3 Tips for Christmas Prep While Running a Business

There may be a number of occasions each year where you feel like you don’t have time to breathe, let alone take on other duties on top of your business. As Christmas approaches, you may feel a significant amount of pressure to find or make time to prepare, while still needing to keep on top of running your business. Due to this, it can be important to find ways to manage all of these expectations without facing mental burnout. Sometimes, it can be a good idea to look at the resources you have available to you which may significantly aid with time management.

Parents who have work commitments may not have the luxury of being able to run out to the stores to buy gifts, even during their lunch breaks. By the end of the day, it is also entirely possible that the stores are closed when you finish work. This can be immensely frustrating, and cause concerns that your children will be left disappointed. Rather than using some of your precious holidays for a shopping trip, you might want to consider purchasing gifts online at Wicked Uncle instead. You could then also opt to have the items delivered to the office if that is where you spend most of the day so that you can avoid them being left out at home, or requiring collection from the depot.

When profits are running high, you may also want to think about hiring a temporary assistant in the run-up to the holidays. Some companies find that, as it gets closer to Christmas, they require more staff that may not be necessary at other points of the year. This could help to save you some time, allowing you to focus more on the needs of your family. It is entirely possible that – budget allowing- you find that things run a lot smoother with an assistant around, so there could still be the possibility of amending the contract if you see fit. For the time being, it means that tasks can still be completed without you needing to bear the burden of it alone.

Learning how to switch off from your working day is important. Although you may want to give due attention to your business, especially if it is still fairly new, time to yourself is also critical. During this time, you can get other tasks completed at home and for family, do some of your holiday prep, and make sure that you get in a bit of self-care. By having set times that you work, and others where you deal with your personal life, you can bring a bit more routine into your life and make sure that your business doesn’t monopolise all of your time.

While running a business can be incredibly rewarding, you may also want to be involved with the run-up to Christmas. This can allow you to find gifts, and even start purchasing ingredients and equipment for hosting, without leaving yourself overly exhausted at the end.

A List Tax Solutions Helping Businesses Get Their Books Right with Professional Services

Daily bookkeeping and tax season are two aspects of running a business that many business owners struggle with. Thankfully, those services can be outsourced, and there are tax preparation and bookkeeping businesses that help other businesses keep their books up to date. Seeing the struggles of many businesses motivated Keisha Smith to establish A List Tax Solutions, and over the years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to become a well-known name in the business world.

Building A List Tax Solutions was born out of seeing the struggles that many businesses were going through. Keisha Smith got into the business and financial world early in her life. From working in her father’s auto collision repair shop as a teenager to working in the financial industry years later, Keisha has amassed years of experience in bookkeeping and is putting the knowledge acquired back into the world by helping businesses.

A List Tax Solutions provides tax preparation and bookkeeping services to clients all over the United States. The company is dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service and professionalism while ensuring clients get the maximum tax refund allowable by the IRS. In addition, A List Tax Solutions stands out with its audit protection and identity protection services to protect its clients from identity theft and fraud. 

With a team that has a collective experience of over 20 years in customer service and the financial industry, the company understands that each client is unique and their financial pictures are not the same. Therefore, A List Tax Solutions supports businesses and entrepreneurs with the best of quarterly tax processing and monthly/quarterly audits to keep them and their finances in tip-top shape throughout the year.

A List Tax Solutions has a wide range of client bases and happily provides its services to a wide range of businesses such as e-commerce, coaching and consultancy, medical practices, and many others. Keisha Smith is a big advocate for excellent service as she believes it is the only thing that keeps customers coming back and sticking to the brand. “Our customer service from beginning to end is what separates us from our competitors. It may sound cliche, but when I started A List, the goal was to create a customer service experience that would leave our clients feeling valued and WOWed. We ensure our clients feel welcomed and see the sincerity in our work in every interaction,” she said.

The goal for the next few years is to climb to the top of the industry as the number one tax preparer in the United States. “I see myself and my team as the leading tax experts training new and upcoming tax professionals how to establish profitable tax businesses,” Keisha said. She also plans to create tax software, conferences, webinars, classes and internship opportunities for students and aspiring tax professionals. “We understand that in a forever changing industry, it’s vital that we continually educate ourselves on new tax laws, tax credits and provide opportunities for others.

Learn more about A List Tax Solutions on the company’s website.

Qubii Duo: An Auto Backup Storage Solution Designed to Keep Files, Photos, and Videos Safe and Secured with No Hidden Charges

For many people, recording memorable events through photos and videos has become a part of daily life. However, since these photos slowly build up to take up a large amount of storage space, it has become imperative to find a storage solution that can provide ample space for all the memorable events, keeping them safe for future references and away from prying eyes while also making them convenient to access. Qubii Duo, an auto backup storage device designed by Maktar Inc, provides an ideal storage solution for memorable photos, videos, and documents.

