Julie Coles Recounts Her Experiences As An Educator and Author

“Julie Coles is an aspiring author from the Northeast region of the U.S.. As a new author and independent publisher Julie’s writing’s display her extraordinary perspective about a public education system in dire need of change.”


Education became Julie’s primary passion since spending her summers as a camp counselor for special needs children, teens and adults. The experience was so memorable because of the relationships formed with her campers. Both exhausting and exhilarating, Julie discovered her passion for supporting the needs of others, who helped her learn how to become a  compassionate humanitarian.   


After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Brown University and her masters from the University of Connecticut, Julie went on to have a fulfilling career as a special education teacher. Enrolling in an Educational Leadership program to obtain her Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies (C.A.G.S.) at Cambridge College in Massachusetts enabled her to achieve her goal of leading her own school. 


Years of experience as a teacher and school leader taught her a great deal about the challenges both students and teachers face in economically challenged communities. Those experiences also influenced Julie’s decision to bring awareness to others about how outdated institutionalized policies unfairly tether public schools in many communities to substandard educational practices. Today she uses her writings, and new role as an author, to propose new educational models. The educational models are intended to remedy centuries of educational inequities contributing to pervasive academic achievement gaps. 


The experience Julie Coles brings to her books lays a foundation for the future that is hopeful, but rooted in the reality of life around us. She knows the resources teachers lack, the opportunities provided to some schools but not all, and identified an approach to resolve the concerns. Her dedication to equality in education stems from her passion for the educational well-being of current and future generations of students.  


Author Julie Coles created her first book to lay out a platform that will bridge gaps by empowering  students, engaging their families, and providing innovative strategies and instructional tools for teachers to assist them Cultivate Exceptional Classrooms; which is also the title of Julie Coles’ second book, scheduled for release in 2023. 


Why did you decide to create your own business?


I decided to create my own business because I wanted a public platform that would allow me to share ideas about how to improve the quality of education and the overall educational experience of students.


The process of creating my own business was influenced by topics connected with my experiences in education. My first book, and future educational books I am currently writing, center on my belief that our public education system needs to live up to the promise of “leaving no child behind”.  However, rather than just focusing on the problems, I wanted to use my time imagining solutions to remove and replace barriers hindering populations in urban and rural communities from achieving successful educational outcomes. The problem solving process was challenging because it required some innovative thinking about how to depart from current models and practices by replacing them with something better. I learned it is essential to never leave a void. I also wanted to be explicit about what I intend to achieve. My hope is by stating, “Here’s how we build more hopeful futures for our children.”, it will help provide clarity about the mission.  And in that spirit I decided to create my own business to reflect my aspirations for all kids. It is also why I chose to name my business, Because I Can, and publishing company, Imagine A More Promising Future Publishing.


What do you love most about the industry you are in?


As an author I appreciate the opportunity to share my perspective about our obligation to invest greater interest in the conditions that impact the futures of all children. Exploring ideas is one way to begin the dialogue. But my hope is whether or not people embrace my ideas, they are motivated to speak up and share their thoughts. We need to be open to diverse perspectives. 


What would you tell others looking to get into your industry?


My advice to new writers and aspiring authors is to simply begin then continue writing.  I found it useful to write about a variety of topics that came to mind. After all, we are multi-dimensional people. For those who desire to publish their writings, start exploring steps to familiarize yourself with the publishing process; including publishing options. Independent publishing is a very different path from traditional publishing. I opted for self-publishing because I wanted to retain my freedom.  


What is the biggest lesson you have learned during your career?


While not necessarily the biggest lesson I learned, certainly an important lesson that has served me well as a novice in independent publishing is not to let the “unknown” prevent me from moving forward. Independent publishing is a multi-step process and some of the individual steps included a series of tasks that needed to be completed. As a first timer, where everything was totally foreign to me, learning about the scope and sequence of what needed to get done was sometimes daunting. It took a lot of reminding myself to “ relax, breathe, research, process what I learned, re-read for more clarity any information not initially understood and then just get it done.” Building several different “To Do” lists was especially helpful, because I take particular joy in checking off each step achieved and declaring it “Ta Done!” As you can see, having a sense of humor is helpful too.


