Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Individual Case with Matrimonial and Family Law Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein

Life is unpredictable, and though many folks rarely plan on finding a lawyer, they may find themselves needing to seek legal help at some point in their lives. Finding the right lawyer is vitally important, as it can affect the outcome of the case as well as your life moving forward. New York-based matrimonial and family law attorney Bryan M. Goldstein, a partner at Grant, Herrmann, Schwartz, & Klinger LLP, head of their matrimonial and family law department, offers his take on how to find the best lawyer for your needs.  

Comfortability. You must feel comfortable with the lawyer you are retaining. Legal cases often involve sharing intimate details of one’s personal life; building trust with your lawyer should start right away. You should feel valued and personally connected.  Communication and trust are the utmost qualities you must establish when searching for the right lawyer.  

Ask the right questions. Though it can be challenging or intimidating, asking the right questions is key to deciding if a lawyer is the right one for you. Ask about their expertise, how long they have been in practice, negotiating experience and strategy, trial experience, how they plan to communicate, and what they expect from you as a client. Ask about costs, and if they will be handling the work themselves or working with other team members. You want to be comfortable and confident in your lawyer, so asking questions is a critical part of that.  Don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed—ask away!

Consider the ongoing relationship. When hiring a lawyer, it is important to keep in mind that this is not an open and shut relationship. In family law or divorce matters, there may be years of legal concerns and issues ahead, establishing a positive rapport with your attorney is vital and will pay off long-term.

Understand the structure of how the lawyer works. In many cases, a lawyer will do the initial consultation, and appear in court, while research and other tasks are handled by an associate or another team member. Ask the questions needed to understand how that lawyer is going to work to ensure you pick someone you feel confident with and can trust. 

Have realistic expectations. Every case is different and personal. While it is great to get advice and hear other’s experiences, such as your friends, colleagues, or family members, keep in mind that every case has unique circumstances, so what worked for someone else may not work for you. 

“Go in with a fresh mind. Your case is unique, personal to you. And we have to tailor our goals to you as an individual, which will likely be different from someone else’s. We’re handling issues related to your children and your finances.  What could be more important to you?  You need an advocate who’s going to be on the same page and who is going to work collaboratively with you throughout the process. A united front is the key to success. The first thing you need is somebody you can communicate with, feel comfortable with, and ultimately, trust.”  Bryan M. Goldstein.  

Attorney Bryan M. Goldstein is dedicated to giving his clients a fresh start, guiding them through the emotional, and complicated process of divorce and family law issues. Goldstein was named a Rising Star by Super Lawyers in 2020 and 2021 and named in the Top 10 Attorneys under 40 by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys in 2019, 2020, and 2021. Learn more and connect with Goldstein on his website.

Remi Sabbah Meeting the Fashion Needs of the Modern-Day Woman and Inspiring Confidence

Confidence has been linked to fashion for centuries, and today’s modernness hasn’t changed things in any way, at least not for Remi Sabbah. With the modern woman in mind, the exclusive fashion label offers timeless ready-to-wear collections that glorify the female figure while ensuring a balance between femininity and independence.

Founded in 2011 by Remi Sabbah in Cyprus, the eponymous fashion label is known for its signature fabrics, flattering silhouettes, superior tailoring, and empowering forms. It creates outfits that bring back inspiring fashion styles from decades and centuries ago while keeping the styles suitable for every woman from all parts of the world. Remi Sabbah is a brand conscious about serving the ever-demanding needs of modern-day women and satisfying their fashion needs.

Remi Sabbah, as a brand, takes a lot of forms and inspiration from its owner as she projects her personal style into the designs. In her words, “It truly feels like an indispensable part of my identity as each design says something about an aspect of my life and personal style.” Talking about what promoted and motivated her to launch a fashion brand, Remi said, “As a little girl, I was always fascinated by elegant, powerful, and intelligent women. I felt that the right outfit could really elevate a woman’s confidence. As a woman, I understand women’s need to feel unique and empowered through their fashion choices, which is why in all my collections, I create a range of pieces to suit every occasion.”