Qubii Duo is an auto backup photo and video storage drive compatible with iPhone & Android Type-C Phones. Designed to automatically auto-backup during charging, no further action is needed after setting up to store contacts, photos, and 4K videos securely. Qubii Duo is ideal for home and office use and supports backups with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more. This innovative and straightforward storage device also has a 2-factor authentication password encryption feature that offers the safest auto-backup security with face ID and touches ID App Lock. 

To use with a laptop, Qubii Duo can be plugged in as an external drive, photostick or thumbstick into the USB port on your computer/laptop to immediately view, edit, and transfer. In addition, the storage device can be auto-synced with multiple smart devices to provide offline storage and resume automatic backup of photos, contacts and 4K videos every time you charge your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. 

Unlike many other storage alternatives, including Cloud storage, Qubii Duo’s unlimited storage comes at no extra charge or hidden fees. The MicroSD card has a storage capacity available up to 2TB and can easily be switched without triggering content duplication. In addition, the automatic backup storage device is MFi-certified by Apple and comes with a year-long warranty backed with in-app customer support.

Qubii Duo was designed by  Maktar Inc., a technology company established in Taipei, Taiwan, to improve storage efficiency and security. Through their designs, the company is on a mission to protect the privacy and safety of its customers both online and offline and allow them to live adventurously and fully. The team of experts behind the design identified the prevalent problem in today’s highly digitalized society and created a device that caters to the needs of everyone from young professionals looking to keep their files and confidential work materials secured, new parents needing enough memory space to keep the many cute baby pictures to everyday individuals needing a suitable storage device to keep photos and videos of daily life, adventures and trips. 

Qubii Duo was exquisitely designed and perfected through the various prototype before its launch to tackle today’s technological problems and make life easier for customers by providing enough storage space to keep all their memories and confidential document that needs to be kept from the prying eyes of the internet with no additional cost incurred as often encountered with Cloud storage. 

To learn more about Maktar Inc. and their auto-backup storage device compatible with iPhone & Android Type-C Phones, visit its website.

Cheers to the New Beverage Trends

Companies continuously have to adapt to consumers’ changing preferences, and for the beverage industry the current trends are pointing towards non-alcoholic drinks.  In 2019, sales of non-alcoholic beverages were able to reach $919 billion, which is almost four times more than the amount of alcoholic beverages sold in the same year.  Sales of sodas have also been on the decline in the U.S. as governments around the world introduce taxes on sugary drinks in an effort to reduce consumption, which has led companies like PepsiCo to invest in other brands.  

The beverage market is currently experiencing change and growth with five categories taking the lead in popularity.  Functional waters is estimated to cost $18.24 billion by 2025, however continuous changes in cost and customers’ growing bargaining power pose challenges to the market’s growth.  Nonetheless, drivers such as a shift towards consuming products infused with healthier ingredients that have positive effects on people’s nutrition as well as popularity among the young generations are making functional waters a desirable drink.  

Another growing market is organic beverages, which is expected to be worth $32.78 billion by 2027.  Consumers’ interest in organic beverages because of its health benefits, higher demand for sugar-free drinks, and desire for more natural flavors have led to brands including organic drinks to their lineup.  The ready-to-drink (RTD) tea and coffee market has also seen increased popularity over the years as coffee continues to fuel the modern world, increasing demand for the natural energy drink.  Drivers such as growing adoption of healthy habits, innovation of new products, and demand for drinks that have low or no sugar have helped the RTD tea and coffee market to rise in popularity.  However, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, some consumers are instead making their own coffee at home instead of buying them in stores.  

Those who want a caffeine-free alternative might be wondering what drinks could replace coffee, and that’s where the tea market comes in.  People who want to adopt healthy lifestyle habits have shown a growing preference for herbal and oxidized tea, which provides the energy boost without caffeine.  Nitro offerings, functional add-ins, and different milk blends are also upgrading the cold tea category.  Nonetheless, there are still healthier options through the RTD alcoholic beverages market for those who still desire alcoholic beverages but prefer ones that have lower alcohol content.   More brands are offering alcoholic beverages that include good-for-you flavors and ingredients.  

Bars are also acknowledging the non-alcoholic beverage trend by offering the mocktail on their menus.  These are mixed drinks that do not contain alcohol and allow those who do not drink alcohol often a healthier choice and provides them the ability to still drink something luxurious with their friends who prefer to drink.  A mocktail also grants children the chance to have a special drink with their families during an occasion for celebration.  