If you could change one thing you did in the beginning of your career, what would it be?


Great question! It was what I experienced in the beginning of my teaching career that influenced my decision to write about missing links in my second book, Cultivating Exceptional Classrooms. It’s one thing to enroll in education programs in college in preparation for my teaching career, then experience an entirely different landscape from what I expected as a first year teacher; and a novice. Now, as an author I am using my new platform to change one thing I encountered in the beginning of my career as a first year teacher. I am advocating for a new staffing model that embeds professional development specialists inside of schools to support first year teachers. Having to learn on my own how to manage a classroom, prepare instruction, design lessons and a range of other responsibilities while concurrently addressing the emotional and social needs of students with a variety of learning deficiencies was challenging. It could have been made less challenging if full-time support specialists were embedded at my school to guide me. I have no doubt that the guidance would have accelerated my advancement from being a novice teacher to a much more competent educator.   


What is one piece of advice that you have never forgotten?


Generally one piece of advice I have never forgotten is to never forget really good advice.


What is one thing you would change in your industry today if you could? 


Since my current career as a writer is linked with my former career as an educator and school leader, my first book, America’s Educational Crossroads; Continue to Widen the Achievement Gap or Make a Seismic Shift Forward into the 21st Century, became my platform for proposing several changes in our public education system. Among the changes I proposed is discontinuing the practice of failing students and burdening them with the responsibility of being insufficiently educated. Instead I proposed a new practice of assessing errors students make as revelations of learning gaps that are deserving of remedial or additional instruction. But obtaining mastery as a means of demonstrating how well students understand what they are taught ought to be the bar set for all students; including those who earn passing grades of “C” or “B”. Whatever errors are revealed in any student’s work being assessed, all students are deserving of additional instruction and an opportunity to achieve “A’s”, which is universally perceived as obtaining mastery level performance. It’s also how we close academic achievement gaps.  


Explain the proudest day of your professional life. 


The proudest day of my new and current professional life as a writer was February 1st 2022 when my first book, America’s Educational Crossroads, was published and available to the public, followed by the successful launch of my website. February 2022 was particularly gratifying because I achieved a trifecta; publication of the book, going public with my first website and sharing a video of a contemporary high school campus model featuring a network of career and college prep programs. The Collaborative High School Campus Model, available on the Media Page of my website, illustrates a 21st century model designed to align college and career aspirations of students with their four-year high school educational experience. Pursuing a high school diploma will no longer be just a formality. A more holistic educational experience that links acquiring skills in careers of their own choosing, while receiving quality education at the highest standards will help students find purpose in attending high school. 


‘Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope’ Pierces Reader’s Hearts

Every year, over a million books are written and printed, yet only a small number of them have the power to change a reader’s life. The latest title, “Suzette’s Daddy Issues,” by Suzette Shanle, is one of them.

Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope is the story of a little girl reared by a kind and loving mother and her husband, a convicted felon and a lifetime criminal. Her father is not just a violent man; he may be on the run from the mob. If Suzette’s true father would accept her as his own, she wouldn’t have to defend herself all the time. She would then feel protected, joyful, and cherished. The issue is, who precisely is her biological father? Is he her elder brother’s father? For the time being, the heroine of the novel must live with these unresolved issues.

Suzette is a versatile artist who can speak to a person’s soul via her well-written novel. Her education has come from a lifetime of experience. With her debut book, Suzette’s Daddy Issues, she created a well-written piece that pierced through the hearts of its readers. She wrote what she knew, making her debut novel enjoyable and an homage to her tenacious family as they endured decades of criminality and brutality from her various fathers.

The author and writer’s lifelong blend of early art and writing has ensured her success. Her upbeat attitude pervades her work, first in her paintings and later in her most recent clothes collection on “Le Galeriste.” Suzette’s work in both the visual and literary arts has been pivotal for the creative community, exemplifying ingenuity and authenticity for artists and writers.

