Hollyboi Sav Emerges as a Hip Hop Phenom

The music and entertainment industry is awash with talent and creativity. It is the perfect home for artists to showcase their uniqueness and talent. Now and again, a star emerges who captures the attention of the industry, becoming one to look out for. This appears to be the path of Hollyboi Sav, who is blazing a trail with his versatility and business acumen.

Yusuf Hedrington Jr, known in professional circles as “Hollyboi Sav,” is a 25-year-old emerging rap artist and entrepreneur operating out of Hollywood, Florida. Hollyboi Sav spent the early years of his life in the Virgin Islands, where he was born and was raised by his grandparents before relocating to Broward County, Florida later on – this became the birthplace of his music career. About the time he was in the eighth grade, he saved up enough money to buy home studio gear and started what grew to become his record label, TFO records.

Through Trust Family Only “TFO” records, Hollyboi signed, recorded, and engineered tracks for several upcoming local artists, gaining acclaim and making a name for himself. He spent a couple of years perfecting his craft and networking with dozens of music producers and other industry stakeholders. From there, he expanded into acquiring video production equipment and eventually started his video production company – Swisscheese Visuals, making music videos and covering all kinds of events from baby showers to weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and the likes.

Hollyboi Sav sets himself apart as a wordsmith with a masterful command of lyrics and a unique insight into the music industry. He brings a fresh and phenomenal interpretation to the rap genre, steadily building up a reputation as both a credible artist and a respected member of his community. When not in the Studio, Hollyboi Sav helps provide meals for the homeless. Community means a lot to the rap star, and he has made it a part of his DNA to help as many people as possible, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. With his video production team’s help, he raised and donated $5000 towards small local black-owned businesses to keep them afloat through the hardships experienced as a result of the pandemic.

Hollyboi Sav is passionate about inspiring people to chase their dreams no matter the challenges and developing the mental toughness to overcome any obstacle in their path. According to the rap star, his passion for music and business motivated him to hone his talents and develop himself as a hip-hop artist. Additionally, a significant lack of video production companies in his community inspired his video company’s launch to showcase his creativity and plethora of ideas.

Hollyboi Sav envisions running one of the most successful video production companies in Hollywood in the coming years. He hopes to be at the top of his game as an artist, collaborating with the biggest names around the world and realizing all the dreams he set out to achieve. He also plans to be a successful entrepreneur with many thriving businesses across different fields and a role model to upcoming artists, models and entrepreneurs.

To learn more about Hollyboi Sav and his current projects, visit the website.

Couponing.with.tyler Helps Consumers Find the Best Couponing Deals to Save on Expenses

Countless ordinary Americans are currently struggling to make ends meet due to the terrible effects of the pandemic, such as people losing their jobs and businesses being forced to shut down. While it seems that many have managed to move forward with their lives as protocols are slowly loosening, it is undeniable that quite a big number of people remain jobless and dependent on government help. Expert couponer and online deals finder Tyler Adkins is helping out every American home in his own little way by teaching consumers the many benefits of collecting coupons to brave this challenging season. 

The 19-year-old discovered the joys of couponing when he was only 15. He remembers seeing a lot of coupons in the weekly newspaper, and the one that offered $1 off band-aids caught his attention. Curious about where he could get these band-aids for a good deal, he started searching for stores that sold them. Much to his surprise, the local store near his home sold them for a discount of $1. Ever since that day, he started enjoying using coupons and looking for online deals that offer the best buys.

Tyler Adkins has become an Instagram sensation with his Couponing.with.Tyler account, which has a staggering 15,000 followers and is growing at a steady pace. His posts often feature basic items that people need at home, from toiletries to cleaning materials, pillows, and appliances. Special treats are offered every now for women’s apparel, unisex rubber shoes, nail polish, jewelry, and even gadgets. Consumers only need to be on the lookout for Tyler’s most recent posts to enjoy the best deals available. 

At present, Tyler Adkins is focused on looking for amazing deals for antibacterial products that consumers can use to keep their homes, cars, and offices clean and safe from COVID-19. As most people would remember, the prices of antibacterial products went up at the height of the pandemic last year as supplies dwindled at the onset of the crisis. Now that supplies are in abundance, Tyler is all about finding the most exciting deals that consumers can avail themselves of. For one, he understands that quite a large number of American families are adjusting to the loss of their income or the closure of their business. Everyone is scrimping to survive. Being able to help out is something that he wants to keep doing until the economy for most people becomes a lot better.

