How Nick Wood Built a 7-Figure Digital Real Estate Empire

Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos
Image Commercially Licensed from: Depositphotos

When entrepreneur and digital real estate expert Nick Wood found himself $60,000 in debt after a couple failed business ventures in his early 20’s, he knew he had two decisions: give up or dig himself out. 

Nick chose the latter. 

While his situation was less than ideal, it motivated him even further to achieve his financial goals and build a successful business that is now worth millions. 

Nick’s career in business started when he worked as a door-to-door salesman in the blazing sun of the southern United States, which tested his resolve as he learned his craft. The next ten years of his entrepreneurial journey became the most challenging aspect as he started and failed a couple tech ventures that landed him $60,000 in debt. Through this hardship, he kept applying pressure until he developed what has now become a multi-7-figure digital real estate empire. 

After experiencing such a winding journey of ups and downs as an entrepreneur, Nick began distilling his knowledge into an online course to help others become empowered to take control of their lives by being hands-on entrepreneurs. As a result, Digital Landlords was born. 

Digital Landlords is an online course community filled with students from all walks of life, of various ages, and from all around the world. Through this community, Nick trains his students how to create passive income by building their own websites for niche services online and connecting with local business owners for monthly profit. Individuals can work from anywhere and be their own boss with Digital Landlords, ushering in a new generation of digital nomads.

Nick teaches his signature methods of making money online through digital real estate, including how to select the right niche in the right market, how to build “quick and dirty” websites that convert, how to sell leads to businesses for a monthly retainer fee, and more. Today, Digital Landlords has more than 300 students benefiting greatly from Nick’s energetic and ambitious leadership.

Among his peers in the online space, Nick is known as a straight shooter and a self-described “money-hungry dreamer”. While many may view this pursuit of money as superficial, Nick’s aim to create a $100 million net worth in the next three years is fueled by his desire to do good in the world, particularly in West Africa. When he was just 19 years old, Nick embarked on a two-year humanitarian effort in the jungles of West Africa, where he was eventually featured on BBC News after mastering the language and later setting up business operations in Sierra Leone. 

Through Digital Landlords, Nick has made a life-changing impact on the lives of his students by showing them how to “break out of the rat race”. Determined to make it to the peak of the industry, Nick Wood is poised to conquer the digital real estate industry. 


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