Beverage brands are continuously looking for ways to expand into new markets, and jumping on the non-alcoholic beverage trend is a great way to appeal to a big target audience.  

The Key to Industrial Marketing

Lack of transparency from manufacturing companies is one of the major challenges of industrial marketing. Intellectual property theft is a big problem, making manufacturers acutely aware that other domestic and/or foreign entities could steal their designs and create cheaper versions of their products. As a result of this fear, many manufacturing companies are hesitant to share the very data engineers are seeking from them. In order to protect their products, some manufacturers require that potential customers sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before reaching out for data. Moreover, only 20 percent of engineers will contact a supplier if they cannot find a 3D model download online. In order to protect intellectual property, many manufacturers are reluctant to leverage their most valuable content, the CAD models and data they use for their products.

The more information manufacturers make available on their websites, the better the customer experience is for engineers. Information regarding industry-standard specifications, maintenance instructions, maintenance schedules, minimum order quantity, and installation information all help engineers as they spec parts. Each type of information is another hook that adds value to the engineer outside of the product itself. If an engineer can choose between comparable products, purchasing the part with more data and information is more advantageous. In some cases, the data is worth more to the engineer and their company than the product is itself, especially if the data informs downstream processes like predictive maintenance.

Another critical factor is the ease at which engineers can access product information and CAD data. Engineers are busy. If they have to spend much time and effort to get information, chances are they will go the path of least resistance and find a vendor that makes obtaining CAD data and product information more accessible. John Joyce, the Global Marketing Director at Brennan Industries, Inc., harps on this in saying, “If you aren’t taking customer experience seriously as an industrial manufacturer, you don’t deserve your customer’s business. Innovations in data sharing, delivery, accuracy, speed, and availability are just as important as other innovations and often become competitive advantages”.

Embedding a configurator with 3D previews is the most effective way to deliver product-specific data. Engineers can easily navigate through product families, view product metadata, and visualize products in 3D instantly. In addition to providing engineers with the information they need, 3D previews increase time spent on pages, which is a key in ranking for product-specific keywords.

You need to ensure that the 3D CAD models on your website are in great shape in order to serve as powerful marketing content and to lead capture. 90% of engineers and architects see 3D visualization as an important factor in product selection, and when they can’t download CAD models from a supplier, 37% redraw the part, 80% move on, and 43% go directly to another supplier. John Joyce, the Global Marketing Director at Brennan Industries, Inc., says that after uploading 3D CAD models to their site, “We saw our downloads double overnight. Each download is a foot in the door for us”. Open doors for your industrial products with 3D CAD models.

Give Yourself a College-Level Education Online for No Cost

While education is a valuable resource, formal degree programs have grossly overpriced it.  The costs of college have tripled in less than 20 years.  By paying tens of thousands while forgoing a full time income, over half of college students are housing insecure and unable to afford a healthy diet.  The average learner spends decades paying off their debts while working in a job that, for 73% of them, does not relate to their degree.  Why do we ask millions of young adults to pay so much to receive so little in return?

Attitudes surrounding college degrees are changing.  More than half of Gen Zs in the US believe degrees are not necessary for success, and companies as well recognized as Tesla are coming to agree with them.  A vast majority of people believe education is shifting in a self-taught direction.  The world of autodidacts, or people who are self taught in whole or part, is composed of many notable figures.  Melanie Klein, the founder of children’s psychology, achieved her breakthroughs without ever attending a university.  Apple cofounder Steve Jobs spent less than a year in an institution of higher learning. 

The reality is that the internet has placed opportunities for self-education right at our fingertips.  Finding what you need for a college level education online is easier than you think.  In a bout of irony, it’s some of the most expensive universities that offer the widest selection of free courses on their website.  Harvard, MIT, and Berkeley all have a large catalogue of courses available for anyone to enroll in.  For those who want to pick and choose across universities, aggregate sites like College Cliffs and edX curate the best course offerings for their users.

College websites aren’t the only place you can search for a self-taught college education.  Also out there are expert-made courses uploaded to Khan Academy and TEDEd.  MOOCs, or Massive Open Online Courses, are free for anyone to enroll in as well. A popular offering in the MOOC category is LinkedIn Learning, which allows users who complete their courses to post accomplishments to their profiles.  If you’re someone who struggles to succeed in a traditional classroom environment, Codecademy or SkillShare may be the platform for you.  Both teach using interactivity and project completion.