Tyler Adkins is also best known for his exceptional skills in looking for the best deals online. Whether someone is looking for a laptop, a brand-new cellphone, a specific type of shoe, or an appliance with a good price, Tyler is the go-to person. There is nothing that he loves doing more than searching for extraordinary deals online to help people working on a tight budget. 

Among his many lovable traits, his accommodating nature is something that his followers find quite impressive. Regardless of how many private messages he receives in a day, he will always find the time to reply to their queries and concerns. For Tyler Adkins, his followers are his special community, a growing family where they learn how to save money by simply reaching out to him. With his followers consistently enjoying the best deals they can get, there is no doubt that he will continue to be a rising influencer who will make a lasting impact on the lives of other people.

Follow Tyler Adkins on Instagram to learn more about his couponing skills and latest offers. Visit his website to check out new deals. 

Actress & Comedian Megan Nager Finds New Ways to Entertain Quarantined Audiences in The Age of Covid

Due to the drastic implications of the Covid 19 pandemic, many find themselves still facing harsh lockdowns in cities across the United States. Like most industries that have been affected by the pandemic in some way or another, the entertainment industry has found its fair share of challenges operating during such stressful times. Live performances such as concerts and comedy shows have been put on hold, as well as most in person auditions. While other comedians and performers have come to a standstill in their careers, SAG actor and comedian, Megan Nager, has doubled down on her digital content creation in order to  keep her audience engaged, entertained, and inspired. 

Megan moved to Los Angeles in 2012 in order to pursue an acting career. Within six months, she had secured several roles in short and feature films on networks such as TruTV and Amazon. When she wasn’t auditioning or in acting classes, Megan began to perform stand-up comedy at venues such as The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, Flapper’s Comedy Club, and more. From there, Megan combined her love of comedy and filmmaking and began to create her own original, comedic digital content. Within three years, Megan grew her social media following to over a combined 100,000 followers, spanning Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Megan’s digital content expertise landed her jobs working with major social media platforms such as Firework and Triller, and film production companies such as Steve Carell’s Carousel Production Company. 

Despite Megan’s success, when the Covid-19 pandemic struck the U.S., she – along with her colleagues in the entertainment industry – began to panic. Comedy clubs were forced to close and in-person auditions were put on hold. How could she continue to reach her audience and expand her career in what felt like a total stand-still? That’s when she began to brainstorm with good friend, creative partner, and fellow comedian, Erin Darling. The two had previously written a short film together, and knew they wouldn’t be able to film such a large production while everything was shut down. Unsure of how to continue, the two took some time to brainstorm. That’s when they came up with a television concept that they couldn’t ignore: Conspiracy, Seriously, a pop culture conspiracy theory show that would be hosted by them, and involve a lot of comedy. Sure, there were other shows that broke down conspiracy theories, but none that focused solely on pop culture ones. 

In order to test their concept, Megan and Erin headed to TikTok and began to create pop culture conspiracy videos. Despite the fact that the two knew very little about the platform, within two months, the comedians grew their joint account to over 160,000 followers and counting. Their videos regularly go viral, and are plastered with hundreds of comments from very interested fans. 

“What Erin and I love about these videos and this concept in general, is that they aren’t focusing on the really heavy, disturbing conspiracy theories that we usually hear about – such as 9/11 and Q Anon. Instead, we have a much lighter approach to the whole subject matter. Our videos cover topics such as ‘Finland May Not Actually Exist’ and ‘Stevie Wonder Possibly Isn’t Blind’ (all theories that people on the internet whole-heartedly believe are true). Although Erin and Megan may not have expected such an overwhelmingly positive response, they aren’t complaining. Their videos are seen by thousands of people daily and they continue to put out three a day, seven days a week. 

Thanks to their success, Megan and Erin are now teaching TikTok growth workshops, continuing to pitch their project to large production companies, and looking to create even longer episodes – whether that be in TV or podcast format, they’re still deciding. 

Despite the fact that the pandemic has brought about a sense of fear and uncertainty to most people, Megan and Erin continue to use their gifts to bring back smiles to people’s faces and get them to think critically. “In an era when there is SO much information online, it’s important to really evaluate what you’re reading and believing. That’s what Erin and I hope to do with our videos,” says Megan. 

