How Expert Coach Dr. Shanna Van Ness Equips Clients With the ‘Committed Action Mindset’

Coaching with theories is one thing. However, the most effective coaches are those who not only equip others with words but also walk the talk. Dr. Shanna Van Ness, the founder of Dr. Shanna V. Coaching & Strategic Solutions, provides clients with innovative solutions she lives by herself.

Dr. Shanna Van Ness is a Certified Business, Executive, and Life Coach specializing in personal growth, relationship, career, business, and executive coaching. Over the years, she has played a vital role in helping a broad spectrum of clients with her collaborative, solution-focused, and results-oriented programs. Dubbed as the “Committed Action Queen,” she lives in integrity and is highly invested in helping her clients adopt a Committed Action Mindset — an approach wherein she produces support and practical feedback geared towards strengthening her to face personal life challenges to gain exponential results.

In addition, Dr. Shanna integrates coaching techniques and helpful assignments to offer highly-personalized programs, each tailored to fit the individual needs of her clients. She creates her strategies with compassion and understanding, taking the time to understand her clients’ strengths and determining areas where personal growth is needed.

“I not only coach others to clarify their vision to achieve extraordinary results, I practice what I speak. So the coaching and consultative services are driven by my heart and desire to see others succeed,” shared Dr. Shanna. “I work with a wide range of clients to offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each individual and organization. In a supportive atmosphere, I help clients attain the professional and personal growth they are striving for through in-person, virtual, or phone sessions.”

Dr. Shanna Van Ness has worked with individuals who, at one point in their lives, felt stuck, needed to repair a relationship, were jumping onto entrepreneurship, and more. She has also worked with large organizations that aimed to reinvent themselves innovatively with resiliency. The visionary has also worked with executives who wanted to steer their team in a better direction.

“I live in committed action. For me, that is the ability to ‘Say X and Do X.’ So, often, we are caught ‘saying X and doing Y.’ We get frustrated when we do not get the desired results we seek. Well, how can we get to the desired result if what we say does not align with our actions? This is one of my best qualities because I live exactly what I coach,” shared Dr. Shanna Van Ness. My formula is Focus + Discipline x Perseverance = Success. I apply this formula with all my clients,” she added.

Over the next three to five years, Dr. Shanna Van Ness will broaden her coaching and strategic venture, offering a robust catalog of online coaching programs to support clients in achieving extraordinary results. She hopes to pursue more philanthropic endeavors to create positive social change in underserved communities as she publishes her second book.

“When I embraced my passion and purpose on the planet, I was able to build my brand. I love what I do for people, so it does not seem like it is hard work. My brand was built on ‘heart work.’ Becoming a Certified Business, Executive, and Life coach allowed me to flourish in the area of consulting as well. In that realm, I am able to provide clients with strategic solutions in operations management, strategic planning, and development consultative services,” Dr. Shanna Van Ness said.

Emphasizing that success does not happen overnight, the innovative coach is committed to helping her clients go through a meaningful process of change, resilience, and discipline. Without a doubt, Dr. Shanna Van Ness will undoubtedly impact countless lives and become a household name.

Barbara Majeski Inspiring Multitudes Through Her Story and Work

Many people today face the delimiting effects of negative self-talk and self-doubt. TV personality and podcast host Barbara Majeski understands the struggle more than most. Just as she has overcome both external and internal obstacles that held her back from being her best for many years, she now inspires people to do the same and guides them through the process of removing fear and doubt. 

Barbara Majeski is best known for her many TV appearances on programs like the Today Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, NY Live, Chicago The Jam, and many others.  She appears on various platforms to teach people how to experience more by creating lifestyle choices that promote passion, happiness, self-love, and courage. Best known by her title, “the Curator of the Good Life,” Barbara explores and shares truths and principles that help people experience a greater sense of purpose, style, and adventure. 

In many of Barbara’s most popular segments, she generously shares tips and tricks to improve confidence and resilience. She also shares excellent hacks that teach people how to decorate homes, create DIY crafts, and anything around other lifestyle topics. 

