Nurturing Big Dreamers: How Children’s Books Author Shariece Williams Inspires the World

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

Criticized at a young age for having big dreams, educator and self-published author Shariece Williams knew that she would dedicate her life to uplift children as much as possible. Her lifelong mission is to leave a positive impact on the world by encouraging the youth to believe in their dreams.

Shariece Williams writes fun and exciting stories suitable for children of all ages from different walks of life. Her best work yet, Princess Heart and Penny D children’s books, are making waves across the globe as it brings young readers encouragement, optimism, and hope. Shariece aims to use her talent as a writer to produce creative and motivational stories that make readers feel empowered and worthy of their dreams.

Princess Heart and Penny D’s books tackle real-life issues the youth are facing today—bullying, lack of confidence or self-doubt, and discouragement. “Children should always be encouraged to work hard,” Shariece Williams said. Her books help children navigate the world and understand that even the darkest days contribute to their growth as individuals. “Even if one child crosses my path, I want them to always walk away with a life-learning experience and that no matter who doesn’t believe in you I will always believe in you and want you to be beyond great in any and everything you do,” she added.

“I started off at a young age, always passionate about working with the youth and making a positive impact in as many children’s and families’ lives as I can by any means necessary, such as coaching sports, music, dancing, cheerleading, gymnastics, mentoring, and more,” shared Shariece Williams. Consistently, whether as an author or educator, Shariece has dedicated her efforts to her advocacy even after facing several setbacks.

Despite the failures she experienced in her life, Shariece Williams remained resilient as she explored avenues to exert her passion for the youth. “One dream I always had was to write a children’s book one day—a book that would inspire and motivate children, letting them know that no matter how hard it gets, they should never give up and work hard,” said the author. 

The author has self-published her works four times, releasing her creations within six months. Especially amid the pandemic, Shariece Williams feels that now more than ever, children need to understand the value of having a vision, not only for themselves but also for their generation. The author includes motivational and empowerment skills in her books for readers to learn by themselves at home. As a mother, the author feels even more motivated to ensure that the youth is equipped with a strong will to build themselves and the future. 

Shariece Williams knows how discouragement can anchor one down to the bottom, weighing them down from reaching the surface. The author is a positive light, amplifying the message that the sky has no limit and anyone can go above and beyond what they could even fathom for themselves. One story at a time, the author is indeed fulfilling her purpose and building a legacy.

Asked what she wants to impart to her readers, Shariece Williams proudly said, “Never allow anyone to tell you you can’t do something. Believe in your brand or self, stay dedicated, determined, and never give up on it even when it gets hard and when you doubt yourself. Trust me, it is worth it in the end.”

Shariece Williams was born in Vallejo, California. She received her MA in Education from Norfolk State University in Norfolk, Virginia. Shariece has contributed to various causes for the youth in China, Germany, France, Italy, and the United States. Learn more about the author and her children’s books on her website.

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