As someone passionate about women’s femininity, individuality, and creativity, Remi Sabbah as a brand helps women achieve all that through its luxurious choice of prints, bold silhouettes, and high-quality fabrics. Remi herself is always traveling, seeking knowledge, and looking for her next source of inspiration just to ensure the brand stays trendy and in style. “I draw inspiration from different places, and people and my Lebanese heritage also drive me to create impeccable designs. I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the greatest names in Milan’s fashion industry and to have been mentored by some of the most skilled maîtres of ESMOD in Paris, so I will never compromise when it comes to craftsmanship, quality, or design,” Remi revealed.

Remi Sabbah only uses fine, high-quality fabrics and handcrafted textiles for its designs. The brand also has some of the most talented in-house designers and sewers globally, which ensures the impeccable construction its pieces are known for. Remi Sabbah’s creative gifts were gotten from her father. He spent years designing displays for the biggest fashion houses in Lebanon, making art and fashion a way of life for the fashion entrepreneur.

Remi Sabbah has gone through different phases as a brand, from its first blazer collection in 2011, which sold out after a couple of months, to creating its online platform and collaboration with various luxury brand retailers. Remi sees the brand growing into an international fashion label with a strong presence in different countries worldwide through standalone fashion stores that people can identify with.

Learn more about Remi Sabbah on the official website.

P.Taufiq Photography Brings a Rockstar Experience to Weddings

It has been said that “a picture paints a thousand words.” In line with that, a person’s life can be summed up by a single photo album, each picture holding a beautiful memory, celebrating a milestone, or imparting a lesson. Filling that photo album with high-quality photographs is the power couple behind P.Taufiq Photography.

Holding offices in Mumbai, India, Boston, and Mexico, P.Taufiq Photography has become a force to contend with and has been documenting luxury weddings all over the world. With its team’s unique skill in capturing and immortalizing a couple’s love story in a single photograph, the company carries an exceptional reputation and it is well deserved. 

P.Taufiq Photography began when Pervez Taufiq decided to switch to photography. Before that, he was the singer for a successful touring band that made crowds of up to 250,000 people swing their hips and clap their hands to the beat. 

Pervez toured with Korn, Shinedown, and Ozzy Osbourne until he met his gorgeous wife, Nicole Taufiq, who once was a well-known cover girl model in India. Their union inspired the start of a new adventure, and, with one hand holding each other’s and the other carrying a camera, they launched P.Taufiq Photography.

Although the photography company was already famous since it began accepting bookings, what attracted international attention was when Pervez went to Marrakech to capture a luxury wedding.

Once there, a customs officer held back his gear, forcing the remarkable photographer to shoot the million-dollar wedding on his iPhone. Even though he got his equipment back from the officer, Pervez Taufiq was already fascinated and invested in the challenge. He continued to film the event through his phone and, after delivering mind-blowing photos and videos, the wedding quickly went viral on social media. 

Proving that brilliance and powerful moments will shine through no matter the medium, P.Taufiq Photography rose to become Boston’s Top Wedding Photographer and a recognized Global Wedding Photographer.

Carrying these distinctions, Pervez and Nicole Taufiq and their team of 35 dedicated and talented photographers and videographers in the United States shoots a whopping 80 to 100 weddings a year. Since 2013, the couple has delivered results that carry the same heart-stopping magic that each couple has.

“We have a different approach to weddings,” shares the brilliant Pervez Taufiq. “Instead of capturing events and weddings, we create moments and an energy that is palpable at weddings.”

According to several clients, this energy can be likened to a rockstar electrifying the crowd and performing to a deafening cheer. Immortalizing this excitement and wonder is what keeps P.Taufiq Photography at the top of every engaged couple and award show’s list.

Since its first photograph seven years ago, the company has won multiple awards worldwide and has grown to become one of the most sought after photography and videography companies in the world. 

Pushing the boundaries of art and challenging the rigid frames that hold photographs, Pervez and Nicole Taufiq continue to further their reputation and raise the bar for similar companies worldwide.

“Our ultimate goal is doing more than just capturing your special moments. We wish to deliver an unparalleled experience, and we aim at treating every wedding like it’s our own and every moment is extremely precious.”