Despite the TV personality and influencer’s extreme success in the past few years, she has also had her share of challenges and trials. Back in 2015, she discovered that she had stage 3 colon cancer. About the same time, she and her husband separated, leaving her to face a life-threatening disease independently. As Barbara went through chemotherapy, she came to terms with life’s brevity. At that epiphany, she started asking life to give her another chance, promising to shift her priorities to pursuing her wildest dreams and paying it forward to others. “I promised that I would no longer play it safe, and I would no longer answer to the inner voices of doubt and fear,” shares Barbara. “I would live my next chapter bigger, better, bolder.”

Barbara would ultimately win against cancer and follow through on her wager with the universe. She started putting all her energy into becoming a TV personality. Her public speaking experience would be her springboard as she started working on shifting her career even as she passed the age of forty. That courage to make a drastic life change mid-life would catch followers’ attention, who were inspired by Barbara’s tenacity and single-minded focus on her goals. 

Today, Barbara has taken that objective and made it her mission in life. Her goal is to “make courage contagious,” by showing people that if she can shift and pivot, anyone can do the same. This mindset was inspired from the book “Courage is Contagious” by John Kasich. Highly acclaimed author and research professor Brene Brown also lives by this maxim.

Since then, Majeski has launched a podcast entitled Baring It All, where she presents her authentic self to the world and shares her vulnerabilities and strengths. It’s that raw honesty that has made the show a hit among listeners everywhere. Baring It All has also welcomed a wide array of powerhouse guests, including personalities like Janet Kraus, Zibby Owens, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Hyde, Jess McCann, Andrea Rogers, and many others.

Barbara hopes that her message and life would continue motivating and inspiring others. She hopes to become a household brand one day, not for her benefit but so that others would hear her story and feel empowered to dream bigger. Learn more about Barbara Majeski by checking out her website, podcast, and on Instagram.

Certified Life Coach Caldonia Rudd Reminds Women That They Are Phenomenal

In a world still evolving for the better, countless issues barring women from success remain rampant. Insecurities, childhood traumas, existing standards, and other obstacles continue to hold them back from realizing their dream. 

Reminding women of their potential and helping them leap over life’s hurdles is the celebrated life coach Caldonia Rudd

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Caldonia Rudd is a certified life coach, lauded entrepreneur, and talk show host who has played an active role in guiding women toward success. Through her company, “She Is Phenomenal LLC,” Caldonia encourages her audience to take the elevator up to Cloud Nine.

“I will spend my life helping women live the life they desire,” the brilliant entrepreneur shares. “Whether your dream is to start a business, finish college, or achieve higher levels of success, I am here to help.”

Caldonia Rudd’s personal mission first took shape when she decided to become the inspirational figure that she needed as a young woman. Now carrying a glowing resume and an exceptional reputation, it is not easy to imagine that the life coach’s path was not covered in rose petals.

“My success in life has not come without trials and errors,” she reveals. “I have overcome poverty, the death of my father, abuse, alcohol abuse, and a series of obstacles in my life. In most of my struggles, I was alone trying to work through problems I had no clue how to solve.”

After making it through the rough roads by herself, Caldonia was determined no woman would ever be alone again. Guiding women on their journey to success, she established “She Is Phenomenal LLC” and later partnered with the Big Brother Big Sister organization, serving as a mentor to young mothers.

Not just to young mothers, Caldonia Rudd works in service for all women. Her work as a certified life coach helps her motivate women to overcome limiting self-beliefs and build goal-setting and leadership skills.

As a coach, Caldonia sets the right plans and support system in place. She provides the key to success by equipping women, especially young women, with the tools to survive and thrivehelping them take risks and step outside their comfort zones. 

Her tailored coaching programs have been instrumental in catapulting her clients to success, expanding her exceptional reputation in the industry. “I am not here to tell clients what they should do. My responsibility is to hold them accountable, guide, challenge, encourage, inspire, and help them on their journey.”

