SCY Infuses Reality into Music to Make a Difference

Growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, California, sure did a number on SCY as a person and evolving musician. He witnessed all the social vices that any young person could be involved in and saw how much those vices were glorified. He set out to be different and has channeled his career through a different path showing other younger artists that they can do without all the dangers that come with a rough lifestyle.

SCY’s music embodies reality and the things that go on in everyone’s regular lives. “Maybe having a regular 9 to 5 career job has changed my perception, but I go through what the average person goes through daily, and I sing about them,” he says. SCY is not so big on singing about partying, drinking, and other themes that depict life as a place to party. In his words, “Don’t get me wrong, I make standard party songs, but that is not what my life is about. Many people’s lives aren’t about that either. People deal with love, heartbreak, stress, bills, taxes, and a host of other things unrelated to partying. I feel making music that people can relate with should make up my artistry, and I’m happy to do just that.”

The record label that he’s signed to, Real Life Music, is known for taking artists off the streets and focusing on the positive sides of life that eschews the glorification of negative themes in their music such as prostitution, crime, drugs, etc. Real Life Music is all about creating songs that inspire and have substance, and SCY is happy to be affiliated with the brand. SCY’s career has evolved from the kid born in New Orleans into a thriving singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. His latest single, “The Sky is Falling,” is one of the proofs of his unique artistry and talent.

SCY’s style of music was born out of a lack of originality. Many artists in the music industry only worked with existing templates that have been proven to work. Nobody introduced anything new, but SCY was never satisfied with that. He set out to introduce music that can stand the test of time, and so far, he loves the reactions. “Beyond how interesting a song sounds, it’s important for the song to last. We see many songs from the ’60s, and 70’s still enjoying heavy rotation on radio stations. Many new songs cannot last that long but I intend to change things rather than complain about them. That’s how the brand SCY came to life,” he says.

SCY says he has many recorded materials, song ideas, new melodies, and musical arrangements available. He hopes to become one of the most sought-after musicians in the next five years. He’s also learning more about the music business and seeking ways to get to the top in music sales, talent development, and artist influence. He wants his audience to listen to his music and feel better with themselves and gain clarity. SCY is on a mission to make an impact, and he seems off to a great start.

Learn more about SCY on his record label’s official website.


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