French Chef Liyna Boucher Discusses Food and Creativity

Liyna Boucher is an accomplished French chef based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Growing up in France, Liyna spent much of her time in the kitchen with her grand-mère. Watching her grandparents cook at an early age and eventually learning their ways inspired Liyna to become a professional chef. After completing culinary school and spending years perfecting her craft in her home country, Liyna immigrated to Canada in the mid-2010s with her husband and two children to follow her dream of opening her own restaurant and bringing her family’s traditional French recipes to Vancouver.

Just a few years after arriving in Canada, Liyna made her dream a reality. She opened her first French restaurant in Burnaby, British Columbia. Liyna Boucher’s restaurant was an instant hit and became quickly well-known among locals. On the heels of success, she decided to expand and opened a second location in downtown Vancouver.

Today, Liyna Boucher owns and operates two restaurants in the Vancouver area, with the hopes of expanding even further. Liyna has built her restaurant brand around the idea of family. Her restaurants boast a warm and welcoming atmosphere — the kind of dining experience you would expect at a family dinner. Patrons come from far and wide for a taste of her culinary genius and the delicious family recipes that are so dear to her heart.

Liyna Boucher is also actively involved in the French community in Vancouver. When travel is permitted, she regularly takes trips to Montreal and France to explore new culinary ideas. Boucher aspires to combine the French and Canadian cuisines together to build a whole new taste palate.

  1. Where did the idea for your career come from?

I’ve known that I wanted to own a restaurant since I was a little girl. Growing up, I was always in the kitchen with my grandparents. They taught me everything they knew about cooking, including all of our secret family recipes. I loved being in the kitchen with them and having that connection with my loved ones. Once I was old enough, I attended culinary school. After graduating, my goal was to move to Canada and open a restaurant. It’s only natural that my restaurant serves the French food that my family and I adore.

  1. How do you make your day productive?

My typical day involves shopping, cooking, and managing my restaurants. Each morning I get up and head down to my location in downtown Vancouver — that’s where my office is. I check my emails, schedule any tasks for the day, and look to see if any special guests will be coming into either of our locations. Then I normally head to a market to pick up a few local ingredients for specialty dishes. When I return, I’ll usually help prepare food for the opening. Then, depending on where I’m needed, I move between locations to help cook, serve, and mingle with guests. I love what I do, so it’s not hard to stay productive and on track. I also set monthly and yearly goals for my restaurants, which helps keep me motivated with activities like marketing and hiring.

  1. How do you bring ideas to life?

Sometimes I get inspired ideas — new concepts for dishes to serve or even marketing ideas. To bring them to life, I always start by recreating them on a small scale. If I come up with a new dish, I’ll try cooking it. I’ll taste it myself then maybe make it for a friend or my family. Once I know that I’m on to something good, I go to my chefs. From there, we work together to bring the idea to our menu.

  1. What’s a trend that excites you?

I really love what’s happening right now with fusion food. Chefs and people at home are getting creative with the food they’re making, incorporating different cultures and styles into a single dish. I love the creativity behind this, and I hope that this trend will continue in the culinary industry. I think French food offers many opportunities to incorporate creative ideas into traditional dishes. After all, French cuisine is a collective art, with each generation adding something new to the dishes we all know and love.

  1. What is one habit that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur?

Getting up early and going into the office before anyone else arrives helps me to be more productive. When I have time alone in the morning I can get a lot done. I also find that going to the markets helps with productivity too. It’s a fun task and it gives me a chance to relax and clear my mind as I focus on beautiful, fresh ingredients. Not to mention, browsing the markets and seeing new, seasonal ingredients is always helpful for sparking ideas for new dishes.

  1. What advice would you give your younger self?

Don’t be afraid to get creative. Growing up in the kitchen and learning how to cook from my grandparents, I just always followed their methods and recipes. I loved their food and still do, but I think a lot can come out of being creative in the kitchen. It wasn’t until later in life that I started to try new things — adding new flavours here and there, mixing dishes in new and creative ways. Looking back now, I wish I would have started sooner — who knows what I might have come up with as a kid full of imagination. 

  1. What do most people disagree with you on?

Brussels sprouts are underrated. I know a lot of people don’t like brussels sprouts, but when they’re done right or incorporated into the right dish, they can be an amazing and delicious ingredient. If you don’t believe me, come down to one of my restaurants and I’ll prove it to you!

