King F.L.O. Shares How He Took Over the Music and Entertainment Space With Passion and Grit

Whether people are consciously aware of it or not, passion wields a power that emboldens people to work towards greatness. However, behind this unparalleled vigor lies a tenacious and resilient spirit that pushes people towards climbing the pinnacles of victory. In other words, success highly favors those who put in passion and perseverance in everything they do. And as someone who has seen his dreams come to fruition, King F.L.O. sheds light on how greatness can be achieved with zealousness and the right mindset.

Mostly recognized for his meaningful songs, melodic beats, and inspiring films, this lyricist, producer, and videographer has been taking the music industry by storm. With his exceptional talents, topped with a creative flair, it comes as no surprise how King F.L.O. has become one of the most respected figures across the industry. And as he continues to take the reins of multiple fields in such an intricate trade, F.L.O. shares that the first step to climbing the summits of success is to allow a person’s passionate spirit to roam free from the shackles of one’s own fear and self-doubt.

Hailing from the birthplace of rap and hip hop music, Bronx, New York is home to one of the most brilliant and rapidly-growing artists across the music and entertainment space. When King F.L.O. was still young, he would often find himself dazed and inspired by the sound of music. By the time F.L.O. turned 13, his family had moved to Long Island, where he had begun to learn different musical instruments by himself. After five years, F.L.O. discovered his niche in producing music that he eventually co-founded a group called the “STONEHEADZ.” This event led him to release his first mixtape, entitled “Mind Over Matter.”

But aside from his passion for creating melodies and rhythmic beats, King F.L.O. also had a knack for capturing moments through filmmaking and video productions. As early as 2010, he began working with, where he was allowed to collaborate with some of the most famous names across the entertainment space, such as The Lox, Cory Gunz, Action Bronson, Maino, Chris Rivers, French Montana, Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, and others. 

Recently, King F.L.O. released a new single entitled “The Five,” which is a song produced by DJ Flash of Justice League. This was designed to remind everyone of the true essence of hip hop through the brilliant interplay of words and musical notes. 

With no plans of slowing down anytime soon, King F.L.O. looks forward to seeing his craft grow while instilling passion within aspiring artists around the world. He hopes to give more opportunities to artists and ignite creativity within themselves. With his inspirational songs, melodies, and thought-provoking films, F.L.O. is set to lead the next generation of artists towards becoming remarkable figures in the music industry filled with zeal, hope, and grit. 

To know more about King F.L.O. and his works, you may listen to his songs on Spotify.

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