How Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC Navigates the Law to Help Students and Graduates Stay Debt-free

In the United States, debt remains an enormous issue, with consumer debt reaching $14.56 trillion after the fourth quarter of 2020, according to the New York Federal Reserve. In the past year, statistics revealed that over $1.59 trillion was owed in student loans, and it continues to escalate after the COVID pandemic ground the economy to a halt. Although since assuming control of the student loan program, the federal government has cut costs and made education assistance readily available, the toll of paying back the staggering student loans still falls on the debtors years after graduation. To this end, Fitzgerald & Campbell, APLC are helping graduates explore the legal protections to help them pay back their student loans while living a happy and fulfilled life. 

Based in California, LA, Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is a legal firm focusing primarily on consumer debt protection laws, including student loans, collection harassment, credit card debt, business debt, and much more. At Fitzgerald & Campbell, clients are empowered with a personalized “get out of debt” plan designed to help them get out of debt for the lowest possible amount. In addition, they are made aware of their consumer protection rights. As a result, they are protected from harassment, settlement, lawsuits, contesting judgments, and even bankruptcy, giving them the much-required negotiation power to resolve debts for less.

At the helm of the consumer protection law firm are two industry icons, Gregory Fitzgerald and William Campbell, with decades of legal experience between them. Greg Fitzgerald boasts a commendable law career battling renowned collection laws with many achievements and accolades to his name. Always on the watch out for the consumers, Greg often shares insider insight into the operations of debt collecting corporations such as banks and insurance companies and how to avoid the debt rabbit hole permanently.

Most recently, founding partner Gregory Fitzgerald released a statement educating the public on the firm’s stance on an article published by a law firm asking if there is a Statute of Limitations on debt. While he conceded that most people will answer yes, the misinformation embedded in the article is referring to lawsuits on debt, not the debt itself. He explained by saying: “The expiration of the statute of limitation (SOL) does not mean you no longer ‘owe’ the debt. It merely means the debtor can win a lawsuit brought by a creditor if the lawsuit is filed after the expiration of the time identified in the applicable SOL. So stated, lawsuits on some debts become ‘time-barred’ based upon the applicable state law.”

Reiterating that private student loans are indeed subjected to an SOL and cannot be disputed by SoFi as they know this because they deal exclusively in private loans, Greg clarified that the article SoFi article which claims “student loans are not subjected to debt statutes of limitations. That means that creditors or debt collectors are not time-barred from suing you to retrieve the debt, no matter how long ago it was you stopped paying on the student loan debt,” is untrue and preposterous. 

He explained the difference between private and federal student loans. He said, “SOLs do not apply to federal student loans because the federal government does not file lawsuits to forcibly collect amounts due (a few exceptions on federal student loans from decades ago).” However, private student loan creditors do not have the same luxury afforded by the federal government, and therefore SOL applies to them.

Fitzgerald & Campbell APLC is a consumer protection legal firm that is unlike any other. It provides affordable services that guarantee clients effective results to help them stay on top of their game.

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