Empowering the Powerless: Josias Jean-Pierre on Helping People Tap Into Their Full Potential

Countless factors affect a person’s self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Whether it be financial, social, or health-related, how individuals see themselves could change instantly. Utilizing that momentous instant for the better is motivational speaker Josias Jean-Pierre who has dedicated his career to empowering the powerless.

A Haitian native based in Seattle, Washington, Josias Jean-Pierre is an author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker who has committed his life to help his reach tap into their full potential. In his years of service, Josias has spoken to massive crowds, led countless workshops on self-development and leadership, and greatly shaped numerous success stories.

Josias’s desire to positively influence those living in the dark is rooted in his experience of once being in the same place. Diagnosed with epilepsy as a newborn, the celebrated speaker suffered from a learning disability that prevented him from efficiently processing information.

Despite the trials that awaited him and the odds stacked against him, Josias pushed on, motivated by his inward sense of tenacity and perseverance. He beat the medical community’s odds of failure and thrived – completing his education and scoring multiple wins in life.

Standing at the peak of success, the inspiring author and entrepreneur looked back on everything he has achieved so far and realized a mission to see others do the same. “I want to use my story to inspire others to know that they can make it far in life,” he shares.

“I don’t want the people who went through something similar to me to have to feel as if they are not able to rise above their situation and make incredible movements forward in life.”

With a newfound dream and fueled drive, Josias Jean-Pierre became a powerful voice to the voiceless. The prized motivational speaker’s impact grew to encompass the nation. Realizing his mission, Josias spoke at a Civic Leadership Conference for a federal outreach and student support service program. 

He has also shared a speaking platform with John Carlos, a celebrated former track and field athlete and professional football player who has brought much prestige to the country. The dynamic speaker has also reached a whopping 500 youth while bringing awareness to nationwide school shootings.

Josias Jean-Pierre’s presence has been much felt by the country and has made him a symbol of healing and comfort. Expanding his reach, he has authored two enlightening books entitled “The Power of Your Words” and “What is Your Why Behind the Drive.” Josias has also been featured in local media, including FOX, where he used the platform to send a message of hope – sharing his story, defining success, and encouraging viewers to join him in his mission.

“Life is all about progress, and being set back is just a temporary thing – the renewed mindset can be used to effectively create momentum to make a comeback from the setback,” he says. “I have changed the lives of many people through my direct messaging, giving others words of love, hope, and courage that allow them to make the necessary changes in life to be the best versions of themselves.”

Through his numerous features and countless talks, Josias Jean-Pierre hopes that his reach would do the same – becoming the catalyst of positive change in their lives and their community. 

Listen to Josias’s messages of affirmation and hope, and send it forward. Witness the awe-inspiring author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker as he teaches his reach on how miseries could turn into a ministry, how a mess can be a message, and how a test can transition into a testimony. Reach out to Josias Jean-Pierre on Instagram

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