How Nick Wood Built a 7-Figure Digital Real Estate Empire

When entrepreneur and digital real estate expert Nick Wood found himself $60,000 in debt after a couple failed business ventures in his early 20’s, he knew he had two decisions: give up or dig himself out. 

Nick chose the latter. 

While his situation was less than ideal, it motivated him even further to achieve his financial goals and build a successful business that is now worth millions. 

Nick’s career in business started when he worked as a door-to-door salesman in the blazing sun of the southern United States, which tested his resolve as he learned his craft. The next ten years of his entrepreneurial journey became the most challenging aspect as he started and failed a couple tech ventures that landed him $60,000 in debt. Through this hardship, he kept applying pressure until he developed what has now become a multi-7-figure digital real estate empire. 

After experiencing such a winding journey of ups and downs as an entrepreneur, Nick began distilling his knowledge into an online course to help others become empowered to take control of their lives by being hands-on entrepreneurs. As a result, Digital Landlords was born. 

Digital Landlords is an online course community filled with students from all walks of life, of various ages, and from all around the world. Through this community, Nick trains his students how to create passive income by building their own websites for niche services online and connecting with local business owners for monthly profit. Individuals can work from anywhere and be their own boss with Digital Landlords, ushering in a new generation of digital nomads.

Nick teaches his signature methods of making money online through digital real estate, including how to select the right niche in the right market, how to build “quick and dirty” websites that convert, how to sell leads to businesses for a monthly retainer fee, and more. Today, Digital Landlords has more than 300 students benefiting greatly from Nick’s energetic and ambitious leadership.

Among his peers in the online space, Nick is known as a straight shooter and a self-described “money-hungry dreamer”. While many may view this pursuit of money as superficial, Nick’s aim to create a $100 million net worth in the next three years is fueled by his desire to do good in the world, particularly in West Africa. When he was just 19 years old, Nick embarked on a two-year humanitarian effort in the jungles of West Africa, where he was eventually featured on BBC News after mastering the language and later setting up business operations in Sierra Leone. 

Through Digital Landlords, Nick has made a life-changing impact on the lives of his students by showing them how to “break out of the rat race”. Determined to make it to the peak of the industry, Nick Wood is poised to conquer the digital real estate industry. 


Netflix Adds More Subscribers and its Shares Increased

Netflix snaps out of its doldrums and posts significant revenue and shares growth, after announcement of its ad-inclusive plans.

The streaming titan said on Tuesday that its shares soared by more than 14% after releasing better-than-anticipated numbers. Furthermore, according to Netflix, it has more than 2.41 million customers. Based on previous inquiries, the amount is more than twice what the business had anticipated. Additionally, Netflix upholds its pledge to prohibit password sharing. The streaming behemoth said its agents would start working on it next year.

Netflix reported the following:

EPS: $3.10 vs. $2.13 per share, according to Refinitiv.

Revenue: $7.93 billion vs. $7.837 billion, according to Refinitiv survey.

Expected global paid net subscribers: Addition of 2.41 million subscribers vs. addition of 1.09 million subscribers, according to StreetAccount estimates.

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Netflix membership

The Asia-Pacific region witnessed significant development for Netflix. About 1.43 million customers are now present in the region. However, the US-Canada market fell behind with just a 100,000 membership increase this quarter.

“We’re still not growing as fast as we’d like. We are building momentum, we are pleased with our progress, but we know we still have a lot more work to do,” said Netflix’s chief financial officer, Spencer Neumann.

With a projection of about 4.5 million customers in the first quarter of the following year, Netflix anticipates additional subscribers will use its services. Additionally, the corporation forecasts $7.8 billion in sales based on the additional number. They said that the strengthening of the dollar impacted the increase in revenue expectations.


The offers by Netflix

The company explored ad-inclusive deals. The streaming service’s current lowest price is $6. Netflix, however, said that starting in November, it will offer more economical ad-supported packages. Netflix remains certain that people will utilize its services in the future because of the shows it offers. One of the things that help the business make money is the advertising initiative.

