Judo Keys: Fast-Rising Versatile Music Producer From Riverside

Judo Keys is a fast-rising artist and music producer whose real name is Johnny. He has been involved in music since he was 11 when he started playing the piano, which has always been his passion. He spent his childhood in the small city of Moreno Valley, where he played at different churches and performed on the streets of Riverside.

Judo owes his inspiration to different music genres, including electronic, hip hop, pop, and heavy metal. He refers to himself as a producer in the making, and even though he admits he doesn’t know everything about producing, he intends to continue to learn along the way. He is a frequent visitor to Los Angeles’s city to add to his knowledge and improve his music production skills. He currently works with and produces for Hip Hop artist ‘The Hypernate,’ and so far in his career, he has encountered great producers such as Tainy (who creates music for artists such as Bad Bunny and J Balvin). And Benny Blemco (who recently worked with Justin Bieber on his single ‘Lonely’). Judo recently posted a picture of them together on his Instagram stories, and he captioned it, ‘New Experiences,’ and he states that his latest single, “Move On,” is the first of many to come. Judo is progressing and mastering his craft daily, and he wants his fans to be on the lookout for more music from him.

Judo describes himself as an all-rounder who is not restricted to creating one style or genre of music; in his words, “I am bringing a new fresh sound of music. I don’t just stay in one genre. I can adapt. I want to uplift others with my music and create all types of music that make you feel good to the extent that you can forget about all your problems for at least that moment. I also want to share the things I learned on how to be sure you’ll be successful with music in the future even though you may not be successful yet.”

Judo makes music for anyone who enjoys good music and wants to keep the positive vibes going. And because he wants to continue to share the love with others and give back to the community. “If I become successful in what I do, I will give back and promote love and positivity and encourage others to serve and do the same.” He concluded.

Judo admits that many artists and musicians are stuck to a particular genre and have exhausted their creative juices, ability to dazzle or wow the fans with fresh content. He considers himself different because he is releasing different types of music. No one can figure him out or correctly predict what he would do next. For someone who grew up listening to Hip Hop, Rock, and Reggaeton. In his words, “you never know what you can expect from my music.”

To learn more about Judo Keys, connect with him on Instagram, or stream his music via Apple Music or Spotify.

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