Trucks With Room to Spare Inc. Providing Essential Services in Times of Emergency

Although every human is driven by the need to make money and make a profit, it is still amazing to see individuals and corporations who provide services to their immediate community free of charge, without taking anything in return. One such individual is Shelli Conaway, one of the brains behind Trucks With Room to Spare Inc. 

Since its establishment in 2018, the company has delivered essential supplies in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and the rest. There is nowhere the group won’t go in emergency times, as long as they feel like their services are needed. Often described as an intelligent operation, it involves packing trucks already on the route to disaster sites to maximum capacity with vital supplies, saving lives and saving energy while they’re at it.

According to Shelli Conaway, Trucks With Room was born out of Hurricane Michael in 2018, during a time she was running a load through the area where the hurricane-affected. Having to stop at several truck stops along the way to purchase water and other supplies, which is then handed to someone on the side of the road, opened Conaway’s eyes to the possibility of other drivers who might want to help. Therefore, a Facebook group was set up to connect truckers and non-profit groups that needed help with supplies. Subsequently, there was an approach to form a non-profit, and the rest is history. 

“We are a non-profit that helps with supplies and the transportation of supplies before, during, and after a disaster,” Conaway said of the group’s core mission.

Trucks With Room targets everyone, and according to Conaway, everyone knows someone in transportation. “Our target audiences are truckers and other individuals and companies that want to help during times of disasters.”

On the group’s activities over the past year and what makes them stand out, Conaway said, “We have had the pleasure of assisting many groups, organizations, and communities since. We helped transport hay and supplies during the midwest floods, hauled supplies for groups like United Cajun Navy and CrowdSource Rescue during Hurricane Laura/Delta and Zeta, and provided needed PPE for vulnerable truckers in the heights of the COVID crisis. We also participated in the ground transport of many supplies going to the Bahamas after that country was hit by a hurricane.”

Truck With Room is pretty busy for a National non-profit that relies on donations and sponsors to help keep the wheel turning as much as the group still requires donations for fuel and other supplies. However, the group continues to form partnerships with semi-truck and trailer sales and manufacturing companies to acquire more equipment to continue making an enormous impact in disasters.

Truck With Room continues to provide timely emergency services for everyone in time of need. And for Conaway, the goal is always to be there when the need arises. 

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Award-Winning Influencer “zizotravel” Walks Followers Inside Chicago’s Finest Restaurants

The past year has not been the best of the century. With the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic, the enforced global lockdown, and the onslaught of a never-ending landslide of bad news, 2020 has been far from ideal. 

So, to take a break from the distressing reality, most individuals have turned to social media – a platform where the famous influencer “zizotravel” features a satisfying peek into the outside world and, lately, Chicago’s finest restaurants.

Born as Yazan Al Koudsi, zizotravel is one of Instagram’s most prominent names today. Although recognized as a reputable brand in the industry and hosting a staggering following, the lauded digital creator did not set out to become an internet superstar. 

A graduate of business administration with a major in Marketing from Syria, the Instagram personality had always carried a head for business. However, his enterprising ways and interests led him to a different path when he decided to indulge in traveling pursuits after his academic career. For the next five years, zizotravel worked as a flight attendant in one of Dubai’s prestigious companies – Flydubai Airlines. 

The position allowed him to travel to more than a whopping 75 countries and acquire a taste for good food and filmography. He would document his travels as much as he can and began organically gaining a following. His big hit, however, would arrive in 2017.

That year, zizotravel took out his camera and shot an award-winning coverage that earned him a distinction from Dubai. His work featured the most luxurious places for iftar in the city during the holy month of Ramadan. After receiving Dubai’s 2017 award for “best food coverage,” zizotravel started taking the elevator up.

While reaching unprecedented heights, the top influencer began to receive attention worldwide. While producing inspiring and entertaining content for his growing audience, zizotravel moved to Chicago and became a real estate agent. 

Connecting individuals to their dream houses proved uplifting for the talented creative and inspired him to generate tickling skits on his TikTok. He received over 200 million views on the platform and was viral over 50 times in less than a year. The boost allowed zizotravel to explore other topics and increased his Instagram following to an awe-inducing 161,000 followers. 

With his rapid growth, zizotravel knew he had to introduce new content that would cater to a diverse audience and keep them company under the stressful pandemic. Fortunately, he never runs out of ideas.

“I always do new ideas and coverages no one did before in Chicago City,” he shares. “My love to spread the happy lifestyle and discover the new restaurants made me want to share it with people so they can benefit from my experience.”

Zizotravel became the authority on hidden culinary gems in Chicago. Jumping on a train of thought, he decided to try out and discover restaurants in the city while filming it for the crowd on Instagram. It was an instant hit. The ongoing features of the best food nearby allowed his fans to discover Chicago through its food and list down the next place to dine in.

Talking about his expanding reach and how he connects with them amid the pandemic, zizotravel says, “I’m super active on social media on my Instagram and TikTok to give people the best experience they deserve.”

Half a decade from now, he intends to keep delivering on his brand of excellence and stay in touch with his fans. By then, the leading internet personality hopes to be a full-time influencer who inspires individuals to become more happy and healthy and a successful real estate agent who only hands over the key to his clients’ dream house. 

Learn about the best dining places in the area. Follow zizotravel on Instagram for tips about restaurants, food, healthy lifestyles, and travel. 