The book has picked up raving reviews from readers and critics alike. “Suzette Shanle’s “Suzette’s Daddy Issues” was an emotional rollercoaster for me,” says Goodreads reviewer Mark Timberg. “The author poured her heart out on the pages, sharing her greatest concerns, and I felt as if I knew her. This memoir is recommended for individuals who want to understand what it’s like to grow up in a dysfunctional household, be a tiny girl in many terrible situations, and survive. Thank you for sharing your life, Suzzette.”

Suzette feels that being authentic to herself and not creating novels in a cookie-cutter mass production manner that follows market trends is what distinguishes her work. She discovered she had marketing talents early in her twenties and utilized her art as a tool to create fliers and business cards. She likes interacting with others. Hence, her ability to be personable has proven to be her most valuable quality. Suzette was raised with an entrepreneurial mentality and was inspired by her parents, which provided her with the confidence and abilities she needed to launch her first successful firm in her early twenties. Suzette was committed to developing her brand to proceed at a rapid pace and set her own goals.

Currently, the author is enjoying her retirement after thirty years in the beauty industry with her family. She worked with her husband, a prosperous third-generation farmer, and her son, twenty-seven, who completed his preservice and is now working on the farm. As her restless inquiring spirit grows, she has been traveling with her children since they were small. Her two teen daughters also enjoy the journey.

Nurturing Big Dreamers: How Children’s Books Author Shariece Williams Inspires the World

Criticized at a young age for having big dreams, educator and self-published author Shariece Williams knew that she would dedicate her life to uplift children as much as possible. Her lifelong mission is to leave a positive impact on the world by encouraging the youth to believe in their dreams.

Shariece Williams writes fun and exciting stories suitable for children of all ages from different walks of life. Her best work yet, Princess Heart and Penny D children’s books, are making waves across the globe as it brings young readers encouragement, optimism, and hope. Shariece aims to use her talent as a writer to produce creative and motivational stories that make readers feel empowered and worthy of their dreams.

Princess Heart and Penny D’s books tackle real-life issues the youth are facing today—bullying, lack of confidence or self-doubt, and discouragement. “Children should always be encouraged to work hard,” Shariece Williams said. Her books help children navigate the world and understand that even the darkest days contribute to their growth as individuals. “Even if one child crosses my path, I want them to always walk away with a life-learning experience and that no matter who doesn’t believe in you I will always believe in you and want you to be beyond great in any and everything you do,” she added.

“I started off at a young age, always passionate about working with the youth and making a positive impact in as many children’s and families’ lives as I can by any means necessary, such as coaching sports, music, dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, mentoring, and more,” shared Shariece Williams. Consistently, whether as an author or educator, Shariece has dedicated her efforts to her advocacy even after facing several setbacks.

Despite the failures she experienced in her life, Shariece Williams remained resilient as she explored avenues to exert her passion for the youth. “One dream I always had was to write a children’s book one day—a book that would inspire and motivate children, letting them know that no matter how hard it gets, they should never give up and work hard,” said the author. 

The author has self-published her works four times, releasing her creations within six months. Especially amid the pandemic, Shariece Williams feels that now more than ever, children need to understand the value of having a vision, not only for themselves but also for their generation. The author includes motivational and empowerment skills in her books for readers to learn by themselves at home. As a mother, the author feels even more motivated to ensure that the youth is equipped with a strong will to build themselves and the future. 

Shariece Williams knows how discouragement can anchor one down to the bottom, weighing them down from reaching the surface. The author is a positive light, amplifying the message that the sky has no limit and anyone can go above and beyond what they could even fathom for themselves. One story at a time, the author is indeed fulfilling her purpose and building a legacy.

Asked what she wants to impart to her readers, Shariece Williams proudly said, “Never allow anyone to tell you you can’t do something. Believe in your brand or self, stay dedicated, determined, and never give up on it even when it gets hard and when you doubt yourself. Trust me, it is worth it in the end.”

Shariece Williams was born in Vallejo, California. She received her MA in Education from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. Shariece has contributed to various causes for the youth in China, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States. Learn more about the author and her children’s books on her website.