The firm anticipates higher membership levels as the year comes to a close. According to yearly statistics, Netflix also enjoys a high viewership during the final three months of the year and adds new content to its schedule.

“After a challenging first half, we believe we’re on a path to reaccelerate growth. The key is pleasing members. It’s why we’ve always focused on winning the competition for viewing every day. When our series and movies excite our members, they tell their friends, and then more people watch, join and stay with us,” said the company.

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A report to the investors

Netflix disclosed several facts in a report to shareholders, including:

  • Revenue, operating income and membership slightly exceeded our forecast in Q3’22.
  • We had big hits across TV and film in Q3 – launching some of our most-watched series and films of all time, including:
    • Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Stranger Things S4, Extraordinary Attorney Woo,
    • The Gray Man and Purple Hearts
  • Our lower-priced ad-supported plan launches in 12 countries in November – just six months after our initial announcement. Our existing plans remain ad-free.
  • Netflix has higher engagement than any other streamer – with room for growth:
    • In the UK, Netflix accounts for 8.2% of video viewing, 2.3x Amazon and 2.7x Disney+ ;
    • In the US, Netflix accounts for 7.6% of TV time, 2.6x Amazon and 1.4x Disney + Hulu + Hulu Live.
  • Our competitors are investing heavily to drive subscribers and engagement, but building a large, successful streaming business is hard – we estimate they are all losing money, with combined 2022 operating losses well over $10 billion, vs. Netflix’s $5 to $6 billion annual operating profit.

Bitcoin Wallets: Guide for Newbies

It is crucial to understand Bitcoin wallets if you’ve chosen to operate with BITCOIN-BUYER.IO. It is always simple to buy, sell, or conduct any trading in Bitcoin. Before you begin the investment process, you should consider the best methods for getting the most significant Bitcoin wallets.  When you become familiar with BTC, you should first learn how to hold it in one of the safest locations. For further information, look into Bitcoin mining, and if you’re unsure how to keep Bitcoin safe, visit the appropriate professionals.

While it isn’t physically present, Bitcoin may still be used, controlled, and accessible when held in a digital wallet.  The best protection should come from the correct transactions, and the wallet provides the ideal infrastructure for sending and receiving Bitcoin.  Although this solely pertains to the virtual wallet you receive with Bitcoin, it is comparable to holding money in a wallet.  In Bitcoin wallets, you can store any cryptocurrency sold on the market.  There are various things you have to know before entering the crypto market.  Let’s learn everything about the crypto wallet and make it an easy journey for you.  Let’s start.

Things you should know about Bitcoin storage.

The Bitcoin wallet keeps both the private key and the coins as part of blockchain technology used by Bitcoin on a single piece of hardware. The wallets are safe and accessible, and when you conduct a transaction, the process also becomes reasonably practical.  Choosing the right wallet is important, and so you must know about the key factors that differentiate a good wallet from the others. You learn more about proper security measures and the actions you can take to improve the sustainability and utility of Bitcoin.

Fast response codes, scanning systems, and full-node wallets are all components of the decentralization strategy that protects your Bitcoin.  Wallets are paramount for the crypto transaction, buying and selling, it keeps the transactions safe and so you should always invest in the best wallet. Assess the different options based on their features and credibility. In this context, monetary flexibility should be considered.

Types of Cryptocurrency Wallet

A business offers a high-security level for protecting your data. There are two significant wallets: Custodial and Non-Custodial wallets.  A provider will host the custody wallet and keep the passwords safe. Various crypto 3xchanges offer custodial wallets to users.  When you opt for the non-custodial wallet, in that case, you don’t have a third-party governing it, and so the user is responsible for the safety of the wallet. Most mobile wallet is based on this module.

Cold wallets don’t offer any internet connection, but hot wallet offers internet connection and works on devices with an internet connection.  The users can easily choose between a custodial cold wallet and a non-custodial hot wallet.  These are the primary forms of wallet.