Determined to see more women in a nonstop ride to accomplishment, Caldonia also hosts her talk show The Caldonia Rudd Show, where she invites passionate and driven women to the coach and allows them to inspire other women to live their dreams. The show is broadcasted on Preach The Word Network TV and airs at 11 a.m. (EST) on Wednesdays. 

Learn more about the dynamic life coach and stay updated on her journey to realizing her mission. Witness as Caldonia Rudd reminds women of their power by following her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The lauded entrepreneur is also available on LinkedIn, and She Is Phenomenal LLC’s official website

She Is Phenomenal LLC Leads Women to Success Through Coaching

Caldonia Rudd is pushing boundaries in the lives of women with She Is Phenomenal LLC. And while the founder and the entire community have been exceptionally sensational, the coaching company believes it is just the start.

Success is not achieved through victories alone; it is also achieved through overcoming shortcomings and adversities. She Is Phenomenal LLC is a coaching company that helps women realize their fullest potentials, as its name suggests. To conquer such hurdles in life, and making them into something beneficial, is what this company is all about. 

The mind behind She is Phenomenal LLC understands the struggles of surpassing the obstacles in life. Caldonia Rudd grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. At a young age, she witnessed drug deals, gunshots, poverty, and acts of crimes. Growing up in a crime-filled neighborhood of Walnut Park, she did not allow this lifestyle to dictate her future. By age 15 she knew her calling was helping women find hope in hopeless situations. Thus, at age 18, the creator of Caldonia Rudd joined the Army Reserves and, later on, the Active Duty Navy. The desire to coach women to success has only grown stronger over the past decade. 

In her ten years of military service, Caldonia grew her passion for helping others. After her service in the army and navy, she embraced her calling in helping other women live their dreams. One of the ways she hopes to do this is by establishing her company, She Is Phenomenal LLC.

Caldonia Rudd is a woman full of motivation and drive. This is shown in her coaching style and how she passionately helps her fellow women reach success.

The coaching company built in February 2020 focuses on building a plan that enables one to move forward, helping women of all ages get into the right mindset and direction. Caldonia says, “I will work with you in teaching you skills that will benefit you in your growth.”

She adds that her hopes to guide and help women of all ages get through life’s obstacles are fulfilled through She Is Phenomenal LLC. Not only does she help to overcome troubles in past traumas, but she also guides in fulfilling the next careers, goal setting, and accomplishing goals. She aims to increase self-love and confidence of others by breaking limits one has set for themself.

The efforts of this organization include a niche of interior design. By using this technique, She Is Phenomenal LLC successfully designs a space where one can organize thoughts and envision success. Clients receive world-class service and support, and that is what She Is Phenomenal LLC prides itself on. 

She Is Phenomenal LLC lives by its motto, “Stronger Together. Celebrate One Another.” As it strives to live Caldonia’s vision, the company reflects how eager she is to bring success at reach. Caldonia hopes to make women realize they are not alone in facing struggles. With her company, she is on a mission to give everyone the support they need to thrive and make the impact they can make to the world. She Is Phenomenal LLC also celebrates the success every woman achieves. Even in little ways, it aims to ignite inspiration for everyone.

To more successfully waver the banner of being a phenomenal woman, She Is Phenomenal LLC offers a chic clothing line. This is available and made especially for women ready to raise the bar leading to their success nationwide.

Visit She Is Phenomenal LLC’s website to learn more.

The Rising Tide’s Kathy Murphy and Her Strengths-Based Approach to Life Coaching

Whether it is in regard to one’s personal or professional life, a little support would not hurt when seeking self-improvement. People cannot solely rely on themselves to solve problems nor always give that burden to family and friends who may not have enough discernment and objectivity. And this is where life coaches come in. 

Choosing a life advisor should not be done in a blink of an eye. People should make sure that one’s life coach has the ability to look at the client with a strengths-based and holistic lens. Far too many coaches only point out the wrong and list down what attitudes, behaviors, and circumstances are causing a problem. It is rare to find a motivator who recognizes that people have the innate capacity to rise above any situation and bounce back and thrive in all circumstances. But women around the world are lucky because this is precisely the approach that California native Kathy Murphy takes when empowering women.

