A List Tax Solutions Helping Businesses Get Their Books Right with Professional Services

Daily bookkeeping and tax season are two aspects of running a business that many business owners struggle with. Thankfully, those services can be outsourced, and there are tax preparation and bookkeeping businesses that help other businesses keep their books up to date. Seeing the struggles of many businesses motivated Keisha Smith to establish A List Tax Solutions, and over the years, the company has grown in leaps and bounds to become a well-known name in the business world.

Building A List Tax Solutions was born out of seeing the struggles that many businesses were going through. Keisha Smith got into the business and financial world early in her life. From working in her father’s auto collision repair shop as a teenager to working in the financial industry years later, Keisha has amassed years of experience in bookkeeping and is putting the knowledge acquired back into the world by helping businesses.

A List Tax Solutions provides tax preparation and bookkeeping services to clients all over the United States. The company is dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service and professionalism while ensuring clients get the maximum tax refund allowable by the IRS. In addition, A List Tax Solutions stands out with its audit protection and identity protection services to protect its clients from identity theft and fraud. 

With a team that has a collective experience of over 20 years in customer service and the financial industry, the company understands that each client is unique and their financial pictures are not the same. Therefore, A List Tax Solutions supports businesses and entrepreneurs with the best of quarterly tax processing and monthly/quarterly audits to keep them and their finances in tip-top shape throughout the year.

A List Tax Solutions has a wide range of client bases and happily provides its services to a wide range of businesses such as e-commerce, coaching and consultancy, medical practices, and many others. Keisha Smith is a big advocate for excellent service as she believes it is the only thing that keeps customers coming back and sticking to the brand. “Our customer service from beginning to end is what separates us from our competitors. It may sound cliche, but when I started A List, the goal was to create a customer service experience that would leave our clients feeling valued and WOWed. We ensure our clients feel welcomed and see the sincerity in our work in every interaction,” she said.

The goal for the next few years is to climb to the top of the industry as the number one tax preparer in the United States. “I see myself and my team as the leading tax experts training new and upcoming tax professionals how to establish profitable tax businesses,” Keisha said. She also plans to create tax software, conferences, webinars, classes and internship opportunities for students and aspiring tax professionals. “We understand that in a forever changing industry, it’s vital that we continually educate ourselves on new tax laws, tax credits and provide opportunities for others.

Learn more about A List Tax Solutions on the company’s website.

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