Barbara Majeski Inspiring Multitudes Through Her Story and Work

Many people today face the delimiting effects of negative self-talk and self-doubt. TV personality and podcast host Barbara Majeski understands the struggle more than most. Just as she has overcome both external and internal obstacles that held her back from being her best for many years, she now inspires people to do the same and guides them through the process of removing fear and doubt. 

Barbara Majeski is best known for her many TV appearances on programs like the Today Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, NY Live, Chicago The Jam, and many others.  She appears on various platforms to teach people how to experience more by creating lifestyle choices that promote passion, happiness, self-love, and courage. Best known by her title, “the Curator of the Good Life,” Barbara explores and shares truths and principles that help people experience a greater sense of purpose, style, and adventure. 

In many of Barbara’s most popular segments, she generously shares tips and tricks to improve confidence and resilience. She also shares excellent hacks that teach people how to decorate homes, create DIY crafts, and anything around other lifestyle topics. 

Despite the TV personality and influencer’s extreme success in the past few years, she has also had her share of challenges and trials. Back in 2015, she discovered that she had stage 3 colon cancer. About the same time, she and her husband separated, leaving her to face a life-threatening disease independently. As Barbara went through chemotherapy, she came to terms with life’s brevity. At that epiphany, she started asking life to give her another chance, promising to shift her priorities to pursuing her wildest dreams and paying it forward to others. “I promised that I would no longer play it safe, and I would no longer answer to the inner voices of doubt and fear,” shares Barbara. “I would live my next chapter bigger, better, bolder.”

Barbara would ultimately win against cancer and follow through on her wager with the universe. She started putting all her energy into becoming a TV personality. Her public speaking experience would be her springboard as she started working on shifting her career even as she passed the age of forty. That courage to make a drastic life change mid-life would catch followers’ attention, who were inspired by Barbara’s tenacity and single-minded focus on her goals. 

Today, Barbara has taken that objective and made it her mission in life. Her goal is to “make courage contagious,” by showing people that if she can shift and pivot, anyone can do the same. This mindset was inspired from the book “Courage is Contagious” by John Kasich. Highly acclaimed author and research professor Brene Brown also lives by this maxim.

Since then, Majeski has launched a podcast entitled Baring It All, where she presents her authentic self to the world and shares her vulnerabilities and strengths. It’s that raw honesty that has made the show a hit among listeners everywhere. Baring It All has also welcomed a wide array of powerhouse guests, including personalities like Janet Kraus, Zibby Owens, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Hyde, Jess McCann, Andrea Rogers, and many others.

Barbara hopes that her message and life would continue motivating and inspiring others. She hopes to become a household brand one day, not for her benefit but so that others would hear her story and feel empowered to dream bigger. Learn more about Barbara Majeski by checking out her website, podcast, and on Instagram.