Published author, inspirational speaker, singer/songwriter Kathy Murphy is the founder of The Rising Tide, a movement that encourages women to reconnect with their infinite potential and wisdom. It helps women to stop doing life the hard way: in stress, struggle, fear, and worry. And it helps them move forward with joy, intention, ease, and grace. 

Her past experiences as a firefighter, police officer, and politician have made her intimately familiar with the realities of life, making her a credible authority on what the Truth is. 

Kathy is a prime example of a believer in the innate potential of people. Her strengths-based approach to coaching makes clients see and believe that they have the tools to solve their own problems already and always inside them. Kathy points them out to the universal Truth—that people are already complete and that the ability to create the experiences they want for themselves is in their hands. 

With Kathy’s help and that of the philosophy of The Rising Tide, finding one’s Truth is a journey to discover who they really are for the first time. Every journey jump starts with an insta shift four-week coaching experience to help their mindset shift. This insta shift is the foundation of all her programs because as soon as the client sees that they live within the illusion of their thinking, life shifts. From there, Kathy and the client dig deeper, creating life. The Rising Tide sets the client up to think new, see new, and create the experience they want.

The Rising Tide has had clients who have done years of self-help, trying to make themselves better and find a missing part of themselves, but Kathy shows them that they are already whole and are a perfect system. No work is required when they see the Truth of that realization. This is what sets her aside as different from every other life coach.

The Rising Tide has helped unlock the untapped potential of thousands of women by encouraging them to get out of their heads and into their hearts. In their hearts, they find the infinite energy, creativity, genius, and potential of the entire universe. And with Kathy at the helm, it is going to continue motivating people in their journeys of peace, joy, and love. 

Kathy currently has tens of thousands of followers across her social media platforms, and this only proves true that her influence is far-reaching and that her philosophy is widely accepted.

Be part of the women and men who have realized that they were born forces of nature and have what it takes to rise like a tide. You can do this by learning more about the coaching, mentoring, events, retreats, and workshops provided by the energetic life coach Kathy Murphy through The Rising Tide’s website and Instagram.

Sexual Harassment Victim Turned Life Victor: How Tara Roe Rose Above Abuse

The prevalence of sexual harassment is an issue that women have to face and deal with regularly. Statistics show that there are 433,648 victims of rape and sexual assault each year in the United States. Sometimes women keep silent about their encounters with sex offenders, but Tara Christine Roe is giving the silent a voice, telling them that they have all the right to speak up.

In July,, Chasyn Wilkinson received a sentence to 116 days in jail and 60 months probation after admitting to groping Tara while he was drunk. The system has also registered him as a sex offender. Before the incident, Tara had long experienced cases of repeated sexual harassment and abuse. A bartender by profession, she previously accepted that men treated her that way. Realizing the gravity of this crime though, she decided that enough was enough. Today, she speaks up against sexual harassment of all forms and how vital it is do so, “… for our own healing and to stand up against such criminal behavior”.

Tara’s journey has been deeply uncomfortable over the decades, but has actively and intentionally chosen to persevere. She chooses to view her past hurts as something that has molded her to be the woman, mother, and friend that she is today. She attributes all of her inner strength to her faith. Tara shares the drastic transformation she has experienced since choosing to live life as a Christian, and how she now lives a life filled with freedom through forgiveness. But she also maintains that forgiveness is different from refusing to seek justice.

Today, following her profound realization that has molded her into a woman she adores and barely recognizes some days, Tara is now using her past to empower people who feel hopeless and trapped. She is now certified as a Master Life Coach, specializing in Goal Attainment, Life Purpose, Happiness and Advanced Coaching Methodologies through which she hopes to help people who carry hurts, habits and hangups that “zap their confidence and productivity”. Tara has also founded Next Level Purpose Academy  (, a way to connect, support, educate and inspire others like her. Her premier course, THE END OF SUFFERING, will be launching September 10, 2020 and is available for pre-enrollment and preview now.

