Qubii Duo: An Auto Backup Storage Solution Designed to Keep Files, Photos, and Videos Safe and Secured with No Hidden Charges

For many people, recording memorable events through photos and videos has become a part of daily life. However, since these photos slowly build up to take up a large amount of storage space, it has become imperative to find a storage solution that can provide ample space for all the memorable events, keeping them safe for future references and away from prying eyes while also making them convenient to access. Qubii Duo, an auto backup storage device designed by Maktar Inc, provides an ideal storage solution for memorable photos, videos, and documents.

Qubii Duo is an auto backup photo and video storage drive compatible with iPhone & Android Type-C Phones. Designed to automatically auto-backup during charging, no further action is needed after setting up to store contacts, photos, and 4K videos securely. Qubii Duo is ideal for home and office use and supports backups with Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and more. This innovative and straightforward storage device also has a 2-factor authentication password encryption feature that offers the safest auto-backup security with face ID and touches ID App Lock. 

To use with a laptop, Qubii Duo can be plugged in as an external drive, photostick or thumbstick into the USB port on your computer/laptop to immediately view, edit, and transfer. In addition, the storage device can be auto-synced with multiple smart devices to provide offline storage and resume automatic backup of photos, contacts and 4K videos every time you charge your iPhone, iPad or Android phones. 

Unlike many other storage alternatives, including Cloud storage, Qubii Duo’s unlimited storage comes at no extra charge or hidden fees. The MicroSD card has a storage capacity available up to 2TB and can easily be switched without triggering content duplication. In addition, the automatic backup storage device is MFi-certified by Apple and comes with a year-long warranty backed with in-app customer support.

Qubii Duo was designed by  Maktar Inc., a technology company established in Taipei, Taiwan, to improve storage efficiency and security. Through their designs, the company is on a mission to protect the privacy and safety of its customers both online and offline and allow them to live adventurously and fully. The team of experts behind the design identified the prevalent problem in today’s highly digitalized society and created a device that caters to the needs of everyone from young professionals looking to keep their files and confidential work materials secured, new parents needing enough memory space to keep the many cute baby pictures to everyday individuals needing a suitable storage device to keep photos and videos of daily life, adventures and trips. 

Qubii Duo was exquisitely designed and perfected through the various prototype before its launch to tackle today’s technological problems and make life easier for customers by providing enough storage space to keep all their memories and confidential document that needs to be kept from the prying eyes of the internet with no additional cost incurred as often encountered with Cloud storage. 

To learn more about Maktar Inc. and their auto-backup storage device compatible with iPhone & Android Type-C Phones, visit its website.

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