David Murrietta, Jr. Is the Dashing Hollywood Actor, Influencer, and Blogger Winning the Public Eye

From pursuing his criminal justice degree to chasing after his passion for entertainment as a Hollywood actor, model, and influencer, David Murrietta, Jr. has taken on a rollercoaster ride in exploring newfound passions and career opportunities. Today, the multi-talented actor and rising social media personality have continuously won the public eye online and offline, setting his path towards even greater heights in the entertainment industry. 

David Murrietta, Jr. is a fast-rising actor, social media influencer, model, and blogger based in Los Angeles. Born and raised in San Jose, California, the half-Mexican half-Korean obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. While pursuing the field of law enforcement, he suffered a major knee injury while training for a bodybuilding competition. This tragedy led him to pursue a Master’s Degree in General Business and eventually land at Amazon’s corporate campus. Early in his corporate life, many of his friends brought him to several small-film projects in San Francisco. Through this exposure, he discovered his love and passion for entertainment and performing arts. 

After realizing that being in front of the camera brought him a different level of happiness and sense of fulfillment, he left the corporate world and pursued Hollywood. At present, may recognize David Murrietta, Jr. from several films where he plays the dashing law enforcement officer, modeling shots on Instagram, YouTube videos, blog posts, and more.

As an actor, his dynamic approach and versatility allow him to work on various television shows and commercials. However, David Murrietta, Jr. is most notable for playing roles as a military officer or police officer in a number of Hollywood shows. Indeed, his charming looks and strong screen presence easily wins the hearts of many viewers. 

Aside from taking over the Hollywood scene, David Murrietta, Jr. is also a force to be reckoned with on social media. The fast-rising content creator has been taking on several partnerships with different brands. For starters, he has successfully collaborated with Simply Fuel, Kona Kai Resorts & Spa, Hotel Valencia Santana Row, Every Man Jack, Eternal Vitamins, Buttercloth, Goat Fuel, and many more brands. He strives to consistently engage with his followers, doing his best to respond to all their messages despite his hectic schedule.

More recently, David Murrietta, Jr. is making enormous strides on YouTube, alongside his fiancee, Alexandra Creteau, whom he met through a TV show set. Together, the multi-talented couple has amassed more than 700,000 views, as they share with their viewers their exciting travel adventures, difficult discussions on mental health and healthy lifestyle, strategies in growing as an online brand, and much other inspirational content. 

“I want to use my social media to inspire, motivate, and pass along the wisdom and knowledge I have accrued throughout my years and share my journey to inspire. I take pride in transparency and use my testimony to show that it is okay not to be perfect. It is okay to have bad days, and it is okay to fail,” shares David.

To know more about David Murrietta, Jr., please visit his official IMDB Page. You may also check him out on YouTube and Instagram for more updates.