You can see more of Megan’s content on her personal Instagram and watch her conspiracy videos on her  TikTok

Keith Ross Nelson: The Comedian Poking Fun at Getting Old

With the current state of the world, a little bit of laughter can go a long way in giving people space to decompress and set aside their concerns even for just a short time. Comedy can transport you to a different mindset, and laughter can do wonders for people’s soul. Keith Ross Nelson is a comedian who has been in the industry for over thirty years, and he proves that even things people are afraid of can be used to make them laugh.

Keith Ross Nelson has over thirty years of experience in stand-up comedy. He has traveled to all 50 U.S. states with his act and has also performed in various comedy clubs, colleges, and cruise ships worldwide. He has even worked his comedy magic for U.S. troops around the world. This long-time comedian has also been on the Hulu show Comedy Time and A and E’s Evening at the improv. Keith is also an actor, and he was featured in the independent films Mobsters and Mormons and The R.M. This successful creative also directed, co-wrote, and starred in the T.V. series Electives. HE even won the Portland Comedy Competition in 2005.

Keith Ross Nelson has dedicated his life to putting a smile on people’s faces. Over the years, he has honed his skills in his craft, and he has become a master of shedding a funny light on typical everyday situations. He figures that his years in the industry give him a different perspective from other comedians, and he plans to use that to his advantage. And people have been responding well to his act and anecdotes. “My act is unique in that it talks about being at the beginning of old, and poking fun at the aging experience,” says Keith. His material feels young and hip. “I have been told it’s like watching a cool old dad do stand-up,” Keith shares.

Keith gets better and better at his craft. Keith says, “Even now, I still strive to get better.”

Aside from being an extremely talented comedian, Keith Ross Nelson is also a world-class athlete. He held the Masters High Jump record for his age group from 2000 to 2007. This comedian has also won three National Championships in high jumping. Keith is also passionate about Kung Fu, and he is a Third Degree Black Belt. 

Keith Ross Nelson offers a different perspective for his audience. “I want people to be inspired. I was 45 when I broke a record for track. I recently became a third degree black belt in Kung Fu. Growing older is nothing, when we have laughter to keep us young.”

For more information about Keith Ross Nelson, you may visit this page. You can follow Keith on Instagram @Keithrossnelson

David Murrietta, Jr. Is the Dashing Hollywood Actor, Influencer, and Blogger Winning the Public Eye

From pursuing his criminal justice degree to chasing after his passion for entertainment as a Hollywood actor, model, and influencer, David Murrietta, Jr. has taken on a rollercoaster ride in exploring newfound passions and career opportunities. Today, the multi-talented actor and rising social media personality have continuously won the public eye online and offline, setting his path towards even greater heights in the entertainment industry. 

David Murrietta, Jr. is a fast-rising actor, social media influencer, model, and blogger based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in San Jose, California, the half-Mexican half-Korean obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. While pursuing the field of law enforcement, he suffered a major knee injury while training for a bodybuilding competition. This tragedy led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in General Business and eventually land at Amazon’s corporate campus. Early in his corporate life, many of his friends brought him to several small-film projects in San Francisco. Through this exposure, he discovered his love and passion for entertainment and performing arts. 

After realizing that being in front of the camera brought him a different level of happiness and sense of fulfillment, he left the corporate world and pursued Hollywood. At present, may recognize David Murrietta, Jr. from several films where he plays the dashing law enforcement officer, modeling shots on Instagram, YouTube videos, blog posts, and more.

As an actor, his dynamic approach and versatility allow him to work on various television shows and commercials. However, David Murrietta, Jr. is most notable for playing roles as a military officer or police officer in a number of Hollywood shows. Indeed, his charming looks and strong screen presence easily wins the hearts of many viewers. 

Aside from taking over the Hollywood scene, David Murrietta, Jr. is also a force to be reckoned with on social media. The fast-rising content creator has been taking on several partnerships with different brands. For starters, he has successfully collaborated with Simply Fuel, Kona Kai Resorts & Spa, Hotel Valencia Santana Row, Every Man Jack, Eternal Vitamins, Buttercloth, Goat Fuel, and many more brands. He strives to consistently engage with his followers, doing his best to respond to all their messages despite his hectic schedule.

