P.Taufiq Photography Brings a Rockstar Experience to Weddings

It has been said that “a picture paints a thousand words.” In line with that, a person’s life can be summed up by a single photo album, each picture holding a beautiful memory, celebrating a milestone, or imparting a lesson. Filling that photo album with high-quality photographs is the power couple behind P.Taufiq Photography.

Holding offices in Mumbai, India, Boston, and Mexico, P.Taufiq Photography has become a force to contend with and has been documenting luxury weddings all over the world. With its team’s unique skill in capturing and immortalizing a couple’s love story in a single photograph, the company carries an exceptional reputation and it is well deserved. 

P.Taufiq Photography began when Pervez Taufiq decided to switch to photography. Before that, he was the singer for a successful touring band that made crowds of up to 250,000 people swing their hips and clap their hands to the beat. 

Pervez toured with Korn, Shinedown, and Ozzy Osbourne until he met his gorgeous wife, Nicole Taufiq, who once was a well-known cover girl model in India. Their union inspired the start of a new adventure, and, with one hand holding each other’s and the other carrying a camera, they launched P.Taufiq Photography.

Although the photography company was already famous since it began accepting bookings, what attracted international attention was when Pervez went to Marrakech to capture a luxury wedding.

Once there, a customs officer held back his gear, forcing the remarkable photographer to shoot the million-dollar wedding on his iPhone. Even though he got his equipment back from the officer, Pervez Taufiq was already fascinated and invested in the challenge. He continued to film the event through his phone and, after delivering mind-blowing photos and videos, the wedding quickly went viral on social media. 

Proving that brilliance and powerful moments will shine through no matter the medium, P.Taufiq Photography rose to become Boston’s Top Wedding Photographer and a recognized Global Wedding Photographer.

Carrying these distinctions, Pervez and Nicole Taufiq and their team of 35 dedicated and talented photographers and videographers in the United States shoots a whopping 80 to 100 weddings a year. Since 2013, the couple has delivered results that carry the same heart-stopping magic that each couple has.

“We have a different approach to weddings,” shares the brilliant Pervez Taufiq. “Instead of capturing events and weddings, we create moments and an energy that is palpable at weddings.”

According to several clients, this energy can be likened to a rockstar electrifying the crowd and performing to a deafening cheer. Immortalizing this excitement and wonder is what keeps P.Taufiq Photography at the top of every engaged couple and award show’s list.

Since its first photograph seven years ago, the company has won multiple awards worldwide and has grown to become one of the most sought after photography and videography companies in the world. 

Pushing the boundaries of art and challenging the rigid frames that hold photographs, Pervez and Nicole Taufiq continue to further their reputation and raise the bar for similar companies worldwide.

“Our ultimate goal is doing more than just capturing your special moments. We wish to deliver an unparalleled experience, and we aim at treating every wedding like it’s our own and every moment is extremely precious.”

Fill life’s photo album with magical memories and take home a piece of a once-in-a-lifetime moment through a photograph. Learn more about the fantastic couple behind P.Taufiq Photography by following them on Instagram and Facebook or visiting their company’s official website.