An Introduction to the Artist and Entrepreneur Rey Rey Rodriguez

Rey Rey Rodriguez (born Rey Paul Rodriguez) is a renowned photographer, visual artist, content creator, entrepreneur, and is the founder of the brand The Mind of Rey Rey®.  The Puerto Rican born, South Florida artist came from humble beginnings and rapidly grew in popularity.  From his start in 2006, it didn’t take long for Rey Rey Rodriguez’s photography, graphic art, and video shorts to be found everywhere.

He began working as a freelance and pro bono photographer while building his portfolio.  His connections to non-mainstream, underground circles and individuals such as outcasts, thugs, fighters, alternative lifestyle communities, private events, fraternities, piercing and body modification groups, and several other people that enjoyed a taboo lifestyle, allowed him to shoot a mix of controversial artwork ranging from experimental, avant-garde, erotic, taboo, horror, macabre, morbid, gory, and sometimes violent photoshoots and short films.  While his unorthodox collections were banned in many places and online platforms, he grew a massive loyal underground following within a community of people he likes to call, “dark and artistic weirdos like myself.”

The creative stories behind the imagery, and the masterful methods of capturing the shots, combined with his unmatched marketing campaigns quickly gave rise to a new celebrity photographer capable of reaching a star status beyond the art community.  By 2014, Rey Rey was collaborating with celebrities, athletes, musicians, combat sports fighters, politicians, activists, major companies, and public figures of all kinds.

That year, the word “enter” was dropped from his catch phrase, “Enter the mind of Rey Rey,” to create “The Mind of Rey Rey,” which became the personal logo and watermark used on all of his photography and short films.  A few months later, it also became the name of his company.

The Mind of Rey Rey is a multimedia & creative marketing brand that provides services worldwide.  It was founded to help people, brands, and businesses grow and gain their own online presence.  “We’re here for everyone. During the Covid-19 pandemic, while many people were out of work or losing clients, we were able to help them start, build, and / or expand their companies, while still helping artists and public figures gain the recognition they seek,” says Rey Rey.

Rey Rey Rodriguez remains sought after by many for his renowned commercial, fine art, street, dark, and combat sports photography and graphic art, his mastery of personal branding, and his unorthodox social media and marketing methods.

You can visit his website and follow Rey Rey Rodriguez on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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