“I’m called to love, serve, teach and lead folks through self-transformation, total financial fitness, and future success, and there is a lot to say about it!” says Tara. For the coach, she views her heartbreak as a blessing in disguise. She declares for other people a future of hope and security, even when today’s challenges seem overwhelmingly powerful.

Tara maintains that after the Chasyn Wilkinson case closed, she chose to rise above it. Today, the event has been an unexpected blessing in her life, opening many doors to connect with and help others readjust their perspective so they can once again live a life of peace and joy again. She has moved forward to become a beacon of hope for others and a successful entrepreneur who speaks on topics such as Christian values, single parenting, rising above abuse and next-level living. “The wealth of information I have to share this side of overcoming assorted adversity and abuses, miraculously transforming through Jesus Christ and now transitioning from poverty level single motherhood to business entrepreneurship alone is staggering.”

Tara hopes that her story would inspire more women to speak up against sexual harassment and that she can help more people who feel lost, confused, and alone.

To learn more about Tara Christine Roe and her message of hope, visit her website, Instagram, and Facebook page.


Best-Selling Author Ahaumna Teaches the Key to Heal, Grow, and Tap Into One’s True Nature

Living in a seemingly chaotic world, humans often fall into numerous pitfalls as they tread through life. Many times they are discouraged, lost, and unable to move forward due to these never-ending challenges. Spiritual mentor and author Ahaumna, however, believes that the key to overcoming these hurdles is simple: tapping into one’s true nature and life’s purpose.

Ahaumna is the best-selling author of “Creator Consciousness.” Published earlier this year, the book is about the journey of going against the status quo and breaking free from lies sold to many people by society for generations. 

Aside from her success as an author, Ahaumna has also managed to build her own international business by sharing her knowledge with people from all walks of life at the young age of 27. She champions strategies of breaking free from the cycles of scarcity, suffering, and survival. The spiritual mentor has supported thousands of people across the world in tapping into their own version of abundance and ease through her writing, transformational retreats and activities, and online programs.

Impressively, she began her studies in spirituality, psychology, consciousness, and metaphysics early in her life at only 11 years old. Ahaumna did so to help her understand the pain she was living within and continues her growth on numerous related subject matters to this day.

The best-selling author has a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Metaphysics, and has achieved certifications as a holistic health practitioner, yoga instructor, and ordained minister. Fiercely devoted to touch other lives, she also has had years of training in mysticism, coaching, health, and spirituality.

With the same passion, she has extended her studies on meditation, hypnosis, neuroscience, and keylontic science. Ahaumna runs three successful businesses today from her home, which all specialize in helping people heal and step into their dreams financially and spiritually. The spiritual coach is an ardent advocate for mental health as well.

Like many, she did not always have things mapped out, however. For a long time, she was depressed and addicted to alcohol, drugs, and sex—which she used to fill the void in heart for many years. Moreover, Ahaumna was suicidal—she had attempted to take her life twice while on the path of healing. She knows what it was like to listen to the voices inside and act on their wishes to end it all. This led her to the path she has been taking for many years, guiding others away from what she was suffering from. Today, she works with people around the world to help them heal from their trauma and empower themselves to create the life they always wanted and deserved.

She invites people to join her in her upcoming virtual program, “Unfuck Your Mind,” designed to help people unplug from the excessive stress, fear, and anxiety they have been feeling since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The four-hour virtual event airing on August 30, 2020, will provide its participants the tips, tools, and practices to reclaim their mental health and freedom, helping them navigate through a difficult time.

For more information on this sought-after spiritual mentor and her work, visit her website and YouTube channel. To register for the mentioned virtual program, check out this page.

The Abundant Me Is Woman’s New Best Friend Towards Enlightenment and Empowerment

Even in modern society, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men. They also have less access to primary and higher education, more excellent health and safety risks, and less political representation. This patriarchal society seems to cripple women from being empowered, which is incredibly unfair because women should have the same rights and privileges that men freely enjoy. The Abundant Me is a platform created for that purpose- aiming to give women the rights and benefits they deserve.