Stephen Scoggins Brings Real-Life Solutions to Real People

Exceptional award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author, and business mastery expert Stephen Scoggins is making a lasting difference in the lives of countless people through his Transform U, a Life Mastery System uniquely designed to guide others toward achieving phenomenal breakthroughs. As a thriving business mastery expert, he dedicates his time to helping and teaching people how to make their biggest dreams in life a reality. Whether it is building a successful career, a business empire, or amassing material wealth in order to have a comfortable life, Stephen has what it takes to make it happen. 

Life was not always easy for the multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Truth be told, he has had his share of setbacks, breakdowns, failures, and losses that eventually turned into successes and victories. While others despise their humbling and life-altering experiences that brought them pain and suffering, Stephen Scoggins sees them otherwise. It is his firm belief that he would not be as effective as he is today had it not been for his many failures in the past. For him, they were key ingredients in sharpening his business acumen, building his resilience, and heightening his creativity. In the end, he can confidently say that he has no regrets. All the hardships he went through were worth it. 

At present, Stephen Scoggins owns multiple businesses earning eight-figure revenues. Instead of getting comfortable, Stephen decided that his next direction in life would be to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs. As a motivational speaker, helping his audience realize their life purpose is of great importance. He believes that helping them get a clear perspective of what they are destined to do is truly a game changer. 

People who listen to the teachings of Stephen Scoggins experience a transformation that they cannot begin to put into words. They love the way Stephen adds value to their lives by expressing his belief in their capacities and potential. He is well-respected and appreciated by many for his genuine character and compassion. For many of his trainees, Stephen’s investment in their lives—the time and effort—is extraordinary and incomparable. 

Among his many attributes that people like the most, his generosity and kindness stand out. Other multi-millionaires would simply choose to enjoy the fruits of their hard work, but not Stephen. He is a man on a very important mission, and he will not stop until he gets it done. 

Determined to continue to guide people in living their best lives, Stephen Scoggins looks forward to helping a total of one million people in the next five years. As the demands of the times continue to change over the years, Stephen wants to be at the forefront of preparing people for greater challenges and train them to come out victorious. Just as he turned his life around with hard work, faith, and a lot of sacrifice, he also believes that other people deserve the same kind of breakthrough. 

As he presses forward, using hope as one of his major offerings, he desires nothing more than to become instrumental in the change that people who encounter him will experience. 

Get to know Stephen Scoggins better by visiting his website. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for updates. 

How Rylee Meek and ‘Social Dynamic Selling’ Launched Businesses to $100 Million

Rylee Meek is an entrepreneur, a renowned author, and founder and CEO of Social Dynamic Selling. He is the other half of a sales duo internationally acclaimed for their effective approach in sales using their ‘predictable, sustainable, scalable selling system.’

People from all types of industries have sought out Rylee’s business advice and mentorship for many years, as many as thousands of people and still counting. Social Dynamic Selling was launched to address the needs of any salesperson regardless of the extent of their sales background, taking out the guessing game in the usually puzzling equation of how to hit their revenue goals.

Rylee takes pride in the system they have created that is Social Dynamic Selling because each principle and method has been proven effective through years of trial, error, testing, and fine-tuning. Rylee and his company are sharing their know-how to assist others in their life’s work so they can, too, enjoy the fruits of their labor.

He got an unexpected headstart in what is now a booming sales training career when he responded to a small Craigslist ad way back in 2009. It wasn’t long before Rylee was initiated into this cutting-edge concept of how to maximize sales, which later evolved it into the principles of Social Dynamic Selling. Rylee remembers when he only had $673 in his bank account, but he took on the daunting task of starting a journey and launching his career in sales training. He wanted to find the perfect solution to earn more, become successful, and help others achieve the same goals.

