with his versatility and business acumen.

Yusuf Hedrington Jr, known in professional circles as “Hollyboi Sav,” is a 25-year-old emerging rap artist and entrepreneur operating out of Hollywood, Florida. Hollyboi Sav spent the early years of his life in the Virgin Islands, where he was born and was raised by his grandparents before relocating to Broward County, Florida later on – this became the birthplace of his music career. About the time he was in the eighth grade, he saved up enough money to buy home studio gear and started what grew to become his record label, TFO records.

Through Trust Family Only “TFO” records, Hollyboi signed, recorded, and engineered tracks for several upcoming local artists, gaining acclaim and making a name for himself. He spent a couple of years perfecting his craft and networking with dozens of music producers and other industry stakeholders. From there, he expanded into acquiring video production equipment and eventually started his video production company – Swisscheese Visuals, making music videos and covering all kinds of events from baby showers to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and the likes.

Hollyboi Sav sets himself apart as a wordsmith with a masterful command of lyrics and a unique insight into the music industry. He brings a fresh and phenomenal interpretation to the rap genre, steadily building up a reputation as both a credible artist and a respected member of his community. When not in the Studio, Hollyboi Sav helps provide meals for the homeless. Community means a lot to the rap star, and he has made it a part of his DNA to help as many people as possible, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his video production team’s help, he raised and donated $5000 towards small local black-owned businesses to keep them afloat through the hardships experienced as a result of the pandemic.

Hollyboi Sav is passionate about inspiring people to chase their dreams no matter the challenges and developing the mental toughness to overcome any obstacle in their path. According to the rap star, his passion for music and business motivated him to hone his talents and develop himself as a hip-hop artist. Additionally, a significant lack of video production companies in his community inspired his video company’s launch to showcase his creativity and plethora of ideas.

Hollyboi Sav envisions running one of the most successful video production companies in Hollywood in the coming years. He hopes to be at the top of his game as an artist, collaborating with the biggest names around the world and realizing all the dreams he set out to achieve. He also plans to be a successful entrepreneur with many thriving businesses across different fields and a role model to upcoming artists, models and entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Hollyboi Sav and his current projects, visit the website.

2K Ponce Juno is Combining Music Seamlessly with Business

For 2K Ponce Juno, hailing from a large musical family has so much to do with his pursuit of a music career and so far the Staten Island-born musical act is fast making the entertainment industry sit up and take notice. With his unique and personalized style of music which features a blend of Caribbean vibe and New York vibe to his genre-crossing music and a fusion of his lyrics delivery and amazing energy and moves on stage, 2K Ponce Juno is indeed a rising star. Signed professionally under the imprint of Sony Music Group, he is the owner of Ellispe Group Records Global LLC, and its subsidiaries including Star Music Group LLC, and EGR Global Music Publishing Company. 2k Ponce Juno is an astute business-oriented individual who is not lost in his quest for mainstream success, but simultaneously takes his business enthusiasm and quest for success along wherever he goes. Perhaps, being raised around the West Indian culture gave him his “don’t give up” attitude and mindset.

2K Ponce Juno began his career in the music industry in 2012, first as an entrepreneur and the first project he launched his first project “Chicken Grease n’ Grits,” in collaboration with Music act, Seven. The project amassed over three thousand hits from Datpiff. Subsequently, he released his first music video titled, “They Like This.” On March 15, 2019, he released, “Coolli Bandz” an EP, containing his hit single, “This Life” which earned him a place on the Takeover Tour, powered by the AAMG family.

2k Ponce Juno exudes positive vibes, infectious, yet bouncy and a feel-good vibe in his approach to dominate the industry. Coming from a profound hip hop background, Juno’s music embodies a Caribbean-New York flair, and thanks to his aura and energy (on and off the stage), he has captivated the hearts of his fans who can’t stop asking for more of him.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, 2K Ponce Juno’s music was a favorite on the dance floors of clubs in the Northeast and he was on his way to joining the Sony/Orchard and Mo Thugs Family’s America’s “Most Blunted Tour” until the pandemic halted the entertainment industry. And despite the lockdown, while awaiting the opportunity to travel, get back on stage, and entertain his growing fan base, he’s remained creative and has been reaching out to help those closer to home. His latest single, the remix of “Go Pretty Girl,” was produced by Max which has taken major Jamaican media markets by storm, was released in the US on Friday, January 15. Accompanying 2K Ponce Juno on it are popular Jamaican dancehall icons, DJ King Beenie Man and singer Double K.

2K Ponce Juno has never seen himself in competition with any of his fellow artists, according to him, “There is no competition with artists who produce similar genres and have the same outward expression of his or her love for The Lord. The separation from the music produced by 2k Ponce and secular artists is simply the difference in lifestyle lived by the artists.”

Away from music and entrepreneurship, Juno is best known for his distinct and classy fashion style, and added to that is a recent endorsement deal that makes him the ambassador and the face of Kim Birkedal Hartmann’s Revanche Cognac. 

“In five years, I see myself producing other arising artists into stars. I will be helping upcoming artists reach their highest musical potential to make hit records underneath Ellipse Group Record Global LLC/ Sony Music Group.” He concludes.