The Abundant Me is a platform created by Kashon Abdul-Qadir to give women affordable access to spiritual and personal development tools that can create more opportunities and live an abundant life. It is the leading spiritual program that is readily available online. The Abundant Me also offers its retreat resource center for those who are interested in availing of their programs. At present, the company has serviced 1,500 women and it hopes to serve 450,000  women of color from all around the world in the next five years.

The founder of The Abundant Me, Kashon Abdul-Qadir, is a mother, wife, and businesswoman. On June 30, 2017, she walked away from her job that earns a six-figure salary to live her life according to how she seems fit. Her journey to enlightenment was not a smooth one as she suffered from an autoimmune disease called lupus. Her battle with this disease left her very drained, stressed, lost, and depressed. It was during this time that she discovered the power of having a relationship with her divine self.

She decided to undergo a series of training sessions with life coaches and spiritual mentors. With the help of like-minded people, she was able to have a more positive outlook in life, and eventually, good things came to her way. She met her husband, who was supportive of her and her child, got her home remodeled, and had her products from her online business featured in five publications. These experiences led her to the realization that she needs to share it with other women, and as such, The Abundant Me was formed.

The main highlight of The Abundant Me’s program is the Divine Feminine Academy, a 12-week online course teaching Kashon’s inner engineering teachings fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, and money manifesto. 

The platform also has a program that only focuses on Reiki healing and life coaching sessions to awaken and align one’s mind and body through various rejuvenating sessions. These coaching exercises teach women how to identify blocks, remove negative vibrations and aura, and gradually heal this negative energy. At the end of this program, women will find that they are more attuned to achieving their highest form of enlightenment.

What makes these programs very different from the rest is that they do not cost a lot of money. There is no need to shell out tons of cash since it is very affordable. Moreover, these sessions are more often a one-to-one session, which means the consumers can easily ask queries and make the most out of their chosen course. Check out all of these sessions available online on The Abundant Me’s official website.

Zelda Volkov on Bouncing Back and Transforming Lives

To get to the top, one must focus on the individual steps and embrace the process. Genuine success requires stepping back from the rigidity of this fast-paced world. What matters is the ability to bounce back and come out stronger than ever. 

For Zelda Volkov, it was not until she got herself out of a rut that she discovered what it truly means to succeed. And coming from a period in her life when everything seemed bleak and pointless, she understands how hard it can be to trod down a path with no sense of direction. Thus, she took it upon herself to serve as a compass for those who feel lost. 

Known for her work as a life coach, Zelda goes around helping people with her signature program that targets all three domains of mind, body, and soul. Her coaching methodology is centered on breaking down limiting beliefs and identifying one’s core purpose to reach optimum performance. And by strategically teaching her clients the skills they need, she promises to offer success in just six weeks. 

Although Zelda has gained recognition for her bold ambitions, it is her calmness that makes her stand out. However, inner peace was not something that naturally came to her. As a matter of fact, she was once a victim of the vicious cycle of mindless overwork that did nothing but wore her out. 

Born and bred from an Ultra-Orthodox family, Zelda was under the care of devoted Russian immigrant parents who poured their hearts out to provide her with everything she needed. And at the age of 19, she tied the knot with a man because of tradition. But seven years later, Zelda’s marriage turned sour, and eventually, she and her husband called it quits. 

With three daughters, a budding business venture, and a finalized divorce, this motivational coach found herself drowning in a pool of uncertainty that made her question everything. And with her mind shrouded in fear, she fell into an abyss of toxic relationships, partying, oversleeping, eating, and drinking. 

Growing tired of getting stuck and heartbroken, Zelda decided to let go of unhealthy habits that offered her nothing but short-term gratification. And after several years, her hard work finally came to fruition. From a burnt out Orthodox Jewish homemaker with no dreams or direction, she has now become the enlightening life coach who everyone looks up to.

