Remi Sabbah Meeting the Fashion Needs of the Modern-Day Woman and Inspiring Confidence

Confidence has been linked to fashion for centuries, and today’s modernness hasn’t changed things in any way, at least not for Remi Sabbah. With the modern woman in mind, the exclusive fashion label offers timeless ready-to-wear collections that glorify the female figure while ensuring a balance between femininity and independence.

Founded in 2011 by Remi Sabbah in Cyprus, the eponymous fashion label is known for its signature fabrics, flattering silhouettes, superior tailoring, and empowering forms. It creates outfits that bring back inspiring fashion styles from decades and centuries ago while keeping the styles suitable for every woman from all parts of the world. Remi Sabbah is a brand conscious about serving the ever-demanding needs of modern-day women and satisfying their fashion needs.

Remi Sabbah, as a brand, takes a lot of forms and inspiration from its owner as she projects her personal style into the designs. In her words, “It truly feels like an indispensable part of my identity as each design says something about an aspect of my life and personal style.” Talking about what promoted and motivated her to launch a fashion brand, Remi said, “As a little girl, I was always fascinated by elegant, powerful, and intelligent women. I felt that the right outfit could really elevate a woman’s confidence. As a woman, I understand women’s need to feel unique and empowered through their fashion choices, which is why in all my collections, I create a range of pieces to suit every occasion.”

As someone passionate about women’s femininity, individuality, and creativity, Remi Sabbah as a brand helps women achieve all that through its luxurious choice of prints, bold silhouettes, and high-quality fabrics. Remi herself is always traveling, seeking knowledge, and looking for her next source of inspiration just to ensure the brand stays trendy and in style. “I draw inspiration from different places, and people and my Lebanese heritage also drive me to create impeccable designs. I’ve been fortunate enough to work alongside some of the greatest names in Milan’s fashion industry and to have been mentored by some of the most skilled maîtres of ESMOD in Paris, so I will never compromise when it comes to craftsmanship, quality, or design,” Remi revealed.

Remi Sabbah only uses fine, high-quality fabrics and handcrafted textiles for its designs. The brand also has some of the most talented in-house designers and sewers globally, which ensures the impeccable construction its pieces are known for. Remi Sabbah’s creative gifts were gotten from her father. He spent years designing displays for the biggest fashion houses in Lebanon, making art and fashion a way of life for the fashion entrepreneur.

Remi Sabbah has gone through different phases as a brand, from its first blazer collection in 2011, which sold out after a couple of months, to creating its online platform and collaboration with various luxury brand retailers. Remi sees the brand growing into an international fashion label with a strong presence in different countries worldwide through standalone fashion stores that people can identify with.

Learn more about Remi Sabbah on the official website.

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