More recently, David Murrietta, Jr. is making enormous strides on YouTube, alongside his fiancee, Alexandra Creteau, whom he met through a TV show set. Together, the multi-talented couple has amassed more than 700,000 views, as they share with their viewers their exciting travel adventures, difficult discussions on mental health and healthy lifestyle, strategies in growing as an online brand, and much other inspirational content. 

“I want to use my social media to inspire, motivate, and pass along the wisdom and knowledge I have accrued throughout my years and share my journey to inspire. I take pride in transparency and use my testimony to show that it is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to have bad days, and it is okay to fail,” shares David.

To know more about David Murrietta, Jr., please visit his official IMDB Page. You may also check him out on YouTube and Instagram for more updates.

Methods to Boost Gaming Experience on a Macbook

You may hear some people say that Macbooks are not the best option for enjoying video games. People should stick to consoles and personal computers instead, or even get a gaming laptop.

While there is some truth in such statements, one cannot underestimate how much Macbook hardware has advanced over the years. 

If you own a Macbook, you can get plenty of enjoyment out of video games as well. And if the performance of the computer is a bit too slow while you play video games, use the methods below. 

Free up Drive Space

Video games require a lot of storage space, particularly if we are talking about AAA titles. If your Macbook has a solid-state drive instead of a hard drive, you will benefit from better overall computer performance. However, SSDs do not offer as much storage, meaning that you may end up with just a few gigabytes of free storage.

Avoid that because it will be detrimental to the Macbook’s speed. At least 10 percent of total drive storage should be free. 

To free up drive space, you will need a cleanup utility tool. Find the best cleanup software by reading a fresh 2021 review that lists the best options available at the moment.

The purpose of the cleanup utility tool is to remove temporary system junk like app extensions, plugins, and caches. You should not have problems removing files like downloads and applications from the computer yourself, but for temporary junk, it is better to get cleanup software.

Buy Gaming Accessories

Gaming accessories can be an excellent way to improve the experience. Some of the most popular options include gaming mouses and keyboards, though you should also consider headphones, particularly if a video game is known for its soundtrack.

A cooling pad is also worth a shout. If the Macbook is overheating while you play video games because there is too much dust inside, or your room has poor air circulation, an additional source of cool air will help a lot.

Make Sure the Macbook Is Malware-Free

Even an insignificant malware or virus could lead to big performance issues. It is necessary to have reliable antivirus software that detects and eliminates cybersecurity threats, but leaving the antivirus to its own devices may not be enough.

It is recommended to run custom disk scans regularly, like once or twice per week. Doing so would improve the odds of finding potential threats and removing them from the system before they cause damage.

Besides antivirus, you should also enable the Firewall to block unwanted incoming requests. Virtual private networks could be the difference-maker as well, especially if you have to join public networks that lack security protocols. 

Tinker With Game Settings

Reducing the graphics in-game could also be a good way to improve the overall gaming experience. Sure, you may be reluctant to get rid of visual details that enhance a video game, but if the frames continue to drop, you will not be able to play the game.

Try to find a balance between reducing graphics quality and still finding enjoyment while playing a game. There should be some preset options or multiple settings you can change to find the right setup for yourself and your Mac.

Quit Background Apps

Free up system resources by quitting background applications. Macbooks are no different from other computers, and they also have a finite amount of resources. You can check which processes are consuming the most resources in the Activity Monitor tool.

Besides Mac apps, you can save resources by disabling visual effects. When playing video games, you do not need gimmicks like a backlit keyboard, correct? It may not seem like a lot, but every bit helps when you want to get the maximum out of your laptop.

Keep the System Updated

System updates should take priority, even if they may take a while to download and install. In fact, the reason why your computer is struggling so much might be the lack of OS updates.

Not only will upgrading to the most recent macOS version introduces the latest features, but your Macbook will also benefit from security patches as well as overall performance improvements. These improvements are necessary if you want to play video games. 

Try Full-Screen and Windowed Modes

Trying the full-screen and the windowed modes is the last piece of advice in this article. Some games run better when you have no background and let the system process only the video game. It is known as a full-screen mode.

However, there are some games that benefit from running them in the windowed mode. If you have some time to test both options, give it a go.