E.Z.Smith IV Teaches How to Break New Grounds in the Fitness Industry

E.Z. Smith IV is a holistic businessman, fitness guru, and the founder and CEO  of EZ4 Wellness Consulting. EZ4 Wellness Consulting is an online Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability coaching company that has grown from a six-figure business to a seven-figure in just six months. The wellness company has assisted over 1,500 individuals to stay committed to their fitness journey, losing a minimum of twenty-five Pounds in weight and a 7% Body Fat with a guaranteed result system.

For the astute businessman E.Z Smith IV, the journey to success was not a path paved with gold as he had to overcome obstacles along the way. Before venturing into entrepreneurship, E.Z had a successful division one football career. After three years, he realized he wanted more from life and did not want to work for someone else or scrap financially, and he knew he had to set his timeline for success. The desire to control his income and destiny enlivened his passion, so he decided to play by his strengths, which has always been fitness, and founded his first venture in 2010 – a Brick and Mortar Fitness facility ( 2 Pros Fitness).  

He successfully created a six-figure business in less than three years, coaching Mixed Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning, and Kickboxing with an average membership sale of $129/month. Determined to continue the success streak and build a reputable legacy, E.Z opened his second facility, Metro Fitness 51, in 2014, and immediately set to create a financially secure business successful enough to alleviate his family’s financial status. By 2017, he achieved all his goals, becoming 100% Debt free in all his business ventures, and impressively created a second six-figure income stream by helping over 1,700 clients with an average membership Sale of $450/month.

In 2018, he created EZ4 Wellness consulting, and his success as a fitness guru and businessman began to spread, and other trainers reached out to learn his secrets. His passion for sharing knowledge and expertise with other entrepreneurs led to the Remote Coaching Blueprint launching in March 2020. His clientele expanded to include aspiring and established entrepreneurs willing to grow, sales team leaders, fitness brand owners, and weight loss clients within a short period. He helped them maximize profitability and achieve financial freedom.

One of EZ4 Wellness Consulting’s unique approaches and the Remote Coaching Blueprint is how the company follows up on social media to identify potential audiences and prospects for its clients to maximize sales conversion. The company’s guaranteed profitability coaching system has yielded certifiable success and E.Z, through his company, teaches clients how to replicate the same course at scale. E.Z’s program is detailed and practical, teaching relevant strategies and techniques that he applies in his businesses, and has helped several individuals and companies in the fitness industry, creating seventy-five six-figure earners and three seven-figure earners. 

The company’s ultimate objective is to help clients scale and grow their business through a step-by-step process tailored to each business owner with an added personal mentorship. E.Z Smith IV exemplifies what one can achieve with the combination of hard work, determination, and a proven system in a business or one’s personal life.

Learn more about E.Z. Smith IV and the EZ4 Wellness Consulting by visiting their official website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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