Methods to Boost Gaming Experience on a Macbook

You may hear some people say that Macbooks are not the best option for enjoying video games. People should stick to consoles and personal computers instead, or even get a gaming laptop.

While there is some truth in such statements, one cannot underestimate how much Macbook hardware has advanced over the years. 

If you own a Macbook, you can get plenty of enjoyment out of video games as well. And if the performance of the computer is a bit too slow while you play video games, use the methods below. 

Free up Drive Space

Video games require a lot of storage space, particularly if we are talking about AAA titles. If your Macbook has a solid-state drive instead of a hard drive, you will benefit from better overall computer performance. However, SSDs do not offer as much storage, meaning that you may end up with just a few gigabytes of free storage.

Avoid that because it will be detrimental to the Macbook’s speed. At least 10 percent of total drive storage should be free. 

To free up drive space, you will need a cleanup utility tool. Find the best cleanup software by reading a fresh 2021 review that lists the best options available at the moment.

The purpose of the cleanup utility tool is to remove temporary system junk like app extensions, plugins, and caches. You should not have problems removing files like downloads and applications from the computer yourself, but for temporary junk, it is better to get cleanup software.

Buy Gaming Accessories

Gaming accessories can be an excellent way to improve the experience. Some of the most popular options include gaming mouses and keyboards, though you should also consider headphones, particularly if a video game is known for its soundtrack.

A cooling pad is also worth a shout. If the Macbook is overheating while you play video games because there is too much dust inside, or your room has poor air circulation, an additional source of cool air will help a lot.

Make Sure the Macbook Is Malware-Free

Even an insignificant malware or virus could lead to big performance issues. It is necessary to have reliable antivirus software that detects and eliminates cybersecurity threats, but leaving the antivirus to its own devices may not be enough.

It is recommended to run custom disk scans regularly, like once or twice per week. Doing so would improve the odds of finding potential threats and removing them from the system before they cause damage.

Besides antivirus, you should also enable the Firewall to block unwanted incoming requests. Virtual private networks could be the difference-maker as well, especially if you have to join public networks that lack security protocols. 

Tinker With Game Settings

Reducing the graphics in-game could also be a good way to improve the overall gaming experience. Sure, you may be reluctant to get rid of visual details that enhance a video game, but if the frames continue to drop, you will not be able to play the game.

Try to find a balance between reducing graphics quality and still finding enjoyment while playing a game. There should be some preset options or multiple settings you can change to find the right setup for yourself and your Mac.

Quit Background Apps

Free up system resources by quitting background applications. Macbooks are no different from other computers, and they also have a finite amount of resources. You can check which processes are consuming the most resources in the Activity Monitor tool.

Besides Mac apps, you can save resources by disabling visual effects. When playing video games, you do not need gimmicks like a backlit keyboard, correct? It may not seem like a lot, but every bit helps when you want to get the maximum out of your laptop.

Keep the System Updated

System updates should take priority, even if they may take a while to download and install. In fact, the reason why your computer is struggling so much might be the lack of OS updates.

Not only will upgrading to the most recent macOS version introduces the latest features, but your Macbook will also benefit from security patches as well as overall performance improvements. These improvements are necessary if you want to play video games. 

Try Full-Screen and Windowed Modes

Trying the full-screen and the windowed modes is the last piece of advice in this article. Some games run better when you have no background and let the system process only the video game. It is known as a full-screen mode.

However, there are some games that benefit from running them in the windowed mode. If you have some time to test both options, give it a go.