  1. What is the one thing you do and recommend everyone else do?

I dine at a different restaurant every time I eat out. This is a bit specific to my industry, but I do recommend that entrepreneurs visit other establishments in their field. You can learn a lot from others. The way they do business, what products they offer, and more. For me, I like to see what interesting dishes are on a restaurant’s menu, what their atmosphere is like and what unique features their location might have. I’ll talk to the servers and ask what the most popular dishes are and try those as well. Trying out new cuisines helps me to be more creative and to stay on top of local trends.

  1. What is one tactic that has helped you grow your business?

Being involved with the French and European communities in Vancouver has really helped me get the word out about my restaurants. This was especially helpful in the beginning when I first opened up in Burnaby. Although it wasn’t my intention to make business connections at community events, it just so happened that way. Not only did I find new customers who helped spread the word about my restaurant, but I also came across a few people with who I do business now — local vendors and even marketing experts. It’s been a great experience being part of a community and has really helped me with my business.

  1. What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur?

When I first moved to Vancouver, I hoped to open a French restaurant downtown. With the help of some friends that I met through the international community who own restaurants in Vancouver, I discovered that it would not be feasible to start with a location downtown. This wasn’t necessarily a failure, but it could have been. It proved to me how valuable advice from others is, especially those who have already done what you are hoping to do. It saved me from losing a lot of money and time. Although I had to change my goals slightly, it was a good learning experience. 

  1. What is the best $100 you recently spent?

I recently bought a subscription to an at-home exercise app. I had never considered something like it before. I like to keep active and normally I would go to some sort of class at the gym. But, being unable to go in person, this program has allowed me to stay active in the comfort of my own home.

  1. What is one piece of software that helps you be productive?

My chefs and I have found that Google Drive and the docs specifically are great for storing and sharing new ideas and even shopping lists. I love the concept of being able to keep new menu item ideas and recipes all in one place where everyone can view them and make changes. It saves us the hassle of going back and forth with all this information — we can just sign in and everything is right there.

  1. What is the one book that you recommend?

One of my favourites is Le Père Goriot by Honoré de Balzac. It is a historical piece written by one of the most famous French writers. It is a heavy read, but it does highlight one really important lesson- money can’t buy you happiness.

  1. What is your favorite quote?

Something I heard growing up and that always has a place in the back of my mind is a French saying — Petit à petit l’oiseau fait son nid. It has the same connotation as saying something like, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The direct translation is, “little by little, the bird builds its nest”, so it highlights that patience and persistence are the key to doing any task, whether it is hard or easy.

SCY Infuses Reality into Music to Make a Difference

Growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, California, sure did a number on SCY as a person and evolving musician. He witnessed all the social vices that any young person could be involved in and saw how much those vices were glorified. He set out to be different and has channeled his career through a different path showing other younger artists that they can do without all the dangers that come with a rough lifestyle.

SCY’s music embodies reality and the things that go on in everyone’s regular lives. “Maybe having a regular 9 to 5 career job has changed my perception, but I go through what the average person goes through daily, and I sing about them,” he says. SCY is not so big on singing about partying, drinking, and other themes that depict life as a place to party. In his words, “Don’t get me wrong, I make standard party songs, but that is not what my life is about. Many people’s lives aren’t about that either. People deal with love, heartbreak, stress, bills, taxes, and a host of other things unrelated to partying. I feel making music that people can relate with should make up my artistry, and I’m happy to do just that.”

The record label that he’s signed to, Real Life Music, is known for taking artists off the streets and focusing on the positive sides of life that eschews the glorification of negative themes in their music such as prostitution, crime, drugs, etc. Real Life Music is all about creating songs that inspire and have substance, and SCY is happy to be affiliated with the brand. SCY’s career has evolved from the kid born in New Orleans into a thriving singer, songwriter, producer, and recording engineer. His latest single, “The Sky is Falling,” is one of the proofs of his unique artistry and talent.

SCY’s style of music was born out of a lack of originality. Many artists in the music industry only worked with existing templates that have been proven to work. Nobody introduced anything new, but SCY was never satisfied with that. He set out to introduce music that can stand the test of time, and so far, he loves the reactions. “Beyond how interesting a song sounds, it’s important for the song to last. We see many songs from the ’60s, and 70’s still enjoying heavy rotation on radio stations. Many new songs cannot last that long but I intend to change things rather than complain about them. That’s how the brand SCY came to life,” he says.

SCY says he has many recorded materials, song ideas, new melodies, and musical arrangements available. He hopes to become one of the most sought-after musicians in the next five years. He’s also learning more about the music business and seeking ways to get to the top in music sales, talent development, and artist influence. He wants his audience to listen to his music and feel better with themselves and gain clarity. SCY is on a mission to make an impact, and he seems off to a great start.

Learn more about SCY on his record label’s official website.