Having had her fair share of exposure to therapy, learning, and soul searching, Zelda decided to dedicate her life to guiding thousands of other people who are also experiencing the same struggles she did. And for this reason, she created P.R.O.M.I.S.E. – an avenue that encourages those who have lost hope and dimmed their light. 

Moreover, Zelda also came up with a podcast, Oh My God, which is available on Apple and Spotify. The transformational life coach uses this platform to have honest and raw conversations with strong-willed trailblazers about their struggles as human beings and as industry leaders. Leaving her listeners with thought-provoking insights and enlightenment, Zelda provides actionable techniques that are catered to self-improvement.

Zelda has also been successful in her wig business that she established in 2013, Zeldahair (@zeldahair).

Having faith in her strength and abilities, Zelda looks forward to continually expanding her horizons and making the most out of her growth. And in alignment with this vision, she is currently working on a quarterly global self-development festival filled with the best speakers, DJs, and instructors. Through this upcoming project, she wishes to elevate careers and transform lives. 

As she sharpens perspectives and illuminates connections, Zelda strives to inspire new ideas by being an advocate of meaningful self-development. Having mastered the ability to rise above adversities, Zelda was able to find strategies that would help others step into their light and get hold of their lives once again. 

To know more about Zelda Volkov, you may head on to her website and Instagram.

Mia GiAngelos: Finding Purpose for Her Pain and Helping Others Find Theirs

Quite often, a lot of people go through painful experiences in life without understanding why they had to happen. Very few move forward armed with the motivation to simply make the most of life without compromising their purpose and happiness. Mia GiAngelos is one of those who are fortunate enough to have found the purpose of all the pain she encountered in life, and she is using her experiences to help others grow and improve.

Mia created the Facebook group Go “Love” Yourself to get support after getting out of a toxic relationship. She also intended to start loving herself more after what she had gone through. The group eventually blossomed into an opportunity for Mia to reach out to other women like herself, and she found great fulfillment in being able to empower them to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. 

Interestingly, Mia uses a black rose as her official logo. “It’s black because I’ve embraced the darkness of my past and now I’m growing into something beautiful. I’ve given my pain a purpose. I hope that you will do the same,” Mia explains.  

She decided to become a certified master life coach, podcaster, author, and motivational speaker. Through her life experiences and extensive research, she is able to encourage her audiences when she speaks about relationships, recovery, dating, and self-love. Mia has also diversified to touch on leadership and communication topics.

Making a difference and a lasting impact on the lives of people have always been her dream in life. Seeing herself doing what she is doing now makes her proud of how far she has come despite her painful past. Making a living out of motivating and challenging people from different backgrounds gives her all the inspiration she needs to continue to move forward and live out her purpose.

“I have had the pleasure of being an audience member of many of Mia’s presentations and speeches. She is a wonderful speaker and always has a strong message to share. Her background, style, and passion combine to make her presentations compelling. When Mia’s giving a talk, I make every effort to be in that audience! She is such a confident and eloquent speaker. She always has a beautiful message to share with her audience,” says Grace Bennett. 

Mia is best known for combining strategic approaches and her out-of-the-box perspective of things to help individuals rise above their personal challenges and limitations in life. She also helps them overcome their doubts by teaching them how to move forward with their lives. For one, helping people realize their purpose in life has worked wonders in letting them find their positive inner voice and achieve their personal goals. 

Despite her full schedule, Mia always finds the time to help her community by working with people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. She also reaches out to those recovering from abusive or toxic relationships. Mia also volunteers as a victim advocate for the San Antonio Police Department, where she gets the opportunity to extend help in sexual and domestic abuse cases. She is a fierce supporter of the Me Too Movement, suicide prevention and awareness, and mental health awareness. 

Mia GiAngelos sees Go “Love” Yourself becoming a brand that people will recognize nationally as a community that is passionate about empowering women so they can grow and eventually find strong and healthy relationships. 

Learn more about Mia GiAngelos by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to get daily motivation.