Judo Keys: Fast-Rising Versatile Music Producer From Riverside

Judo Keys is a fast-rising artist and music producer whose real name is Johnny. He has been involved in music since he was 11 when he started playing the piano, which has always been his passion. He spent his childhood in the small city of Moreno Valley, where he played at different churches and performed on the streets of Riverside.

Judo owes his inspiration to different music genres, including electronic, hip hop, pop, and heavy metal. He refers to himself as a producer in the making, and even though he admits he doesn’t know everything about producing, he intends to continue to learn along the way. He is a frequent visitor to Los Angeles’s city to add to his knowledge and improve his music production skills. He currently works with and produces for Hip Hop artist ‘The Hypernate,’ and so far in his career, he has encountered great producers such as Tainy (who creates music for artists such as Bad Bunny and J Balvin). And Benny Blemco (who recently worked with Justin Bieber on his single ‘Lonely’). Judo recently posted a picture of them together on his Instagram stories, and he captioned it, ‘New Experiences,’ and he states that his latest single, “Move On,” is the first of many to come. Judo is progressing and mastering his craft daily, and he wants his fans to be on the lookout for more music from him.

Judo describes himself as an all-rounder who is not restricted to creating one style or genre of music; in his words, “I am bringing a new fresh sound of music. I don’t just stay in one genre. I can adapt. I want to uplift others with my music and create all types of music that make you feel good to the extent that you can forget about all your problems for at least that moment. I also want to share the things I learned on how to be sure you’ll be successful with music in the future even though you may not be successful yet.”

Judo makes music for anyone who enjoys good music and wants to keep the positive vibes going. And because he wants to continue to share the love with others and give back to the community. “If I become successful in what I do, I will give back and promote love and positivity and encourage others to serve and do the same.” He concluded.

Judo admits that many artists and musicians are stuck to a particular genre and have exhausted their creative juices, ability to dazzle or wow the fans with fresh content. He considers himself different because he is releasing different types of music. No one can figure him out or correctly predict what he would do next. For someone who grew up listening to Hip Hop, Rock, and Reggaeton. In his words, “you never know what you can expect from my music.”

To learn more about Judo Keys, connect with him on Instagram, or stream his music via Apple Music or Spotify.

Gregory Candelario: Setting the Standard for Starch-Less Nutraceutical Gummy Production Through “Nutrables”

In the past few years, a significant rise in the number of USDA Organic and vegan consumers worldwide has been noted. As a result, stakeholders have engaged in the gummy vitamins industry,  which is now launching organic and vegan products in the fast growing billion dollar vitamin gummy industry. Global vitamin gummy Sales are expected to double by over five billion in the next few years, and it is quickly becoming the new consumer favorite form of oral dose.

Leading that launch and maintaining its position at the forefront is the brilliant entrepreneur Gregory Candelario’s “Nutrables.”

Before becoming the entrepreneurial powerhouse he is now, Gregory grew up in Langley, Virginia, and eventually joined the United States Marine Corps at the height of the war on terror. His service to his country took him to multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several conflicted areas as a highly-decorated sniper.

Gregory Candelario, Nutrable’s Chief Technology Officer, decided early into his nutraceutical manufacturing endeavor to go beyond simply providing the freshest and cleanest ingredients in all products produced by the facility, but also house the most time efficient, highest quality and technology driven manufacturing equipment encased in a healthcare standard cleanliness building. Nutrables is the go to for quality products customized to the clients specifications and produced in timelines not attainable by other manufacturing companies. Unlike many gummy vitamin companies, Nutrables takes on a more health-conscious approach in manufacturing their products.

Hosting an extensive and deep-rooted knowledge in the intricacies of continuous micro-film cooking and high output starch-free depositing in the market, Gregory Candelario is the powerful mind behind “Nutrables,” setting the standard for starch-less nutraceutical gummy production worldwide. 

Nutrables is a nutraceutical gummy production company with an over 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility producing only organic pectin vitamin gummies. At the heart of the high-tech facility are six state-of-the-art starch-less confectionery machines capable of producing over a million vitamin pectin gummies per hour. 

Efficiency and ample production is Gregory Candelarios daily drive but his commitment to his clients health always remains first as he displayed with his statement on why he insists on NSF/ANSI 455-2 cGMP Certification for his production plants: 

“NSF certification helps in the protection against the spread of pathogens, quality control, and process improvement in production plants which ensures that the health and well being of our community is taking precedence amongst all else, and that’s our main focus at Nutrables followed by production excellence.” 

                   (Gregory Candelario – Founder of Nutrables) 

Gregory’s prized first-hand knowledge of building facilities geared towards the gummy vitamin market has helped him gain the trust of equipment manufacturers who have given the lauded entrepreneur a standing invitation to their facilities to collaborate on new equipment. 

Due to his unique ability to ride the new wave of demand in the market and conquer its challenges, Gregory Candelario is widely regarded and considered a leading pioneer in the starch-less active and vitamin confectionary industry. His sought-after expertise and involvement in developing one of the country’s largest facilities has made him a highly admired entrepreneur and game-changer.

Among the many things Gregory Candelario says he is most excited about this year is to employ over 200 new people in Arizona and he looks to hire bright minds who have lost jobs because of the recent global pandemic and give back to the community and to his favorite non profit foundation, Vitamin Angels.  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma principles are the foundation he says that his company strives for and Nutrables offers employees company paid training & certification for continuing education credit and already has management with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. 

Learn more about Nutrables and how it continuously raises the bar by visiting its official website. To reach out to Gregory Candelario and stay updated on his ventures, the celebrated entrepreneur is available on Instagram and his official website.