Fill life’s photo album with magical memories and take home a piece of a once-in-a-lifetime moment through a photograph. Learn more about the fantastic couple behind P.Taufiq Photography by following them on Instagram and Facebook or visiting their company’s official website.

How Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC Navigates the Law to Help Students and Graduates Stay Debt-free

In the United States, debt remains an enormous issue, with consumer debt reaching $14.56 trillion after the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the New York Federal Reserve. In the past year, statistics revealed that over $1.59 trillion was owed in student loans, and it continues to escalate after the COVID pandemic ground the economy to a halt. Although since assuming control of the student loan program, the federal government has cut costs and made education assistance readily available, the toll of paying back the staggering student loans still falls on the debtors years after graduation. To this end, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC are helping graduates explore the legal protections to help them pay back their student loans while living a happy and fulfilled life. 

Based in California, LA, Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is a legal firm focusing primarily on consumer debt protection laws, including student loans, collection harassment, credit card debt, business debt, and much more. At Fitzgerald & Campbell, clients are empowered with a personalized “get out of debt” plan designed to help them get out of debt for the lowest possible amount. In addition, they are made aware of their consumer protection rights. As a result, they are protected from harassment, settlement, lawsuits, contesting judgments, and even bankruptcy, giving them the much-required negotiation power to resolve debts for less.

At the helm of the consumer protection law firm are two industry icons, Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell, with decades of legal experience between them. Greg Fitzgerald boasts a commendable law career battling renowned collection laws with many achievements and accolades to his name. Always on the watch out for the consumers, Greg often shares insider insight into the operations of debt collecting corporations such as banks and insurance companies and how to avoid the debt rabbit hole permanently.

Most recently, founding partner Gregory Fitzgerald released a statement educating the public on the firm’s stance on an article published by a law firm asking if there is a Statute of Limitations on debt. While he conceded that most people will answer yes, the misinformation embedded in the article is referring to lawsuits on debt, not the debt itself. He explained by saying: “The expiration of the statute of limitation (SOL) does not mean you no longer ‘owe’ the debt. It merely means the debtor can win a lawsuit brought by a creditor if the lawsuit is filed after the expiration of the time identified in the applicable SOL. So stated, lawsuits on some debts become ‘time-barred’ based upon the applicable state law.”

Reiterating that private student loans are indeed subjected to an SOL and cannot be disputed by SoFi as they know this because they deal exclusively in private loans, Greg clarified that the article SoFi article which claims “student loans are not subjected to debt statutes of limitations. That means that creditors or debt collectors are not time-barred from suing you to retrieve the debt, no matter how long ago it was you stopped paying on the student loan debt,” is untrue and preposterous. 

He explained the difference between private and federal student loans. He said, “SOLs do not apply to federal student loans because the federal government does not file lawsuits to forcibly collect amounts due (a few exceptions on federal student loans from decades ago).” However, private student loan creditors do not have the same luxury afforded by the federal government, and therefore SOL applies to them.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is a consumer protection legal firm that is unlike any other. It provides affordable services that guarantee clients effective results to help them stay on top of their game.

To learn more about Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC on their website.

LeRoy Mobley Wields Music to Touch Lives and Inspire Action

For most people, music serves as a cathartic medium for self-expression and an effective channel for conveying thoughts and emotions. Some artists and creatives even treat it as an outlet for releasing pent up frustrations and bottled up sentiments. But in the case of LeRoy Mobley, his craft is all about giving voice to the unheard and shedding light on those who have gone astray. For this reason, he strives to create music that not only entertains but also tugs at the heartstrings of listeners.

As one of the foremost advocates of speaking up about the harsh realities lurking in society, LeRoy Mobley believes that silence and turning a blind eye can do more harm than good. For this reason, he took it upon himself to use music as his weapon to combat the injustices taking over people’s lives. Immensely fueled by his desire to touch lives and uplift spirits, this up-and-coming artist shares his craft in hopes of making the world a better place.

Born in Manila, Philippines, LeRoy Mobley was brought up in the suburbs of Brandon, Florida. Having graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Spanish Minor, he can speak the said language articulately and fluently. His debut single, “Better Together,” was released last April 27, 2018.

