Romeo “Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper” Clanton on Merging Entrepreneurship and Music

Almost every day, new and upcoming artists launch into the music scene to pursue their passion, but very few manage to set a distinctive trend rather than be a follower. Jerome Romeo Clanton, best known as Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper, is the one percent that has captured the attention of music lovers worldwide as he lets his talent and passion guide him on a path to musical greatness.

Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is a recording artist, actor, director, editor, videographer, show-host, and entrepreneur. As a teenager at 12, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper was heavily influenced by his favorite music group, Kriss Kross and Another Bad Creation. Even at such a tender age, his passion for music shone through, and he started writing musical lyrics. His youthful dedication and passion for music paid off as his recently released album, “Talk to Me Nice,” instantly became a listener’s favorite garnering him praise and a loyal fan base.

Now a multi-faceted artist riding the wave to fame, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper had a difficult childhood colored by drugs and rejection. As a talented young boy sent to live with his grandmother, Rome started drawing and was so good that his artwork was displayed in school talent shows. Soon after, he started acting in school plays. Soon, he found his love for rapping and continuously joined talent show hunts to present his skills to the industry.

Years after he has successfully debuted as a musical artist and rapper, Jerome Clanton is now in the space of his own and ready to launch into the music industry from a business aspect while taking his music career to another level. He started a podcast called Entrepreneur Talk. He encouraged a foundation of truth and creativity as A-list artists and entrepreneurs share their stories with others on the platform on the podcast.

Each podcast episode promises a fresh and insightful episode with experienced musicians, entrepreneurs providing insights to upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. If anything, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is proof that entrepreneurship and music are complementary roles. His primary audience is anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur while in the music industry.

When asked the source of his motivation to create his brand, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper shared that his number one fan is his family and two beautiful children. His children remain his most significant motivator for staying true to his passion in the highly competitive and image-driven music industry world.

With a drive and dedication to continually strive towards excellence, Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper is far ahead of the competition. His continued streak of excellence continues to awe his fans as he expertly juggles everything in the world of entertainment, from being an artist, entrepreneur, director, actor, videographer, and host. On top of his many talents, Jerome Clanton is also an exceptional director and videographer. He spends his free time behind the camera.

 To learn more about Romeo “Rome Ya’FavoriteRapper” Clanton, you may visit his official website. You can also check for updates via Youtube Channel, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.