Abdallah Hawshar and Crown Digital Agency Making the Digital Marketing Industry a Goldmine Where Budding Players Can Thrive

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

A digital footprint is a staple for everyone in today’s world. Whether as an individual looking to make valuable connections or a business/brand looking for customers and assets, a digital presence is non-negotiable. This digital presence is achievable through a series of digital marketing strategies. On that front, one entrepreneur making a difference is Abdallah Hawshar, the founder and owner of Crown Digital Agency, a leading SEO and digital marketing agency.

Abdallah Hawshar’s journey into the digital space was primarily influenced by his love for business, meeting new people, interacting with them and finding ways to improve their lives. Despite a career as an aviation mechanic, Abdallah pursued what he had a genuine passion for. Crown Digital Agency was a side project for him to explore his love and passion for marketing. Upon seeing how much difference he could make by developing marketing strategies that work for businesses, he decided to take it up full time, which has now transcended into a thriving, profitable company.

Over the years, Abdallah Hawshar has developed an unmatched work ethic and drive, which have helped him climb to the top of the ladder in his industry. To also cement his place as an expert and professional in his chosen field, Abdallah proceeded to study Media and Communication at the University of Balamand and then obtained a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing. Over the years, he has honed his skills by developing effective digital marketing strategies and putting them into practice by helping many businesses manage their digital presence.

Abdallah has committed a great deal of dedication to his work and scaled Crowned Digital Agency into a successful company. Many businesses and ventures, especially startups, have benefitted from the company’s professionalism and expertise. Crown Digital Agency also offers consulting services to help businesses figure out the best strategy that suits their operations.

Crown Agency’s success over the years is a result of deliberate efforts to stand out as a company. The combination of a relentless work ethic from the founder and a professional expert team doing all the work has helped the company scale within a short time. This meteoric rise has fueled the company’s drive, and now Abdallah Hawshar is continually looking for new ways to take digital marketing services to greater heights.

The COVID-19 pandemic further gave Abdallah the opportunity to improve his skills. In the slowed-down world of the last couple of years, he obtained certificates from Google, Boston University through edX, and the Open Media Institute (OMI), among others, to skill up and help businesses recover from the effects of the pandemic. “Many people failed to see the positives during the pandemic. However, I saw it as an opportunity to reinvent myself and position myself for the changes the business world would experience after the pandemic. This move has helped Crown Digital Agency achieve more and become an authority in the digital marketing niche,” he revealed.

Over the next few years, he hoped to redefine the digital marketing space with novel ideas while inspiring digital entrepreneurs to learn about social media marketing and build businesses using their knowledge and expertise.

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