Gregory Candelario: Setting the Standard for Starch-Less Nutraceutical Gummy Production Through “Nutrables”

In the past few years, a significant rise in the number of USDA Organic and vegan consumers worldwide has been noted. As a result, stakeholders have engaged in the gummy vitamins industry,  which is now launching organic and vegan products in the fast growing billion dollar vitamin gummy industry. Global vitamin gummy Sales are expected to double by over five billion in the next few years, and it is quickly becoming the new consumer favorite form of oral dose.

Leading that launch and maintaining its position at the forefront is the brilliant entrepreneur Gregory Candelario’s “Nutrables.”

Before becoming the entrepreneurial powerhouse he is now, Gregory grew up in Langley, Virginia, and eventually joined the United States Marine Corps at the height of the war on terror. His service to his country took him to multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan, and several conflicted areas as a highly-decorated sniper.

Gregory Candelario, Nutrable’s Chief Technology Officer, decided early into his nutraceutical manufacturing endeavor to go beyond simply providing the freshest and cleanest ingredients in all products produced by the facility, but also house the most time efficient, highest quality and technology driven manufacturing equipment encased in a healthcare standard cleanliness building. Nutrables is the go to for quality products customized to the clients specifications and produced in timelines not attainable by other manufacturing companies. Unlike many gummy vitamin companies, Nutrables takes on a more health-conscious approach in manufacturing their products.

Hosting an extensive and deep-rooted knowledge in the intricacies of continuous micro-film cooking and high output starch-free depositing in the market, Gregory Candelario is the powerful mind behind “Nutrables,” setting the standard for starch-less nutraceutical gummy production worldwide. 

Nutrables is a nutraceutical gummy production company with an over 50,000 square feet manufacturing facility producing only organic pectin vitamin gummies. At the heart of the high-tech facility are six state-of-the-art starch-less confectionery machines capable of producing over a million vitamin pectin gummies per hour. 

Efficiency and ample production is Gregory Candelarios daily drive but his commitment to his clients health always remains first as he displayed with his statement on why he insists on NSF/ANSI 455-2 cGMP Certification for his production plants: 

“NSF certification helps in the protection against the spread of pathogens, quality control, and process improvement in production plants which ensures that the health and well being of our community is taking precedence amongst all else, and that’s our main focus at Nutrables followed by production excellence.” 

                   (Gregory Candelario – Founder of Nutrables) 

Gregory’s prized first-hand knowledge of building facilities geared towards the gummy vitamin market has helped him gain the trust of equipment manufacturers who have given the lauded entrepreneur a standing invitation to their facilities to collaborate on new equipment. 

Due to his unique ability to ride the new wave of demand in the market and conquer its challenges, Gregory Candelario is widely regarded and considered a leading pioneer in the starch-less active and vitamin confectionary industry. His sought-after expertise and involvement in developing one of the country’s largest facilities has made him a highly admired entrepreneur and game-changer.

Among the many things Gregory Candelario says he is most excited about this year is to employ over 200 new people in Arizona and he looks to hire bright minds who have lost jobs because of the recent global pandemic and give back to the community and to his favorite non profit foundation, Vitamin Angels.  Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma principles are the foundation he says that his company strives for and Nutrables offers employees company paid training & certification for continuing education credit and already has management with Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certifications. 

Learn more about Nutrables and how it continuously raises the bar by visiting its official website. To reach out to Gregory Candelario and stay updated on his ventures, the celebrated entrepreneur is available on Instagram and his official website.

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