Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Individual Case with Matrimonial and Family Law Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein

Life is unpredictable, and though many folks rarely plan on finding a lawyer, they may find themselves needing to seek legal help at some point in their lives. Finding the right lawyer is vitally important, as it can affect the outcome of the case as well as your life moving forward. New York-based matrimonial and family law attorney Bryan M. Goldstein, a partner at Grant, Herrmann, Schwartz, & Klinger LLP, head of their matrimonial and family law department, offers his take on how to find the best lawyer for your needs.  

Comfortability. You must feel comfortable with the lawyer you are retaining. Legal cases often involve sharing intimate details of one’s personal life; building trust with your lawyer should start right away. You should feel valued and personally connected.  Communication and trust are the utmost qualities you must establish when searching for the right lawyer.  

Ask the right questions. Though it can be challenging or intimidating, asking the right questions is key to deciding if a lawyer is the right one for you. Ask about their expertise, how long they have been in practice, negotiating experience and strategy, trial experience, how they plan to communicate, and what they expect from you as a client. Ask about costs, and if they will be handling the work themselves or working with other team members. You want to be comfortable and confident in your lawyer, so asking questions is a critical part of that.  Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed—ask away!

Consider the ongoing relationship. When hiring a lawyer, it is important to keep in mind that this is not an open and shut relationship. In family law or divorce matters, there may be years of legal concerns and issues ahead, establishing a positive rapport with your attorney is vital and will pay off long-term.

Understand the structure of how the lawyer works. In many cases, a lawyer will do the initial consultation, and appear in court, while research and other tasks are handled by an associate or another team member. Ask the questions needed to understand how that lawyer is going to work to ensure you pick someone you feel confident with and can trust. 

Have realistic expectations. Every case is different and personal. While it is great to get advice and hear other’s experiences, such as your friends, colleagues, or family members, keep in mind that every case has unique circumstances, so what worked for someone else may not work for you. 

“Go in with a fresh mind. Your case is unique, personal to you. And we have to tailor our goals to you as an individual, which will likely be different from someone else’s. We’re handling issues related to your children and your finances.  What could be more important to you?  You need an advocate who’s going to be on the same page and who is going to work collaboratively with you throughout the process. A united front is the key to success. The first thing you need is somebody you can communicate with, feel comfortable with, and ultimately, trust.”  Bryan M. Goldstein.  

Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein is dedicated to giving his clients a fresh start, guiding them through the emotional, and complicated process of divorce and family law issues. Goldstein was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2020 and 2021 and named in the Top 10 Attorneys under 40 by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Learn more and connect with Goldstein on his website.

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