Is Christian Rapper Radikal Hughes About to Release the Most Controversial Album That Christian Music Has Ever Seen?

As of late, there has been a whirlwind of rumors, debate, and much speculation circulating across numerous blogs that the Christian Music Icon and influencer known to many as Radikal Hughes could possibly be getting ready to make his much-anticipated comeback to the music industry. Rumor has it that Radikal Hughes could soon be getting ready to release the most controversial music of his career, alongside what could also possibly be the most controversial release in Christian Music History.

With 2021 being “the era of the independent artist,” thousands of faith-based musicians have taken their shot at fame by entering into the world of music. However, only a handful of them have ever made the type of cultural impact on this generation like Radikal Hughes. Radikal Hughes is the once in a generational talent that many have come to know personally as Dan Hughes. Radikal Hughes is not solely a prolific Christian Rapper but is also an entertainer, influencer, and humanitarian that has impacted millions of souls throughout the world.

Radikal Hughes released his last album called Radikal Nation near the end of 2015, and shortly after the release, Hughes took a much-needed, but unexpected five-year sabbatical. Hughes stated that his sabbatical was to better focus on personal matters such as healing from his mother’s tragic death and to also have the opportunity to pursue some personal interests and passions outside of music. “I didn’t want to be that guy that fakes it or ministers out of pain because in that season, I was struggling on many different levels. I did what I needed to do by stepping away from the public spotlight so that I could focus on my own personal healing, as I had just experienced the most tragic season of my life,” said Hughes. 

We should note that prior to Radikal Hughes taking his lengthy sabbatical, Radikal Nation was considered by many industry insiders as one of the most memorable albums ever released in Christian Music due to the body of work the album possessed.  Radikal Nation was inundated with high-profile collaborations such as two-time Grammy-nominated duo GRITS, Grammy-nominated recording artist Da’ T.R.U.T.H., and many other notable artists like Christon Gray, Dee-1, Seckond Chaynce, Bizzle, Sevin, Rey King and Datin.  

However, due to the rappers silent years and lengthy sabbatical, many have understandably wondered if Radikal Hughes music career had come to an abrupt end. After witnessing the profound impact that his album was having on the lives of his listeners worldwide, Hughes wisely turned his attention to find ways where he could better connect with his fans in a more organic way and create a space where true relationships could develop. Hughes wasted no time and started engaging with his fans in a transparent way by streaming live on apps such as Facebook and Periscope to speak life into his listeners’ lives. These live streams created phenomenal engagement between the fans and the artist, which organically developed into an online global community of believers which is now famously known as Radikal Nation.

With the massive impact that this Radikal Nation Movement has made throughout the world, many have speculated that now could possibly be the perfect time for Radikal Hughes to shake off the dust and release what would surely be his most decorated album of his career yet. With a wealth of life experience under his belt and a pocket full of perspectives, some closely connected to the rapper have already hinted that another album may certainly already be in the works and could realistically be released as early as the early part of 2022.  

This time around, it has been rumored that Hughes may elect to not collaborate with American artists but instead choose to work with some of the best international talent to further diversify his sound and further increase his listener’s reach. The rumored album has also been said to tackle many controversial and political issues from a Christian perspective that currently face both the church and America today, with key issues ranging from cancel culture, economic equality, free speech, social justice, gender identity, religious liberty, and so much more.  

What makes these rumors seem true was when Radikal Hughes was asked a direct question by a fan in a recent live stream, asking if he would ever release another album, Hughes smirked and responded by saying, “If I feel that returning to music helps me make a bigger impact on society then I’ll do it. What I don’t want to do is just make music to make music. What I can tell you is that this world is a mess, the church is a mess, and the real global pandemic that we are facing as humanity isn’t just a Covid-19 virus, but it’s way more than that. It’s a complete identity crisis of humanity. If I do come back and make this third album, which I may possibly do, because I do feel like I have one more album inside of me, then I can promise you that it will be the most controversial album Christian Music has ever heard and I’m okay with that.” 

If these rumors prove to be true, that Hughes does intend to grace us with his return back to the music arena, Radikal Hughes, at the age of 35, would still undoubtedly be in his prime to deliver what could possibly be the most culture-shifting album of his career. Returning to the music scene to release his third international release would unequivocally be met with high expectations, much anticipation, and of course, no lack of controversy. 

Learn more about Radikal Hughes on his official website. Be sure to stream his music on Spotify or Apple Music. Be sure to connect with Radikal Hughes on social media and follow him on Instagram and YouTube.