Widely acknowledged for his remarkable talent, LeRoy Mobley is out to prove that there is more to him than meets the eye. Aside from his exceptional voice, he is also acclaimed for having a character of granite that has withstood tough challenges and debilitating circumstances. Having survived numerous trials by fire, he was able to walk away with a deeper understanding of his inner strength. As a result, he transformed his scars into badges of honor that could inspire fans and spectators from across the globe.

As someone who has suffered from chronic depression in his twenties, LeRoy Mobley is intimately familiar with hardships and obstacles. Just when people thought that this rising artist would succumb to his illness, he surprised everyone by deciding to bounce back and become stronger than he ever was. Last December 28, 2010, he eventually encountered a transformational miracle. At that time, he finally stepped into his light and embraced the breakthrough he was longing for.

Through music Jesus Christ of Nazareth delivered LeRoy Mobley out of the darkness. His voice has been featured on Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, FOX 5’s Good Day New York, the United Nations, Broadway World’s website, and Tokyo Disney Sea‘s “Big Band Beat.”

LeRoy Mobley has established a reputable standing in the music industry because of his warm personality and genuineness. His songs have gained recognition for giving listeners an insightful glimpse into his thoughts, aspirations, and battles. In this way, he demonstrates how he is no different from the rest of his fans. By being authentic and relatable, it is not hard for people to get drawn into his music. True enough, through his openness, LeRoy has managed to stand out from the sea of established and prominent artists.

Today, LeRoy Mobley has been performing in house concerts with the goal of performing in music festivals worldwide. In the coming years, he hopes to continue taking his music career to greater heights and create a meaningful impact on more lives.

To know more about LeRoy Mobley, you may stream his music on Spotify or YouTube.

Big Companies are Hoarding Cash for Fear of How the Delta Variant Will Affect the Global Economy


With the COVID-19 Delta Variant looming over the world today, big high-performing companies such as Google and Apple are careful to dispense of their cash deposits as times continue to be uncertain. As the Delta Variant continues to affect many countries, there is no way of foretelling for sure how the global economy will perform in the next few months. Just when the business industry looked forward to a spending spree from consumers in light of the supposedly weakening pandemic, there is the likelihood that people will choose to hold on to their cash in preparation for precarious months ahead. 

Reports reveal that cash and short-term investments on corporate balance sheets all over the world today are experiencing an all-time high as it is estimated to be at $6.84 trillion based on S&P Global Ratings. This translates to at least a 45% increase than the average in the last five years or so. This also means a 2.6% increase from the previous quarter. 

S&P Global Ratings global head of corporate research Gareth Williams believes that the cash levels can potentially go as high as $7.1 trillion by the end of 2021. 

Apart from Google and Apple, several other tech giants are hoarding cash, including Microsoft. All these three industry giants combined amount to $640 billion in cash on their respective balance sheets. Amazon, on the other hand, has almost $90 billion, while Facebook has over $64 billion. 

It is also worthy to note that it is not only the tech giants that are preparing for another worse-case scenario. Investment giant Berkshire Hathaway owned by Warren Buffet, is also holding in a massive amount of cash that is estimated to be at $144.1 billion at the end of June. It is significantly higher than its $138.3 billion on the balance sheet last December. 

Clearly, companies are taking warning signs and red flags quite seriously the past few months as finance chiefs are working doubly hard to strengthen their cash buffers. Many companies have also been making the most of low-interest rates being offered nowadays and are borrowing money to build up their cash. Unfortunately, this also increased debt levels significantly. 

The accumulation of this enormous amount of cash begs the question of whether or not companies should start investing what they have on worthy products and possibilities. 

Moody’s Senior Vice President Richard Lane remains positive that companies will start to let go of their cash instead of keeping it dormant while waiting for the final blow of the Delta Variant on the world economy. “What happened during the pandemic is that large investment-grade companies were aggressive in refinancing debt or raising new money,” Lane explained. “As we go through this year, I would expect that cash levels will come down a little bit.”

Aggressive investors just might go for pursuing new investments in the next few months and leverage their available cash, but it is also safe to assume that companies that have recently bounced back from the effects of the pandemic might still be a little wary about making investments.