Fast forward to more recent times, and he has helped hundreds of business owners implement his system, earning over $120 Million in sales in a span of nine years thanks to Social Dynamic Selling. He received a sense of fulfillment in achieving this incredible milestone, for one of the reasons he co-created and launched the training sessions was a way to give back. There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Rylee knows the ins and outs of sales, but more significantly, he understands the challenges and the stress of constantly trying to keep its books above water. Each of his mentee’s wins is a win for him as well.

Many businesses owe their success to Rylee’s leadership and mentorship. His influence was the dominant force behind the launch of seven different companies in various industries. Their earnings amassed seven to eight figures in the first year, amounting to over $125 Million total in sales, and that’s definitely not something to sneeze at.

On top of his sales coaching, Rylee is keeping himself occupied in other ways, but still in the same spirit of assisting businesses and making people successful. He has written the book, Food for Thought: How to Use Dinner Seminar Marketing to Grow Your Business In Ways You Never Thought Possible, and hosts The Sales Conversion Podcast. The podcast serves as another venue for him to teach how cold calls can transform into hot leads.

Rylee is on a mission to help you learn more and earn more through a sustainable business, so that you, too, can become the trusted authority in your market.

Empowering the Powerless: Josias Jean-Pierre on Helping People Tap Into Their Full Potential

Countless factors affect a person’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Whether it be financial, social, or health-related, how individuals see themselves could change instantly. Utilizing that momentous instant for the better is motivational speaker Josias Jean-Pierre who has dedicated his career to empowering the powerless.

A Haitian native based in Seattle, Washington, Josias Jean-Pierre is an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who has committed his life to help his reach tap into their full potential. In his years of service, Josias has spoken to massive crowds, led countless workshops on self-development and leadership, and greatly shaped numerous success stories.

Josias’s desire to positively influence those living in the dark is rooted in his experience of once being in the same place. Diagnosed with epilepsy as a newborn, the celebrated speaker suffered from a learning disability that prevented him from efficiently processing information.

Despite the trials that awaited him and the odds stacked against him, Josias pushed on, motivated by his inward sense of tenacity and perseverance. He beat the medical community’s odds of failure and thrived – completing his education and scoring multiple wins in life.

Standing at the peak of success, the inspiring author and entrepreneur looked back on everything he has achieved so far and realized a mission to see others do the same. “I want to use my story to inspire others to know that they can make it far in life,” he shares.

“I don’t want the people who went through something similar to me to have to feel as if they are not able to rise above their situation and make incredible movements forward in life.”

With a newfound dream and fueled drive, Josias Jean-Pierre became a powerful voice to the voiceless. The prized motivational speaker’s impact grew to encompass the nation. Realizing his mission, Josias spoke at a Civic Leadership Conference for a federal outreach and student support service program. 

He has also shared a speaking platform with John Carlos, a celebrated former track and field athlete and professional football player who has brought much prestige to the country. The dynamic speaker has also reached a whopping 500 youth while bringing awareness to nationwide school shootings.

Josias Jean-Pierre’s presence has been much felt by the country and has made him a symbol of healing and comfort. Expanding his reach, he has authored two enlightening books entitled “The Power of Your Words” and “What is Your Why Behind the Drive.” Josias has also been featured in local media, including FOX, where he used the platform to send a message of hope – sharing his story, defining success, and encouraging viewers to join him in his mission.

“Life is all about progress, and being set back is just a temporary thing – the renewed mindset can be used to effectively create momentum to make a comeback from the setback,” he says. “I have changed the lives of many people through my direct messaging, giving others words of love, hope, and courage that allow them to make the necessary changes in life to be the best versions of themselves.”

Through his numerous features and countless talks, Josias Jean-Pierre hopes that his reach would do the same – becoming the catalyst of positive change in their lives and their community. 

