Moving Speaker Dawn Bostick Empowers Women To “Focus, Finish, and Flourish”

It is far too easy to be distracted and wander off the path in a world decorated by material things and littered with persisting issues. Realizing how these unplanned trips could be detrimental to achieving success, international speaker Dawn Bostick is stepping in and reminding people to stay on track and journey towards accomplishment.

Although born in St. Albans, West Virginia, Dawn Bostick does not hold many memories of the place. As a military brat, she made countless trips with her family and, at an early age, was confident to say that she had traveled the world.

Thriving on change and finding the balance in every environment, Dawn found a love for being on the move and developed a unique, culturally-diverse background that allowed her to connect with varying audiences. Building on this skill, she explored her options and grew a passion for touching hearts and spurring people into positive action.

She became a best-selling author. As the brilliant mind creating the worlds within “Maggie the Milkshake Baby” and “Hello Beloved,” Dawn Bostick began to shape a community of forward-thinking, like-minded women ready to take a defining step towards their future. 

The community began to echo Dawn’s motto of “loving life in the now” and bask in the warm energy brought by the author’s favorite quote, “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” As much as the women saw the writer as an inspiration, Dawn also looked to her audience as motivation.

Recognizing an opportunity to step in and shape a conducive environment for her following, Dawn Bostick stepped on the platform as an international speaker. She took the microphone as the host of “Iconic Women.”

“Iconic Women” is a promotional podcast designed to elevate women to go through the 3F’s of life: Focus, Finish, and Flourish, and walk into the reality of their dreams. Dawn established the unique system after a terrible divorce where she lost everything. Under the “Tsunami of Divorce,” the inspiring powerhouse utilized what she could to bring about restoration and rediscover her purpose. In the process of finding herself, she discovered her method.

On her popular podcast, a must-listen as defined by her global audience, Dawn features moving stories of women who made it out of less than ideal situations. Explaining further the discussions on her platform, the outstanding game-changer shares, “too often, we are so focused on the past or looking so far into the future that we lose the joy of the present.”

She continues, “women or men will benefit from being coached in the implementation of the 3F’s in their lives on every level as they are encouraged to Focus, Finish and Flourish to impact not only their own lives but the lives of others.”

Coaching thousands of individuals and empowering them into positive transformation has made Dawn Bostick a warm, comforting figure in her reach. Her stirring lessons and stories, whether on paper or through the microphone, have helped countless people learn to love their lives during the pandemic, a divorce, mental health challenges, and amid grief and loss.

Learn more about the heartwarming author and speaker who is changing every person she encounters. Walk into Dawn Bostick’s “Focus, Flourish, and Finish” process and step into purpose and success. Follow the influential creative and her work on LinkTree, Instagram, and Facebook

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