  • Software Wallets

The software wallets include the app for mobile devices and desktops.  These wallets can be installed on various laptops and desktops, access the cryptocurrency, make transactions, display the balance, and many more.  Few software wallets even include various functionality like exchange integration and if you are using the wallet by the crypto exchange.

  • Hardware Wallets

The most common wallet is hardware, which allows you to keep and access your private keys.  Modern hardware wallets include several functions, and these gadgets resemble USB drives.

Connecting the hardware wallet can conduct a bitcoin transaction on any computer or device.  Most can instantly sign cryptocurrency without needing you to input the key, preventing hackers from recording your keystrokes or screen activity.

  • Paper Wallets

Early cryptocurrency users created paper wallets by writing or typing their passwords on paper.   However, several cryptocurrency users no longer utilize paper wallets because they are readily lost or damaged.


The hardware wallet is designed for security, and the software wallet provides ease of usage and access. Both these types of wallets have their pros and cons, and you can pick the one that best matches your requirement. You can even search for various alternatives by paying extra attention to security and price.  Most of the users use the bitcoin era for extra security and transparency.  You can get more information here.  Registering on a credible trading platform like this will simplify the process ofthe  transaction.

A Glimpse Into the World of Altcoins

Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created that existed completely in the virtual space with no tangible presence. Since all Bitcoin transactions are secured cryptographically, it became the first cryptocurrency to be popular among the masses all around the globe. Also, the decentralized blockchain technology on which Bitcoin is based was one of the major factors that made it different from fiat currency. Check out this link

Though this digital currency received a lukewarm response on the global scene due to a variety of factors, the main one being that as with all new entities, people were skeptical about its survival in the years to come. However, there were many innovators like Satoshi Nakamoto who had a different concept of what an ideal financial market must be but in the absence of a reference point could not proceed with their ideas.

Bitcoin provided them with that platform and also became a source from where the idea of bigger and better versions of cryptocurrencies originated. Bitcoin is considered the pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency that has over the years carved a niche for itself. Since then, thousands of developers have created crypto coins, and since most of them have based themselves on the original cryptocurrency, other cryptocurrencies  have been introduced as an alternative to Bitcoins, they are collectively referred to as altcoins.

Meaning of altcoin

The word altcoin is a combination of two separate words. While alt is derived from the term alternative, coin refers to all tokens and cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. However, some cryptocurrency proponents view Ethereum as an independent cryptocurrency just like Bitcoin and not as a part of the altcoins. The reason for their doing so is that most cryptocurrencies have their source in the blockchain of either Bitcoin or Ethereum from where they have forked to create their own identity as a separate coin.

The first altcoin

Just two years after the introduction of Bitcoin, its first alternative, Namecoin was launched in 2011. It was founded on the same Bitcoin code. It also capped the maximum number of coins to 21 million and employed the same algorithm of SHA-256. However, the coin about which people know more as the first altcoin is Litecoin which is still in circulation and currently is the 22nd most popular altcoin based on the market cap rank.

Today, the total number of altcoins in the crypto market is believed to be above 20,000. Almost every day, a new coin is circulated in the market. However, while a majority of them fail to make their presence felt and fizzle out soon after their launch, quite a few coins have withstood the test of time and established themselves as having the potential for being profitable assets.

Types of altcoins

  • Stablecoins

As all cryptocurrencies are highly volatile leading to erratic and frequent fluctuations in their prices, there was a need for a coin that addressed this problem that the other coins faced. So, stablecoins were created. As the name suggests, they are relatively stable compared to other coins as their value is pegged to a fiat currency or a commodity.

  • Payment tokens

They are designed to be used as a mode of payment in exchange for goods and services and are similar to the use of a currency that is used in a financial transaction between two parties.

  • Security tokens

Assets in the stock market are converted into tokens of the same value that investors can invest in. These security tokens also hold a stable value in every circumstance and also do not get affected by exterior factors like that of inflation.