Listen to Josias’s messages of affirmation and hope, and send it forward. Witness the awe-inspiring author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker as he teaches his reach on how miseries could turn into a ministry, how a mess can be a message, and how a test can transition into a testimony. Reach out to Josias Jean-Pierre on Instagram

Linda Washington Shares Cancer Survival Journey in New Book

A cancer diagnosis is a nightmare that shakes individuals and families to their core, changing virtually everything about their lives. Linda understands that a great, albeit less talked about, part of a cancer survivors’ journey are the days people struggle with the mental and emotional scars that cancer leaves in its wake. Now, she has released a book that shines a light on the dark moments of cancer’s courageous survivors.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Linda Washington is a nurse, singer, author, and breast cancer survivor. Recently, she released a Kindle version of her book Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars. In the book, Linda details her emotional and heartening story from pre-treatment to post-treatment – the drastic changes from a life filled with hope and happiness to one filled with rejection, pitying looks, and other personal indignities.

Linda once thought that the most challenging thing she had to face was the actual battle with cancer, she believed that once she was done with the treatments, medications, and countless hospital trips, things would go back to normal, but this was not the case – far from it. After her treatments, with her confidence restored, she decided to try dating again but ended up in a physically and verbally abusive relationship where she was constantly belittled and told that she was not a complete woman. It took a tremendous amount of effort, coupled with a friend’s encouragement, for Linda to break free of the daily torment.

Her relationship ordeal left her broken, and she gave up on dating for ten years and counting. Linda’s book was written to help and inspire other survivors, letting them know that they are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence.

“You should be loved for who you are, not what you went through.”

The mother of four understands first-hand how broken someone could be to the extent that they stop believing they deserve to be loved. She also recently released a single called “Missing You,” featuring renowned superstar Lamar. The song is a masterfully written tribute to all the Heroes and Heroines who have survived or are fighting cancer. One can almost touch the feelings she projects into the lyrics and the vocals, reminding them that they are still important and that their identity is not reduced merely to a suffix to a disease.

Linda has chosen to use her successful profile to give hope to those who might be struggling through the same ordeal. Her book and singles are not the work of someone seeking sympathy or attention, but to raise awareness of the vast number of people struggling with far more than the physical scars of their traumatic experience. A true daughter of Phoenix, Arizona in every sense of the word – she has risen from the ashes of profound loss and depression, and now this fighter and warrior lives to enlighten the lives of breast cancer survivors. She has a great passion for those who have given up on finding and believing in love again. And those who live in fear of what their future holds.

“I do not want any other breast cancer survivor to go through what I did. I want them to believe and find love again.”

Linda has successfully transformed her self-image and found her voice again – shedding all the shackles of a defeatist mentality, the pile of rejections, and self-diffident behavior. Through her book, she desires to spread hope and show the world that they can come back stronger and more successful like her. She has made it her purpose to help breast cancer survivors achieve whatever they desire out of life.

To listen to her music or connect with Linda Washington, visit her Instagram and Twitter pages, or follow her on SoundCloud.

Cornell Bunting Inspires People with His Remarkable Life Story

Book author and motivational speaker Cornell Bunting’s life story is something that no one would ever dream of going through in life or deem possible for another human being. What most people would think was the end of the road for the former CEO, after getting convicted and sentenced to spend a lifetime behind bars, turned out to be one of the ultimate tests to his strength of character, faith, and perspective in life. Not giving up was key to his survival while unceasingly appealing his case because of his innocence. How he managed to reverse the court’s decision is a testimony of betrayal, grit, hope, redemption, and awe-inspiring determination, and it now serves as a motivation to many. 

The author of the book Escaping a Life Sentence was convicted for a crime he did not commit. He was accused of 16 charges of conspiracy, extortion, kidnapping, and possible murder in 2013. He was then CEO of a security company and did not foresee the betrayal that would turn his life upside down. All throughout the period where he kept fighting the charges filed against him, he served a total of ten months in jail. Determined not to compromise his integrity and fight for his innocence, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. 

Finally, on the third day of his trial in October 2015, after going through a roller coaster of emotions trying to make sense of his plight, Cornell Bunting received the breakthrough he had long been praying for. A witness admitted in court that he helped fabricate a story regarding Bunting’s involvement in the crime. Not long after that phenomenal turn of events, he was released from jail. A year later, his record was expunged, giving him a fresh start as he rebuilt his life with his three sons. 