Connect with 2K Ponce Juno on social media by following him on Instagram and Twitter, or visit his website.

Music Artist ‘Lil J’ Sets to Dominate the Rap Scene With Debut Single “Crazy Lil J”

With countless hopeful and talented individuals coming in every year, the music industry remains one of the busiest. Joining the millions keeping it buzzing with activity and bringing energy like no other before, rap artist Lil J recently debuted in the music scene.

Before laying the groundwork for his rise to the top of the charts, John Patrick “Lil J” Harkins IV had always dreamed of being a popular and well-loved rapper. Growing up in Summit, New Jersey, the young music artist was surrounded by great sound. With hard-hitting beats reverberating on the walls around him, Lil J soon discovered an interest and a love for music.

While considering forging a career path in the industry, Lil J kept busy making a name in lacrosse. He was widely recognized as one of the top players in his high school and was quickly recruited for his face-off ability. 

Despite his success in the sport, however, the celebrated athlete realized he could not let go of his dream. John Patrick Harkins IV could not imagine being anything other than a rapper. So, he decided to go for it.

“Last year, I started focusing on rapping for a living,” he shares. “I always wanted to be a famous rapper my whole life, so I decided last year I would start to pursue my dreams of becoming a famous rapper.”

Blessed with an impressive work ethic, a fantastic voice, and musical prowess, the handsome 23-year old took his first step in the industry. After months of passionately developing his craft and finally finding his sound, John Patrick Harkins IV made his debut with “Crazy Lil J” just last December 26, 2020. 

Aside from setting the stage for his future international success, Lil J’s recent debut is also the mark of a dream nearly realized. Having fantasized about being where he is now and further for a long time, the young rapper is ecstatic about his first single.

“I decided to pursue my dream of being a rapper because it would make me happy. I want a job that I would love to do for the rest of my life, and being a rapper would, for sure, make me blissful.”

Working multiple minimum wage jobs for a long time, starting a career in the music industry is a welcome addition to Lil J’s growing portfolio. At present, the rising music artist is working on numerous powerful tracks that will exhibit not only his unique flow but also his discovered brilliance at the 2011 acting camp of the New York Film Academy.

In preparing to dominate the rap scene, the young rapper has armed himself with the two key ingredients to his future success: talent and will. “I am very determined to make it to the top of the rap game and have my picture and name known by everyone around the world. It would be a dream come true for me, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to get there.”

Listen to Lil J’s debut rap song on SoundCloud and his YouTube channel. Learn more about the 23-year old rapper and stay updated on his rise to the top of the charts by following him on Instagram.

King F.L.O. Shares How He Took Over the Music and Entertainment Space With Passion and Grit

Whether people are consciously aware of it or not, passion wields a power that emboldens people to work towards greatness. However, behind this unparalleled vigor lies a tenacious and resilient spirit that pushes people towards climbing the pinnacles of victory. In other words, success highly favors those who put in passion and perseverance in everything they do. And as someone who has seen his dreams come to fruition, King F.L.O. sheds light on how greatness can be achieved with zealousness and the right mindset.

Mostly recognized for his meaningful songs, melodic beats, and inspiring films, this lyricist, producer, and videographer has been taking the music industry by storm. With his exceptional talents, topped with a creative flair, it comes as no surprise how King F.L.O. has become one of the most respected figures across the industry. And as he continues to take the reins of multiple fields in such an intricate trade, F.L.O. shares that the first step to climbing the summits of success is to allow a person’s passionate spirit to roam free from the shackles of one’s own fear and self-doubt.

Hailing from the birthplace of rap and hip hop music, Bronx, New York is home to one of the most brilliant and rapidly-growing artists across the music and entertainment space. When King F.L.O. was still young, he would often find himself dazed and inspired by the sound of music. By the time F.L.O. turned 13, his family had moved to Long Island, where he had begun to learn different musical instruments by himself. After five years, F.L.O. discovered his niche in producing music that he eventually co-founded a group called the “STONEHEADZ.” This event led him to release his first mixtape, entitled “Mind Over Matter.”

But aside from his passion for creating melodies and rhythmic beats, King F.L.O. also had a knack for capturing moments through filmmaking and video productions. As early as 2010, he began working with, where he was allowed to collaborate with some of the most famous names across the entertainment space, such as The Lox, Cory Gunz, Action Bronson, Maino, Chris Rivers, French Montana, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and others. 

Recently, King F.L.O. released a new single entitled “The Five,” which is a song produced by DJ Flash of Justice League. This was designed to remind everyone of the true essence of hip hop through the brilliant interplay of words and musical notes. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, King F.L.O. looks forward to seeing his craft grow while instilling passion within aspiring artists around the world. He hopes to give more opportunities to artists and ignite creativity within themselves. With his inspirational songs, melodies, and thought-provoking films, F.L.O. is set to lead the next generation of artists towards becoming remarkable figures in the music industry filled with zeal, hope, and grit. 

To know more about King F.L.O. and his works, you may listen to his songs on Spotify.