  • Utility tokens

They have multiple utilities within a network such as payment of network fees, buying goods and services, and redeeming bonus points.

  • Meme coins

They are a take-off on a meme and have gained prominence lately due to the hype created by Elon Musk’s support for dogecoin.

  • Governance tokens

These token owners have certain privileges that enable them to authorize changes in their governance protocols.

The most popular altcoins today

  • Ethereum
  • Cardano
  • Binance coin
  • Apecoin
  • Uniswap
  • XRP
  • Aave
  • Polygon

Altcoins are available at the crypto exchanges and crypto trading apps such as and are ideal for those investors wanting to diversify their portfolios.


Though Bitcoin has dominated the crypto market and no altcoin has seen the kind of success that has been witnessed in the case of Bitcoin, several altcoins are performing exceedingly well and are potentially profitable ventures for the investors.

Stablecoins: An Overview of the Entire System

Since the introduction of the very first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, there has been a flurry of activity in the cryptocurrency arena. Developers have been trying to create new coins with special inputs and features in an attempt to offer a better version of the original cryptocurrency. Though the Bitcoin frenzy has caught up in the last five years, even in its initial years when the response to the cryptocurrency was rather insipid, developers looked for ways and means to design a coin that had the answers to all the lacunae in Bitcoin. For more details click at this link

Alternative to Bitcoin

The first coin that was developed just two years after the introduction of Bitcoin was Namecoin and from then on, thousands of new coins have been introduced in the crypto market. While many have successfully created a niche for themselves as potential investment options, most of them have fizzled out without a trace. Today, a new coin is being created almost every day.

The need for a more stable cryptocurrency

However, one common drawback that was found in all the cryptocurrencies was that they are all highly volatile entities. The surges and the plunges in their prices are too frequent thus, making them unstable. Detractors of cryptocurrencies questioned their ability to survive in the long term. It is important for a currency that is also used as a medium of exchange to be comparatively stable and must not experience random and too-frequent swings. This is to ensure the seller who accepts the currency in exchange for goods and services that the purchasing power of the currency remains the same.

To address this major cause of concern among cryptocurrency users, a new type of crypto coin, a stablecoin was developed. As the name suggests, a stablecoin was designed to be pegged to a fiat currency or a commodity, mostly the U.S dollar that ensured that it maintains a fixed value and unlike the other crypto coins does not experience intense fluctuations. This makes it more viable to use as a medium of exchange.

What are stablecoins?

Stablecoins were created as a bridge between digital currency and fiat currency wherein their price was linked to a reserve asset to provide this cryptocurrency the much-needed stability. Hence, they are termed stablecoins. So, a stablecoin pegged to the U.S dollar will always be valued at $1. The price fluctuations which brings in volatility in the entire bitcoin trade market also gets removed from the system of the investor due to the fact that the price of stablecoins goes up with increasing rate of Dollar and goes down with the same, which is very rare. Thus, if you are afraid of the volatile nature of crypto trade market, then you can get your hands on the Stablecoins now.

Types of stablecoins

Based on the method the cryptocurrency employs to stabilize its value, stablecoins can be broadly classified into several types:

  • Fiat-collateral stablecoins

The most widely-accepted stablecoins are backed by a fiat currency in the ratio of 1:1. The fiat collateral remains in reserve with a centralized financial institution and must tally with the number of the coins that are in circulation in the crypto market. For example, if a stablecoin issuer has a reserve of $1 million of fiat currency, he is authorized to circulate the same number of coins as the fiat currency value, i.e., 1 million stablecoins in the market, and the value of each coin will be $1. Since these coins have fiat collateral and not another cryptocurrency as their underlying collateral, they are regarded as off-chain assets.

  • Crypto-collateralized stablecoins

Unlike fiat collateral, these coins have cryptocurrency as their collateral and hence are considered on-chain assets. Smart contracts are employed in the purchase of these stablecoins as you need to lock the crypto coins into a smart contract and will receive coins of the same value. Similarly, at the time of withdrawal of your collateral amount, you can use the same smart contract.