Interestingly, in the number of months that he spent inside jail, Cornell Bunting was able to author four books. His most popular children’s book, titled Lion with No Roar: Finding His Calling, was a crowd-pleaser, a story that mirrored his struggles while locked behind bars, exposing the heavy emotions he was experiencing while he suffered injustice. 

Just when Cornell Bunting thought that the worst was over for him, the unexpected happened in 2016 while he was attending a church service. In front of 5,000 witnesses, the book author went into cardiac arrest and was declared dead for 16 minutes by medical experts on the scene. Amid the shock and utter disbelief of witnesses, a miraculous act of God brought him back to life. Right then and there, the Jamaica-born author knew that a new beginning had been awarded to him and that his life’s purpose became even clearer. 

Since then, Cornell Bunting has written 30 books, including The Bellman, a story that takes readers deep into the dark twists and turns of the illegal drugs trade. Looking back at how his life turned out, Bunting is nothing but grateful that despite having experienced injustice and a life-threatening ordeal, he has come out triumphant and alive. Understanding that he is only one of the very few who have managed to survive life’s greatest adversities, he is committed to using his second chance to speak encouragement and hope into the lives of his readers. 

With a heart filled with gratitude and a soul that feels compassion for others, Cornell Bunting is making it his lifelong objective to inspire others to rely on their faith and face challenges head-on. 

Learn more about Cornell Bunting by visiting his website

Vanessa Johnson Walking Through Faith Without Limitations

Vanessa Johnson, known as “Fireball,” walks as a Prophetic Voice whom God has called to walk in the offices of Pastor and Prophetess. She was spiritually born on October 23, 1995, ordained and installed as a Pastor in June 2010. Vanessa continues to demonstrate her total commitment, trust, and dependence on God. She has never stopped searching and yearning for the deep things of and about God. She admits that there is more to God than what meets the eye, and there aren’t any limitations to what God can and will do. Vanessa was called into full-time ministry in September 1998 as a Prophetess. Since then, according to her, she has continued to flow with the Father’s heartbeat in the anointing at many different levels of teaching, prophecy, healing, administration, and spiritual warfare.

Vanessa Johnson is also a successful life strategist, mentor, best-selling author with multiple business organizations to her name. She is also the founder of The Fight Is Fixed™ Conglomerate LLC. And even though her success speaks for her, Vanessa has never hidden that her journey had its challenges. She admits that there were times of crying, depression, frustration, and times she wanted to give it all up. Still, thanks to her knowledge of strategies and principles of victory, she was able to walk through it all by trusting God and the Holy Spirit. Now a biological mother to three young adult children and two foster young adults, grandchildren, and several spiritual children under her stewardship, Vanessa is building a future generation of ministers of God, Pastors, and Prophetesses.

Vanessa says the Holy Spirit is why she continues to expand her ministry without limitation and has continued to live and walk by faith, moving through the kingdom of darkness and shaking up the foundation of the kingdom of darkness through intense and unending intercession and spiritual warfare.

When asked what makes her and her ministry different and famous, she says, “I am pioneering my God-given platform from the traumatic experiences I mentioned in addition to almost becoming homeless. I am conquering it all as a bold and courageous woman of influence, power, culture, elegance, and stamina. My passion for helping others has emanated into a journey of helping others overcome the same obstacles in their lives.”  She describes her target audience as people of all races and colors who seek a personal encounter with God, but more importantly, young adults aging out of foster care, single mothers, and survivors of domestic violence.

On her motivation, Vanessa recalls the encounter she had with a strange woman in the early 2000’s when the woman asked her if she could watch her teenage daughter for her while she (the woman) went to take care of some business (serve a prison sentence). To Vanessa, that was where she got a much bigger purpose of being a foster mom and opening a transitional housing facility from which she continues to do to date and is even creating a team of people who are willing to take upon a similar purpose. This was the birthing of B.O.L.T. (Building Overcomers 2 Live Triumphantly) Ministries Inc., now Dunamis Homes of Divine Intervention, to assist young adults who are aging out of foster care as well as learning valuable life skills. Through her other organization, Dunamis Dominion LLC – The Genesis Project, she focuses on helping single mothers and fathers stand on their feet and raise their children without hassle.

