‘Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope’ Pierces Reader’s Hearts

Every year, over a million books are written and printed, yet only a small number of them have the power to change a reader’s life. The latest title, “Suzette’s Daddy Issues,” by Suzette Shanle, is one of them.

Suzette’s Daddy Issues: A Memoir of Violence and Hope is the story of a little girl reared by a kind and loving mother and her husband, a convicted felon and a lifetime criminal. Her father is not just a violent man; he may be on the run from the mob. If Suzette’s true father would accept her as his own, she wouldn’t have to defend herself all the time. She would then feel protected, joyful, and cherished. The issue is, who precisely is her biological father? Is he her elder brother’s father? For the time being, the heroine of the novel must live with these unresolved issues.

Suzette is a versatile artist who can speak to a person’s soul via her well-written novel. Her education has come from a lifetime of experience. With her debut book, Suzette’s Daddy Issues, she created a well-written piece that pierced through the hearts of its readers. She wrote what she knew, making her debut novel enjoyable and an homage to her tenacious family as they endured decades of criminality and brutality from her various fathers.

The author and writer’s lifelong blend of early art and writing has ensured her success. Her upbeat attitude pervades her work, first in her paintings and later in her most recent clothes collection on “Le Galeriste.” Suzette’s work in both the visual and literary arts has been pivotal for the creative community, exemplifying ingenuity and authenticity for artists and writers.

The book has picked up raving reviews from readers and critics alike. “Suzette Shanle’s “Suzette’s Daddy Issues” was an emotional rollercoaster for me,” says Goodreads reviewer Mark Timberg. “The author poured her heart out on the pages, sharing her greatest concerns, and I felt as if I knew her. This memoir is recommended for individuals who want to understand what it’s like to grow up in a dysfunctional household, be a tiny girl in many terrible situations, and survive. Thank you for sharing your life, Suzzette.”

Suzette feels that being authentic to herself and not creating novels in a cookie-cutter mass production manner that follows market trends is what distinguishes her work. She discovered she had marketing talents early in her twenties and utilized her art as a tool to create fliers and business cards. She likes interacting with others. Hence, her ability to be personable has proven to be her most valuable quality. Suzette was raised with an entrepreneurial mentality and was inspired by her parents, which provided her with the confidence and abilities she needed to launch her first successful firm in her early twenties. Suzette was committed to developing her brand to proceed at a rapid pace and set her own goals.

Currently, the author is enjoying her retirement after thirty years in the beauty industry with her family. She worked with her husband, a prosperous third-generation farmer, and her son, twenty-seven, who completed his preservice and is now working on the farm. As her restless inquiring spirit grows, she has been traveling with her children since they were small. Her two teen daughters also enjoy the journey.

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