  • Algorithmic stablecoins

Instead of using traditional or digital currency as collateral, these stablecoins employ specialized algorithms and smart contracts that regulate the number of coins that are in circulation in the crypto market.

Popular stablecoins

In recent times, many stablecoins have been introduced in the crypto market but all of them do not fare well. So, you must know which coins have established themselves as the coins of the future with maximum potential. They are:

  1. Tether
  2. USDC
  3. BNB
  4. TUSD
  5. PAX


If you are keen on investing in cryptocurrency but are wary of the rapid fluctuations in their value due to high volatility, the best option for you is the stablecoins that you can easily buy from a reputed crypto exchange or trading app such as Bitcoin Circuit app that has helped hundreds of investors. Stablecoins offer the benefits of digital currency while being relatively stable.

Netflix Gets Nielsen on Board for Launch of Ad-Inclusive Plans

For the debut of its ad-inclusive plans, Netflix will collaborate with Nielsen ratings. The company announced the partnership last Thursday.

Therefore, as they develop a channel for people to provide feedback on their material, the streaming behemoth thinks this will enhance its content and user engagement. This Thursday, the firm announced the partnership. So, starting in 2023, Netflix will employ Nielson’s digital audience measurement.

Netflix adds a rating tool to all of its programs. The decision coincides with the company’s unveiling of its ad-inclusive plan, which includes a $6.99 plan, to be offered in numerous regions beginning November 3. Users in the United States, as well as other nations, get to avail of the plan to increase income for the corporation. Earlier this year, Netflix suffered a significant reduction in members and income.

The decision comes with the company’s announcement of its ad-inclusive plan, which includes a $6.99 plan and will be available in various areas beginning November 3. Subscribers in the United States get to avail of the plan, and in other countries, to raise revenue for the firm. Netflix experienced a significant drop in membership and revenue earlier this year.

According to Jon Watts, general director of the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement, Netflix’s latest decision suggests that the streaming goliath is prepared to embrace the impact of advertising and its ecosystem. He goes on to say that Netflix is earnest about the move.

“It also raises interesting questions about the future evolution of the market, with TV and streaming converging and learning to co-exist,” he said.

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Neilsen ratings and Netflix

Nielsen serves many streaming companies and cable TV broadcasts. Nielson’s capabilities enable broadcast and streaming firms to obtain statistics specifying the amount of their audience reach. This knowledge allows you to change, retain, and innovate content.

Amazon Prime is one of the firms that has lately approached Nielson. The firm requested Nielsen to track its Thursday Night Football audience, which began airing in September.

Netflix lost in the past

Netflix lost almost 200,000 customers in April. As a result, this left the corporation hustling to get back on track, as competitors saw it as a way to gain benefits. Netflix enjoyed record-high income and viewership every month since the pandemic. However, the loss of subscribers led to investor skepticism, causing the company’s stock to plummet.

“Our challenge and opportunity is to accelerate our revenue and membership growth by continuing to improve our product, content, and marketing as we’ve done for the last 25 years and to better monetize our big audience. We’re in a position of strength given our $30 billion-plus in revenue, $6 billion in operating profit last year, growing free cash flow and a strong balance sheet,” said Netflix.

However, the corporation persisted and employed tactics to reestablish its status in the streaming sector.

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The streaming sector

It is not only Netflix that accepted the concept of enforcing ad-inclusive packages. Other competitors, such as Hulu, HBO Max, and Disney+, have all launched their services. Some have been doing it for years, while others are fresh to the environment. Here are a few of the options:


$6.99 − basic with ads

$9.99 − basic without ads

$15.49 − standard without ads


$9.99 − with ads

$14.99 − without ads


$7.99 − with ads

$14.99 − without ads


$4.99 − with ads

$9.99 − without ads


$4.99 − premium with ads

$9.99 − without ads


$7.99 − with ads*

$10.99 − without ads*

*Available starting in December