When asked where she sees herself and her ministry in five years,’ she said, “Expanding into at least 10-20 states. Speaking on many platforms, including internationally. Empowerment Tours.”

Connect with Vanessa via her organization’s website Life of Victory Strategist, Dunamis H.O.D.I.Dunamis Dominion LLC.

Tyrone Evans Clark (TEC): a Polymath Breaking the Boundaries of Imaginations

Tyrone Evans Clark (a.k.a TEC) is an accomplished video game developer and a 3D animator, Tyrone is also a renowned Multi-Award Winner entertainer, teacher, actor, model, singer, writer, author, producer, and director originally from Illinois, Chicago. A remarkable entrepreneur,  Tyrone is the founder and chief executive officer of Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC). 

Tyrone Evans Clark Incorporation (Tyrone Evans Clark LLC) is a technical, interactive media, branding, and entertainment company that focuses on going beyond the imagination with technology, with the utmost focus on creating epic, interactive gaming, and entertaining experience.

At Tyrone Evans Clark LLC, Mr. Clark successfully manages over 100 core team members of the company focusing on creating innovative designs and building an excellent story creation platform through teamwork.

Tyrone has over ten years of work experience, including working in a creative studio at Qualcomm as a core team member. At the organization, he applied his skills in creating productive pipelines with python and C++ using Maya Tools for 9K9 Interactive’s Fighting Game AAA Title.

Aside being a successful entrepreneur and CEO, Tyrone’s filmography skills includes the acting, production, and direction of the award-winning film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series on BINGE Networks) in 2020. 

The epic movie is a story that reflects Tyrone’s difficult childhood, his experience with homelessness,  and his journey to the top. Playing the lead character of Sam, Tyrone portrayed the struggle of a young boy forced to live on the streets while battling mental illness. The movie was well received as evident in the view numbers, and it won multiple awards for its great plot, acting, and direction. 

On top of that Tyrone made sure a few of his original songs “Gotta Get Some Tissue” and along with other songs such as “Hope”, “‎Look Me in My Eyes”, and “Video Game” were added in this outstanding film Homeless Sam & Sally – The Movie (and TV series) soundtrack. The executive producer/director/actor also featured in the Netflix movie Velvet Buzzsaw in 2019, Netflix Magic for Humans (2020), the tv series E! Entertainment’s Dating #NoFilter in 2019, etc.

Also, Tyrone’s first young adult-fantasy-action novel, Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love, just got published on Amazon Prime Books. 

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a story that takes place around the 17th century in South Auckland, which is located in New Zealand. During this period, people were forced to fight against the evil fiends (demons/evil spirits). Throughout this story, the readers are taken on an adventure in the eyes of Virtuous, who is one of the heroes of this story and along with a few more interesting characters (Kings, Demons, Fiends, Evil Princesses). And let’s not forget the Demonic Evil Witch Immoral, who has tons of twisted things up her sleeves.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit is a book series and will be available on other platforms soon such as Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Apple Books, etc.

Tyrone Evans Clark’s Grapefruit: Season I – The Wrath of Love is a book series, and the second book will be coming out soon. All of the illustrations and graphics in this book is 100% made by Tyrone. Tyrone said, “I hope the readers love this novel because I put my soul in it and there are a few areas in there that I mention Black Lives Matter, ending racism and discrimination in this world.”

Tyrone even has a popular podcast titled CALL TYRONE!!!, which is available on just about every streaming platform. On this podcast, Tyrone Evans Clark talks about his day-to-day life in Los Angeles, along with random things that unexpectedly come to his mind.

Clark told us a spoiler alert on his up-and-coming first documentary feature The Corona Hour! The Corona Hour! is a delicious documentary hosted by himself who shares stories about people living in the time of COVID-19. It will be a film made up of cartoon animation and live-action footage.

To learn more about Tyrone Evans Clark, you may visit his company’s or his Official Amazon Author Bio Page, FilmFreeway, or IMDb.