With so many options out there, gaining access to a college-level education is not the difficult part.  The hard part is retaining the knowledge in a way that peers and employers recognize.  To do that, one needs to finish their education well.  Here are a few tips to stay on course: physically move to a different space to complete your education.  It can be a library, coffee shop, or business center, but it needs to be somewhere where the rest of your busy life can’t intrude on you.  Working in a quiet place helps minimize distractions. Get an accountability buddy with whom you can set realistic goals.  Help each other stick to the plan, and always remember why you want to learn.

How To Keep Readers Engaged With Your Monthly Newsletters

When it comes to getting value from your monthly newsletters, you have two issues you’re resolving. The first is reader engagement—keeping readers coming back for more. A business that sends out a monthly newsletter is very much involved in building an audience that will continue to turn to its company for information and new perspectives.

Yes, you want them reading it every month or even a longer timeline, but I’m also talking about the many ways marketers can use each issue to make sure their subscribers read between the lines and get even more value from their subscription.

Of course, there are obvious methods of presenting an issue with lots of great content and many tools. There’s also using your newsletters to launch new products, promote upcoming events, announce specials, offer coupons or discounts; these are all things you can do with each newsletter to make for engaging reading.

But there is another way to engage readers that extends beyond the standard fare: I’m talking about using your newsletter to generate online registrations and sales.

This is a big-time winner for monthly newsletters because you’re offering readers something valuable each time they pick up an issue. You’re not just giving them information; you’re providing them with an opportunity to buy products and register for events at their convenience.

It’s a win-win situation for your business and your readers. You get the chance to add revenue every month, while they get an informative issue and the chance to make a purchase or register for something at their leisure.

The key is to take advantage of these opportunities with each newsletter; here are some ideas on how to make your newsletter engaging.

Launch New Products By Using Your Newsletter Templates

This is one of the most obvious ways to use your newsletter for online registrations and sales; in fact, many businesses make it part of their editorial plan to launch new products in each issue. A product launch within a monthly newsletter is like having an open house every month because it offers readers a chance to learn about new products and register without having to visit the website.

Focus On How To Write A Newsletter Exciting


In addition, this is a great way for you to keep your editorial plan on track; there’s no reason not to use a newsletter as a vehicle for launching a new product every month. Just make sure this is something you plan a few months out, so you have time to prepare your readers for the new product and have a site set up with all the registration tools in place.


Draft Or Run Sales through Your Newsletter Examples

You can also use your newsletter as a vehicle to promote sales on popular products or run special promotions. This is an excellent way to allow readers regularly to take advantage of your current deals or save money when they purchase.

And, you can even combine this with a launch to create an ongoing promotion that allows users to pick up all your hot products at once. Just make sure it works for your business model and that the registration process is simple enough for everyone.

You can check out Venngage for a lot of newsletter examples for you!

Include a USB Drive with Your Newsletter

If you feel like going all out to engage your readers, consider including a USB drive with each issue. This is a great way to add value and make things easy for your subscribers; they can view the issues right on their computer or use the files in any way they see fit. USB drives are also small enough to fit in just about any mailing envelope.

Of course, you’re going to want to do this well before your first issue is set to go out; that way, you have plenty of time to prepare the USB drive with all your company’s content and registration tools. If you don’t know much about building USB drives, you can seek the help of a professional, or ask your web designer to help you figure out the process.

Initiate Subscription-Triggered Autoresponders

The ultimate way to engage readers is to use their subscription as the trigger for autoresponders that send them e-mails at regular intervals. These can be about new products, sales, or promotions—whatever you think will help build your business over time.

But make sure to make them valuable as well; readers aren’t going to stick with you if all they get from their subscription is email after email of promotional content. Instead, make each e-mail as engaging as possible, so your readers want to stick around for more.



Your monthly newsletter is an important tool for your business. Having a monthly email allows you to communicate with your customers on a regular basis, and gives them the opportunity to get a comfortable hearing from you on a regular basis. Keeping readers engaged in your newsletters can be challenging, especially if they are receiving many emails every day; however, there are ways to make sure that they stay interested in what you have to say.

Amazon Unveils Much-Anticipated Home Robot, Astro

Source: Amazon

Amazon has recently announced a slew of brand-new products during its fall product event. One of the event’s highlighted announcements came in the form of the company’s very first home robot, Astro. Equipped with a rotating screen that’s mounted onto a base with wheels, Astro is a home robot designed to appear animated and friendly, with eyes and expressive body movements that respond to user interaction.

Astro is about the size of a small dog. It roams around the house on three wheels, including two big ones that prevent it from getting stuck and a smaller one for rotating. The robot is like a combination of Amazon’s other gadgets on wheels.  

