How To Keep Readers Engaged With Your Monthly Newsletters

When it comes to getting value from your monthly newsletters, you have two issues you’re resolving. The first is reader engagement—keeping readers coming back for more. A business that sends out a monthly newsletter is very much involved in building an audience that will continue to turn to its company for information and new perspectives.

Yes, you want them reading it every month or even a longer timeline, but I’m also talking about the many ways marketers can use each issue to make sure their subscribers read between the lines and get even more value from their subscription.

Of course, there are obvious methods of presenting an issue with lots of great content and many tools. There’s also using your newsletters to launch new products, promote upcoming events, announce specials, offer coupons or discounts; these are all things you can do with each newsletter to make for engaging reading.

But there is another way to engage readers that extends beyond the standard fare: I’m talking about using your newsletter to generate online registrations and sales.

This is a big-time winner for monthly newsletters because you’re offering readers something valuable each time they pick up an issue. You’re not just giving them information; you’re providing them with an opportunity to buy products and register for events at their convenience.

It’s a win-win situation for your business and your readers. You get the chance to add revenue every month, while they get an informative issue and the chance to make a purchase or register for something at their leisure.

The key is to take advantage of these opportunities with each newsletter; here are some ideas on how to make your newsletter engaging.

Launch New Products By Using Your Newsletter Templates

This is one of the most obvious ways to use your newsletter for online registrations and sales; in fact, many businesses make it part of their editorial plan to launch new products in each issue. A product launch within a monthly newsletter is like having an open house every month because it offers readers a chance to learn about new products and register without having to visit the website.

Focus On How To Write A Newsletter Exciting


In addition, this is a great way for you to keep your editorial plan on track; there’s no reason not to use a newsletter as a vehicle for launching a new product every month. Just make sure this is something you plan a few months out, so you have time to prepare your readers for the new product and have a site set up with all the registration tools in place.


Draft Or Run Sales through Your Newsletter Examples

You can also use your newsletter as a vehicle to promote sales on popular products or run special promotions. This is an excellent way to allow readers regularly to take advantage of your current deals or save money when they purchase.

And, you can even combine this with a launch to create an ongoing promotion that allows users to pick up all your hot products at once. Just make sure it works for your business model and that the registration process is simple enough for everyone.

You can check out Venngage for a lot of newsletter examples for you!

Include a USB Drive with Your Newsletter

If you feel like going all out to engage your readers, consider including a USB drive with each issue. This is a great way to add value and make things easy for your subscribers; they can view the issues right on their computer or use the files in any way they see fit. USB drives are also small enough to fit in just about any mailing envelope.

Of course, you’re going to want to do this well before your first issue is set to go out; that way, you have plenty of time to prepare the USB drive with all your company’s content and registration tools. If you don’t know much about building USB drives, you can seek the help of a professional, or ask your web designer to help you figure out the process.

Initiate Subscription-Triggered Autoresponders

The ultimate way to engage readers is to use their subscription as the trigger for autoresponders that send them e-mails at regular intervals. These can be about new products, sales, or promotions—whatever you think will help build your business over time.

But make sure to make them valuable as well; readers aren’t going to stick with you if all they get from their subscription is email after email of promotional content. Instead, make each e-mail as engaging as possible, so your readers want to stick around for more.



Your monthly newsletter is an important tool for your business. Having a monthly email allows you to communicate with your customers on a regular basis, and gives them the opportunity to get a comfortable hearing from you on a regular basis. Keeping readers engaged in your newsletters can be challenging, especially if they are receiving many emails every day; however, there are ways to make sure that they stay interested in what you have to say.

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