E.Z.Smith IV Teaches How to Break New Grounds in the Fitness Industry

E.Z. Smith IV is a holistic businessman, fitness guru, and the founder and CEO  of EZ4 Wellness Consulting. EZ4 Wellness Consulting is an online Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability coaching company that has grown from a six-figure business to a seven-figure in just six months. The wellness company has assisted over 1,500 individuals to stay committed to their fitness journey, losing a minimum of twenty-five Pounds in weight and a 7% Body Fat with a guaranteed result system.

For the astute businessman E.Z Smith IV, the journey to success was not a path paved with gold as he had to overcome obstacles along the way. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, E.Z had a successful division one football career. After three years, he realized he wanted more from life and did not want to work for someone else or scrap financially, and he knew he had to set his timeline for success. The desire to control his income and destiny enlivened his passion, so he decided to play by his strengths, which has always been fitness, and founded his first venture in 2010 – a Brick and Mortar Fitness facility ( 2 Pros Fitness).  

He successfully created a six-figure business in less than three years, coaching Mixed Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning, and Kickboxing with an average membership sale of $129/month. Determined to continue the success streak and build a reputable legacy, E.Z opened his second facility, Metro Fitness 51, in 2014, and immediately set to create a financially secure business successful enough to alleviate his family’s financial status. By 2017, he achieved all his goals, becoming 100% Debt free in all his business ventures, and impressively created a second six-figure income stream by helping over 1,700 clients with an average membership Sale of $450/month.

In 2018, he created EZ4 Wellness consulting, and his success as a fitness guru and businessman began to spread, and other trainers reached out to learn his secrets. His passion for sharing knowledge and expertise with other entrepreneurs led to the Remote Coaching Blueprint launching in March 2020. His clientele expanded to include aspiring and established entrepreneurs willing to grow, sales team leaders, fitness brand owners, and weight loss clients within a short period. He helped them maximize profitability and achieve financial freedom.

One of EZ4 Wellness Consulting’s unique approaches and the Remote Coaching Blueprint is how the company follows up on social media to identify potential audiences and prospects for its clients to maximize sales conversion. The company’s guaranteed profitability coaching system has yielded certifiable success and E.Z, through his company, teaches clients how to replicate the same course at scale. E.Z’s program is detailed and practical, teaching relevant strategies and techniques that he applies in his businesses, and has helped several individuals and companies in the fitness industry, creating seventy-five six-figure earners and three seven-figure earners. 

The company’s ultimate objective is to help clients scale and grow their business through a step-by-step process tailored to each business owner with an added personal mentorship. E.Z Smith IV exemplifies what one can achieve with the combination of hard work, determination, and a proven system in a business or one’s personal life.

Learn more about E.Z. Smith IV and the EZ4 Wellness Consulting by visiting their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

MA3STRO Image LLC: Telling Stories Through the Camera lens

Photos are media through which grandeur and beauty essence freeze in time, and some exceptional creatives go over and beyond to capture the humanity of the moments. One such person is Reggie Hubbard, an influencer and photographer who vividly captures moments through photos while persevering with their authenticity. He founded the MA3STRO Images LLC professional photography studio to preserve the moment of beauty.

MA3STRO Images LLC is a digital photography company renowned for its extraordinary commitment to creating breathtaking, affordable, but high-quality photographs. The company has left remarkable traces of photography prowess by capturing the best moments and helping their clients overcome insecurity, self-doubt, or disbelief. 

The digital photography company, which was established in 2018 and based in Atlanta, Georgia, is committed to bringing memories to life by creating stunning, professional photography and specializing in various techniques like headshots, family portrait, lifestyle photography, brand imaging, and modeling. At MA3STRO Image LLC, clients experience a relaxed ambiance either at the creative studio or at a chosen location with excellent attention to detail care. The company is dedicated to making clients feel comfortable in their skin while providing breathtaking photographs. They believe that people will always have a memory of how their photoshoot experience. 

MA3STRO Image LLC offers affordable payment plans on select packages. The digital photography company also has a  brand ambassador program specifically designed to appeal to influencers and models. The company helps aspiring and professional models willing to take the next step to expand their spheres of influence in building their portfolio and accentuating their finest qualities. MA3STRO Image LLC uses the art of photography as a tool to tell their narrative of the models and help them get more experience in front of the camera.

The CEO of MA3STRO Images LLC, Reggie “Maestro” Hubbard, is a United States Army Veteran with over a decade of service and a reserve police officer for a law enforcement agency in Metro Atlanta, where he currently resides with his wife and two daughters.  As a former officer, Reggie is a man passionate about his service to others. His dedication in combating complacency is etched in his favorite quote, which states, “I train to be perfect, perfect I will never be. Therefore, I will always train.” 

Reggie is always willing to learn and upscale his skills. He is an active member of the prestigious Society of Professional Photographers of America. He is currently pursuing the title of Certified Professional Photographer designation to exercise his artistry with a camera better and capture stunning moments in celebration of beauty, art, and service to his clients.  Clients and audiences have recognized his exceptional skill with a camera for its professionalism and creativity. He has been featured on reputable platforms such as FOX, NBC, and CBS. Reggie shared that, “Photographs have an uncanny way of telling stories of the past and present, and I want to help you write the story of your future.” The photography maestro plans to grow the digital photography company into a global brand by becoming an international influencer and making affordable photography an integral part of everyone’s lives. 

 Learn more about MA3STRO Images LLC on its website or reach out to them via Instagram.