The Creative Agency Establishes Itself as the One-Stop-Shop for SMB’s Digital Needs

The original premise for social media when it started was connection. It initially functioned as a platform to connect you to people or places you couldn’t psychically get to. However, as time went on this sentiment expanded exponentially—connecting business to consumer and vice versa. Today, most companies create pages to help broaden their online presence, employing digital agencies to help them get “on the radar.” Jahna Eichel knew the best way to provide value to businesses would be to not only get them the relevancy they were looking for but also serve all of their marketing needs in one place, hence The Creative Agency.

Jahna Eichel was born and raised in New York City. Her dad worked as a trader on Wall Street. In those days, the “take your daughter to work day” was taken very seriously. She lit up seeing the hustle of Wall St. Her mom, a realtor, also hustled day in and day out, showing homes often with Jahna in tow. Entrepreneurship is truly a part of her DNA. 

Jahna’s corporate career was in the fashion and beauty sector of New York City during the social media boom where brands were just starting to truly understand the importance of online branding. Bringing brands to the forefront of digital visibility stuck with her. The Creative Agency was created to do just that, and it has grown to become a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs looking to grow their brand and scale their businesses. 

The agency is passionate about their clients obtaining success and achieving their goals and celebrates their clients every step of the way. “We’re obsessed with our clients and want them to succeed long term so our approach is a little different,” says Jahna. With The Creative Agency, Jahna conjured up highly-configured strategies to bring optimal results that expedite growth. The agency’s efforts are highly effective when using the ingenuity and expertise of the team. They also stay ahead of the competition by deploying the most advanced technology to drive online visibility. 100% of The Creative Agency’s clients thrived in 2020that says a lot about the company’s approach and commitment to their clients.

Since The Creative Agency’s inception, Jahna and her team have served hundreds of clients nationwide and abroad. She hopes to continue providing her services and help small and medium-sized businesses gain traction and establish their online presence authentically.

Learn more about The Creative Agency by visiting their official website. You can also see what they do by visiting their Instagram account.