The Creative Agency Establishes Itself as the One-Stop-Shop for SMB’s Digital Needs

The original premise for social media when it started was connection. It initially functioned as a platform to connect you to people or places you couldn’t psychically get to. However, as time went on this sentiment expanded exponentially—connecting business to consumer and vice versa. Today, most companies create pages to help broaden their online presence, employing digital agencies to help them get “on the radar.” Jahna Eichel knew the best way to provide value to businesses would be to not only get them the relevancy they were looking for but also serve all of their marketing needs in one place, hence The Creative Agency.

Jahna Eichel was born and raised in New York City. Her dad worked as a trader on Wall Street. In those days, the “take your daughter to work day” was taken very seriously. She lit up seeing the hustle of Wall St. Her mom, a realtor, also hustled day in and day out, showing homes often with Jahna in tow. Entrepreneurship is truly a part of her DNA. 

Jahna’s corporate career was in the fashion and beauty sector of New York City during the social media boom where brands were just starting to truly understand the importance of online branding. Bringing brands to the forefront of digital visibility stuck with her. The Creative Agency was created to do just that, and it has grown to become a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand and scale their businesses. 

The agency is passionate about their clients obtaining success and achieving their goals and celebrates their clients every step of the way. “We’re obsessed with our clients and want them to succeed long term so our approach is a little different,” says Jahna. With The Creative Agency, Jahna conjured up highly-configured strategies to bring optimal results that expedite growth. The agency’s efforts are highly effective when using the ingenuity and expertise of the team. They also stay ahead of the competition by deploying the most advanced technology to drive online visibility. 100% of The Creative Agency’s clients thrived in 2020that says a lot about the company’s approach and commitment to their clients.

Since The Creative Agency’s inception, Jahna and her team have served hundreds of clients nationwide and abroad. She hopes to continue providing her services and help small and medium-sized businesses gain traction and establish their online presence authentically.

Learn more about The Creative Agency by visiting their official website. You can also see what they do by visiting their Instagram account.

Jonni Apollo Sheds Light on the Power of Resilience in Achieving Success

If there is one thing that successful individuals and established authorities have in common, it is the strength and determination they exceptionally display when facing adversities. Countless aspirants who wish to secure a position at the summits of their chosen industry fail to realize that every obstacle or failure they encounter carries a seed of an equal or more significant benefit. The seed develops over time, strengthening and equipping hopefuls to trudge uphill battles until they reach the pinnacles of victory. To simply put, success walks with those who are resilient.

In the case of Jonni Apollo, an esteemed hip hop artist and self-made entrepreneur, it was his persistent attitude and tenacious spirit that led him to surface as one of the most reputable figures across the realms of music and entertainment. As he continues to make a name for himself and rise above, this emerging powerhouse is set to take the industry by storm.

Hailing from one of California’s most historical communities and picturesque locations, Santa Clarita is home to a power player who persistently does not take no for an answer. Born with unparalleled talents and an exceptional character to traverse through life’s uncertainties, Jonni Apollo has earned countless praises from industry peers and established powerhouses across the music and entertainment space. Not only does this multifaceted personality share songs that reflect his unmatched capabilities, but he also leaves an impact among aspirants who wish to thrive and get ahead in such a cutthroat industry.

Throughout his thriving career, this rising Latin American hip-hop artist has captured the hearts of many listeners and enthusiasts with his tantalizing beats, powerful lyrics, and quick tongue. His unique interplay between Latin American music and hip hop sends revolutionary waves across the industry, effectively catapulting his career to greater heights. As a matter of fact, this go-getting individual has set the bar high among his competitors as he recently released an album entitled “Chains From Apollo.”

Having shared his outstanding music, remarkable talents, and exceptional character with the world, this trailblazing go-getter has no intentions of slowing down any time soon. Proving to be unstoppable in his quest for success, Jonni Apollo has begun to dip his toes in various fields of the trade, creating more music while building an empire of his own. He recently started his own record label called CFAM Records, which stands for “Creating Finances And Music.”

In five years, Jonni Apollo hopes to expand his reach, continuously exploring the intricacies of the music trade while propelling his brainchild to the summits of success. By the time his name lands on Forbes’ list of “40 under 40”, Jonni hopes to have made an impact among aspirants across the world, inspiring them to chase their dreams and persevere.

If there is anything that Jonni Apollo wants to teach the next generation of powerhouses, it is the value of resilience. When adversity kept falling on his parade, Jonni continued to face these struggles and persevered until he reached the impressive heights of his dream career. As he takes the reins of his passion project, Jonni hopes to become a catapulting device for aspirants and help them rise above.

To know more about Jonni Apollo, you may visit his website.