Celebrated Violinist David Scott Soothes the Mind While Tugging at Heartstrings

For a long time, music has comforted those who seek shelter from the thorns of reality. Building a haven of his own, music artist David Scott has made it his mission to provide music for those who need it. 

With over 30 years of experience, David Scott is a trained classical violinist who has worked with some of the industry’s biggest names. The musician first entered the industry when he graduated from Villanova University with a degree in Humanities.

While living in Philadelphia, he began to nurture a love for music production and improvisation. After his years in university, an overwhelming feeling of disenchantment about the prosaic path of classical symphonic overcame David. Attacked by several health scares, he felt helpless and was faced with no choice but to redefine his sound. He decided to make a change.

Pushing beyond the rigid boundaries and expectations of classical violin, David realized his potential as a multifaceted and versatile creative able to master any genre, style, or melody on the instrument.

Tuning his heartstrings and creating a unique sound with his violin, the ingenious classical musician started to capture the attention of the music industry’s giants and executives. It wasn’t all still waters for David, however. The talented artist was blocked by countless hurdles, which took the form of major open-heart surgeries.

To date, David Scott has survived five of the critical operations. Three years ago, he received a (Medtronic) Melody Valve from Duke Hospital in his fifth procedure. The valve, invented by a violinist, was set through a non-invasive procedure and strengthened David’s faith in miracles.

While in recovery, David crafted an album with tracks detailing the story of his procedure. Inspiring those going through a similar situation, the music artist recently released the Hip Hop Concept Album entitled “The Universe Gave Me A Melody.” The album is available on all digital streaming platforms and has already reached countless people worldwide.

“I am witness to how music healed my own body and wanted to bring that gift to others who might be suffering,” David shares about his latest masterpiece.

Having music as close to his heart as possible, David can relate to various artists and create tracks that ring true and connect to a diverse audience. This unique skill has gotten him collaborations with notable Grammy Award-winning artists. These artists include those who have produced and arranged for Frank Sinatra, Dr. Dre, John Williams, and Aaliyah.

Furthering his mission to give back, David Scott has also established a nonprofit organization geared towards raising the conversation on mental health. Founded in 2009, Music Over Mind focuses on the Betterment of Mental Health through Music. Since February 2020, the organization has played music for hospital workers and held outdoor concerts for retirement homes. 

Take a deep breath and rest in the haven of David Scott’s soothing music on Spotify. For more information on the inspirational artist, David’s work may be visited on Instagram, Facebook, or his official website. To support Music Over Mind and its heartwarming work, visit the nonprofit organization on its official website.

“Birthday Bitch” Is This Year’s Certified Viral Birthday Anthem

In the wake of a global pandemic that has ravaged the entire world, people are being forced into staying at home when they’re often used to going out and partaking in nightly activities. Gone are the days when partying and dancing in clubs used to take up the weekend. However, a hot new birthday-themed song called “Birthday Bitch” is here to change all that.

Produced by G5yve, “Birthday Bitch” is a viral TikTok sensation that has taken the internet by storm. The song is a product of good vibes, a smooth flow, and limitless enjoyment. The song has become a massive party anthem around the virtual world. Just blasting the song in a room or backyard can automatically change the atmosphere.

“Birthday Bitch” is sung by Mr. White Dogg featuring G5yve and King Leaf. It’s a viral birthday anthem that’s becoming the next birthday jam that will dominate the internet for generations to come. It’s a bop that warrants hours of dancing, a song that can’t be stopped until everyone drops.

The song has captivated a worldwide audience with listeners from all over 62 countries. “Birthday Bitch” garnered all of its attention organically, without ever having to rely on marketing dollars behind its release. The secret of its success lies solely on word of mouth and an aptly titled song, making it roll-off the tongue. 

The song has garnered internet virility through TikTok and Instagram users alone, which is an impressive feat all on its own. Mr. White Dogg and G5yve have always delivered hits and bops that have managed to captivate audiences all over the world, and they’re back at it again with “Birthday Bitch.” Yet again, the duo has captured the attention of radio DJs, internet playlist curators, and general audiences alike. 

The party jam king, G5yve, produced the beat in his studio in Los Angeles, and the heart-thumping vocals were recorded in North Hollywood, California at Tha Stu Productions/Tha Stu Music Studios. The song isn’t just for the audience’s auditory pleasure, as “Birthday Bitch” has its own viral music video that was shot at Rose Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, California, with a full production cast and crew.

“Birthday Bitch” has become a viral classic, having millions of people tune in to the song and greet their friends with the song on social media instead of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, which in and of itself is a great gift to give. The thought of listening to good music on one’s birthday is a gift that anyone can appreciate. The song has also become a hit among quarantine drive-by birthday parties, adding more credibility to the viral single.

It’s absolutely no surprise that “Birthday Bitch” has garnered massive appeal among a worldwide audience. It’s the latest song that’s taking over the airwaves and the digital space. It’s more than just a trend; the song is a massive worldwide sensation.

At the next party that you will be attending, do not forget to request “Birthday Bitch”. The song can be streamed on all major streaming sites. Check out the song by hitting the link.