Astro can move on its own, traversing from room to room by navigating around objects on the floor or braking to avoid collision with obstacles. It also halts and navigates around pets that move into its path. The home robot is equipped with a periscope camera that is attached to the base of the device, which can be raised or lowered to view objects that are higher up.

The robot can also be remotely controlled from a phone app, which is useful for keeping a close eye on loved ones. Amazon will also sell a third-party insert created by Omron that fits into the back storage compartment of Astro, allowing it to hold a blood pressure cuff. This opens up so many possibilities for aged care from a distance, allowing users to set up reminders such as blood pressure checks and the like.

Astro also comes equipped with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. It can set and deliver reminders, serve up entertainment such as TV shows or podcasts, control smart home devices, and many more. Astro also responds if its owner asks it to beatbox, making the robot make musical noises to the best of its abilities.

The innovative home robot also has security and safety features that would keep any home safe from any harm through integration with Amazon’s smart home security subsidiary Ring. Astro can autonomously patrol a user’s home while they are away, keeping watch for any suspicious activities. It can flag potential intruders and listen for things such as broken glass or smoke alarms through its Alexa Guard feature.

Privacy should not be a concern with Astro around. Amazon has reiterated that Astro’s camera, microphone, and motion sensors can be switched off by pressing a button. Users may also designate rooms and boundaries where Astro is off-limits.

In spite of its amazing features, Astro has its limitations as well. It doesn’t have arms or limbs, so it can’t pick things up. It also can’t go up or downstairs, so it’s really only good for one floor of a house.

Starting today, Astro costs $999.99 and is available via invitation only. Currently, there is no commercial release date for Astro, but the company said that it would begin granting invitations later this year. Amazon continues to innovate the world one product at a time, and Astro is yet again another milestone in the company’s astronomical success in the field of technological innovation.

Digital Health Technology – The Future of Healthcare

Digital health technology has been on the rise for many years, but with the COVID pandemic of 2020, digital health received a huge boost in acceleration.  Where just two years ago, most medical interactions of any sort were done face to face, now it’s common and even standard for routine visits and treatments to be done virtually or with the least amount of physical contact possible (think drive through COVID testing.)  From doctors, to patients, to pharmaceutical reps, digital health tech, has taken hold of the healthcare industry in big ways. 

Today, 80% of surveyed physicians are making use of digital health tech in their personal and/or professional lives. These physicians are also more likely to recommend digital health tech such as smart gym equipment (211%), smart watches (200%), fitness wearables (182%), smartphone apps (167%), and disease-related devices (146%).  Ninety percent of physicians also make use of social media sites professionally to communicate with other physicians (19%), share videos with patients (17%), repost messages for professional use (16%), and to post professional updates (15%). In fact, more than 1 in 4 doctors are high adopters of digital health in their practice.

Another area where digital health is making a big impact is in the way pharmaceutical reps interact with physicians.  Since the outbreak of the pandemic, in-person sales rep visits fell by 63%, which has created new challenges as 2x as many physicians find in-person visits highly valuable, compared to digital interactions.  Fifty-three percent of physicians rely heavily on pharmaceutical reps for their source of information, second only to medical journals.  The aspects of interactions with pharma reps that physicians value the most are product samples (59%), information on new products (55%), answers to product questions (53%), support for insurance and access (51%), and materials for patient education (47%).  Nearly 1 in 3 doctors expect to see big changes in physicians/rep interactions within the next two years. 

The third major area of growth bin digital health usage is, of course, with patients. Patients who make use of digital health feel that it allows them to better manage their own health and to be more informed. Seventy-five percent see increased ease of access to their health records and 67% report greater access to new health information.  Sixty-four percent believe digital health helps with appointment scheduling, and 63% see improved interactions with physicians.  Digital health is even more valuable to patients with chronic conditions.  One in three of these patients prefer telemedicine for routine visits and treatments. Those with chronic conditions also find other digital health tools valuable such as websites related to their conditions (61%), online-disease related resources (56%), links to patient advocacy groups (53%), health-related smartphone apps (49%), and pharmaceutical company or product websites (47%). 

It is simply part of human nature to resist changes, and some 2020 certainly brought us our fill of “new normals”.  Nevertheless, doctors, patients, and pharma reps all agree that digital health is growing and is doing much to improve the state of healthcare. 


<a href=”https://www.realchemistry.com/article/5-things-to-know-about-the-rapid-acceleration-of-digital-health”><img src=”https://assets.website-files.com/602810ff8259272fd981f232/6064f11a93a7d2247ef085d2_acceleration-digital-health.png” alt=”Acceleration of Digital Health” width=”1000″ border=”0″ /></a><br /><a href=”https://www.realchemistry.com/”>Via: realchemistry.com</a>