Moving Speaker Dawn Bostick Empowers Women To “Focus, Finish, and Flourish”

It is far too easy to be distracted and wander off the path in a world decorated by material things and littered with persisting issues. Realizing how these unplanned trips could be detrimental to achieving success, international speaker Dawn Bostick is stepping in and reminding people to stay on track and journey towards accomplishment.

Although born in St. Albans, West Virginia, Dawn Bostick does not hold many memories of the place. As a military brat, she made countless trips with her family and, at an early age, was confident to say that she had traveled the world.

Thriving on change and finding the balance in every environment, Dawn found a love for being on the move and developed a unique, culturally-diverse background that allowed her to connect with varying audiences. Building on this skill, she explored her options and grew a passion for touching hearts and spurring people into positive action.

She became a best-selling author. As the brilliant mind creating the worlds within “Maggie the Milkshake Baby” and “Hello Beloved,” Dawn Bostick began to shape a community of forward-thinking, like-minded women ready to take a defining step towards their future. 

The community began to echo Dawn’s motto of “loving life in the now” and bask in the warm energy brought by the author’s favorite quote, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” As much as the women saw the writer as an inspiration, Dawn also looked to her audience as motivation.

Recognizing an opportunity to step in and shape a conducive environment for her following, Dawn Bostick stepped on the platform as an international speaker. She took the microphone as the host of “Iconic Women.”

“Iconic Women” is a promotional podcast designed to elevate women to go through the 3F’s of life: Focus, Finish, and Flourish, and walk into the reality of their dreams. Dawn established the unique system after a terrible divorce where she lost everything. Under the “Tsunami of Divorce,” the inspiring powerhouse utilized what she could to bring about restoration and rediscover her purpose. In the process of finding herself, she discovered her method.

On her popular podcast, a must-listen as defined by her global audience, Dawn features moving stories of women who made it out of less than ideal situations. Explaining further the discussions on her platform, the outstanding game-changer shares, “too often, we are so focused on the past or looking so far into the future that we lose the joy of the present.”

She continues, “women or men will benefit from being coached in the implementation of the 3F’s in their lives on every level as they are encouraged to Focus, Finish and Flourish to impact not only their own lives but the lives of others.”

Coaching thousands of individuals and empowering them into positive transformation has made Dawn Bostick a warm, comforting figure in her reach. Her stirring lessons and stories, whether on paper or through the microphone, have helped countless people learn to love their lives during the pandemic, a divorce, mental health challenges, and amid grief and loss.

Learn more about the heartwarming author and speaker who is changing every person she encounters. Walk into Dawn Bostick’s “Focus, Flourish, and Finish” process and step into purpose and success. Follow the influential creative and her work on LinkTree, Instagram, and Facebook

Barbara Majeski Inspiring Multitudes Through Her Story and Work

Many people today face the delimiting effects of negative self-talk and self-doubt. TV personality and podcast host Barbara Majeski understands the struggle more than most. Just as she has overcome both external and internal obstacles that held her back from being her best for many years, she now inspires people to do the same and guides them through the process of removing fear and doubt. 

Barbara Majeski is best known for her many TV appearances on programs like the Today Show, Inside Edition, Good Day New York, NY Live, Chicago The Jam, and many others.  She appears on various platforms to teach people how to experience more by creating lifestyle choices that promote passion, happiness, self-love, and courage. Best known by her title, “the Curator of the Good Life,” Barbara explores and shares truths and principles that help people experience a greater sense of purpose, style, and adventure. 

In many of Barbara’s most popular segments, she generously shares tips and tricks to improve confidence and resilience. She also shares excellent hacks that teach people how to decorate homes, create DIY crafts, and anything around other lifestyle topics. 

Despite the TV personality and influencer’s extreme success in the past few years, she has also had her share of challenges and trials. Back in 2015, she discovered that she had stage 3 colon cancer. About the same time, she and her husband separated, leaving her to face a life-threatening disease independently. As Barbara went through chemotherapy, she came to terms with life’s brevity. At that epiphany, she started asking life to give her another chance, promising to shift her priorities to pursuing her wildest dreams and paying it forward to others. “I promised that I would no longer play it safe, and I would no longer answer to the inner voices of doubt and fear,” shares Barbara. “I would live my next chapter bigger, better, bolder.”

Barbara would ultimately win against cancer and follow through on her wager with the universe. She started putting all her energy into becoming a TV personality. Her public speaking experience would be her springboard as she started working on shifting her career even as she passed the age of forty. That courage to make a drastic life change mid-life would catch followers’ attention, who were inspired by Barbara’s tenacity and single-minded focus on her goals. 

Today, Barbara has taken that objective and made it her mission in life. Her goal is to “make courage contagious,” by showing people that if she can shift and pivot, anyone can do the same. This mindset was inspired from the book “Courage is Contagious” by John Kasich. Highly acclaimed author and research professor Brene Brown also lives by this maxim.

Since then, Majeski has launched a podcast entitled Baring It All, where she presents her authentic self to the world and shares her vulnerabilities and strengths. It’s that raw honesty that has made the show a hit among listeners everywhere. Baring It All has also welcomed a wide array of powerhouse guests, including personalities like Janet Kraus, Zibby Owens, Elizabeth Taylor, Lisa Hyde, Jess McCann, Andrea Rogers, and many others.

Barbara hopes that her message and life would continue motivating and inspiring others. She hopes to become a household brand one day, not for her benefit but so that others would hear her story and feel empowered to dream bigger. Learn more about Barbara Majeski by checking out her website, podcast, and on Instagram.